The 3 B“s- Beauty , Brains and Bravery Chapter 254: Protecting their Kiddo's dignity


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Just when Xi Fang was thinking about a way to save his sister-in-law's reputation , the six men had their own plans. Ever since she was a child , they had carefully shaped her future. They had never allowed the Rong family's sins to affect Rong Xinghe's image. So how could they let their sister suffer this time ?

As a result , every big screen installed in every street of Country X lit up as it started playing a ten minutes long video. Initially , the video showed Rong Xinghe's works , till date. These works included the formation of Youth Team , NGO , motivational speeches and the girl's sacrifices for her nation. The video showed how Rong Xinghe had boosted up Country X's international standing after becoming the nation's Military Chief and how she had saved the lives of those 118 ladies , who were a victim of sex slavery in Syria. And after the eight minutes long video , the screens showed the screenshot of an e-mail sent to the six men. It was a message sent by Xi Yuan one day before the National Business Summit , which clearly stated that he had willingly passed on his shares to Rong Xinghe under no pressure or external influence.

Of course , Xi Yuan had never sent such an e-mail before. It was just that Zhi Al was an infamous ethical hacker and it wasn't tough for him to hack into Xi Yuan's account and send a convincing mail to the six of them while managing time lapse at the same time. Zhi Al was actually a dignified and certified hacker and normally avoided using someone's account without their consent. But this time , his sister's honor and dignity were at risk. And most importantly , the six men knew that Xi Yuan was in love with Rong Xinghe and that he would have also wished to protect her in every possible way.

As soon as Xi Yuan's written proof came in front of the entire nation , media was in an uproar. Even the reporters sitting inside the press conference arranged by Xi Fang were informed about it there and then. Nevertheless , the six men weren't going to show mercy so soon as well.

So just when the reporters in the press conference were done seeing the video , six dark figures made an entrance together followed by their personal security staff and a team of lawyers. And the moment these eminent personalities stepped inside the conference hall , the Xi trio and all the journalists were taken aback. It was rare for the six men to show up together at an event such as this one. But it wasn't too unexpected as well. Since their lovely sister was involved in the matter , they weren't going to sit idly by , anyway.

The six men glanced at the black sea of cameras dangerously , sending a chill down everyone's spine , before they strode towards the Xi trio standing on the stage. The men smiled approvingly at Xi Fang before Lu Wei patted the young man's shoulder as a gesture of encouragement. It was nice to know that in the the Xi family , other than Xi Yuan , there was someone who cared about their sister. But his service wasn't needed this soon. They were still the same six knights in shining armours they used to be ten years ago.

At this time , Mo Zixuan diverted his attention at the group of silent reporters as his hawk-like eyes landed upon the paparazzi planted by the Rong family ,"How have you been you doing Mr. Xiu ? Junior reporter at GenEd News Channel , right ?"

The moment the reporters in the conference heard Mo Zixuan's cold tone , an unknown fear crept across their entire souls as they turned around to look at the pitiful journalist. Mo Zixuan was literally the God in the world of journalism. His authority was simply unquestionable , especially at an event like this one. He could literally decide the fate of every reporter present there , and the future of this 'Mr. Xiu' didn't seemed to be too bright. In fact , who knew whether the man had any future after today's incident.

Mo Zixuan wasn't partial , but rational. He valued professional ethics more than anything. So he strictly condemned the use of vulgar language and hated unjust and judgemental nature of modern journalists. Naturally , Rong Xinghe's defamation wasn't acceptable for him too. Firstly , she was his sister and secondly , she was the highest Military Authority of Country X. Disrespecting an individual like herself was already a serious crime under the national military protocols. What more , the six men had involved themselves here altogether.

It was rare for the six men to make an appearance together but whenever that happened , there was bound to be a good show. Such immense display of power and wealth was unforeseen and intimidating already. Just what was to come next ?

Shortly after Mo Zixuan was done torturing the reporter with his menacing gaze , Zhi Al smiled wickedly at Mr. Xiu ,"He is scary sometimes , isn't he ? I know !"

The reporters let out an inaudibly awkward laughter as they listened to the statement made by third master of the Zhi family. Why were they feeling like they were captured by a group of terrorists and that they weren't allowed to move or even breath without their permission ?!

"By the way , Mr. Xiu , how much did the Rong family funded you this time ? One hundred million rmb , right ? That's huge !", Zhi Al chuckled coldly as he pinched his chin and fixed his gaze on the reporter.

The moment the Rong family was mentioned , the crowd broke into murmurs while the reporter planted by the Rong family stood up frantically as he looked at Zhi Al with a panic-stricken and nervous expression ,"S...sir , I .... didn't ..."

"Its alright , Mr. Xiu.", Zhi Bo smiled wryly ,"Money is like a mirage. It doesn't allow one to look at things clearly. Just like how you weren't able to judge right from wrong. What a pity !"

The screen behind Xi Fang started showing the evidences of money transfer between the reporter and the Rong family at this time. One of Rong Xinghe's trustworthy soldiers walked in , followed by that. The young officer shook hands with the six men respectfully before he turned around to look at Mr. Xiu.

"The Prime Minister already had had looked through the proofs and trusts Mr. Al completely regarding the matter. You are left with only two choices , Mr. Xiu. Either you leave Country X along with your family before tomorrow's sunrise , or surrender yourself to the military's testing center. The forces require human subjects to experiment their explosives upon , so we would love to welcome you there.", the officer said in a robotic manner.

"I... am really sorry , Mr. Lu ! Please don't do this to me. I can't let my family live a life of refugee , sir ! Please !", the reporter was terrified by the soldier's words as he started begging to Lu Wei for mercy ,"You are the eldest in the Superfamily , Mr. Lu ! Please forgive me this one time. Since Ms. Rong isn't here , I can only apologize to you. I am sorry , Mr. Lu."

Lu Wei glanced at the pitiful man before he looked at the watch gifted to him by his kiddo as he replied in a cold and emotionless tone ,"I have never been merciful to the people insulting my sister or wife before. So there isn't going to be any exception today. Out of my sight !"

"No , Mr Lu , mercy !"

As the military soldiers dragged the reporter away from the conference hall , the remaining journalists' backs stiffened involuntarily. That was way too frightening ! Being kicked out of the nation just because he harmed their sister's reputation...

They needed to chose their words wisely and properly today , no matter what !

After the silence spread through the hall , Zhi Xi finally picked up a mic and faced the black sea of cameras seriously ,"So... any more questions about the Military Chief's or to be precise , our sister's character , ladies and gentlemen ?"

Reporters : "...."

No lord , we wouldn't dare to !

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