The 3 B“s- Beauty , Brains and Bravery Chapter 249: Rong Xinghe's painful confession


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Soon , Xi Yuan was taken to the City Hospital owned by the Xi family. And as soon as the Xi trio received the news about their brother , they also reached there along with the Xi family elders.

As he looked at the surgeons surrounding his son inside the operation theater from outside , Xi Chongkun couldn't restrain himself from roaring at Xi Yuan's security staff ,"Where the hell were all of you when my son was attacked ?!"

"Sir...we...", one of the bodyguards tried to explain but the Xi family wasn't in their proper mental state to listen to anybody.

"Just get out right now !", Xi Wei shouted at the men after he passed a glass of water to Xi Chongkun.

At this time , Li Jungah anxiously looked at the girl standing silently beside the operation theater's window. For Rong Xinghe , nothing was more important than her man currently. Not even his family. Li Jungah shook her head as she walked towards the girl and rubbed her back worriedly ,"Xinghe , are you alright ?"

Rong Xinghe nodded her head subconsciously before she looked at the lady beside her emotionally ,"Auntie...Can I stay here by his side ? Do I have the permission to take care of Yuan ?"

Li Jungah was slightly stunned by the girl's words before her eyes turned red and she pulled Rong Xinghe into a motherly warm hug ,"Oh darling ! Of course you can stay by his side. In fact , you have this right more than even us. Because you are the only person who has brought a smile across his lips. You are special to him , Xinghe. Very special. Just do what you feel like doing. Auntie and Uncle will always back you up. Right , Mr. Xi ?"

Xi Chongkun approached the two ladies and wiped his wife's tears before he patted Rong Xinghe's head ,"Of course ! Xinghe , thank you for bringing Yuan here on time. I don't know what would've happened if you were late by even a single second. Thank you so much."

"He is important to me too , Uncle.", the girl sighed as she glanced at the man inside the O.T.

After sometime , Su Rogguang stepped out of the operation theater followed by other surgeons as the entire Xi family surrounded him.

"How is he , Senior Su ?", Xi Fang looked at the man earnestly.

Su Rogguang glanced at his sister standing in the corner before he turned his attention back at Xi Fang ,"We have already removed the two bullets from his body and the surgery was successful. But there was a complication during the surgery. We noticed that , although his body is safe , his emotional or psychological state is not."

"What do you mean ?", Xi Wei asked.

"Well...let me be honest here. Xi Yuan was going through an emotional trauma when he was attacked. His past was in front of him when he was fighting with the attackers. None of us have any idea about the pain he was going through at that point of time.

"So now , even if his wounds are cured , his brain is unwilling to respond."

Xi Ying clenched her fists tightly as she looked at her elder brother through the transparent glass window ,"You mean..."

Su Rogguang nodded his head ,"Yeah. Yuan is in a vegetative state. Or we can say , he is in a coma. And as to when he will open his eyes , it can't be estimated."

The moment Rong Xinghe heard her brother's words , her entire body started shaking uncontrollably as she sat down on the bench behind her. Currently , she was feeling like a thousand needles were pricked into her heart altogether. The pain was so excruciating that she felt like her soul was leaving her body. How could this happen to her Yuan ? What had he done wrong to go through this ?

While the Xi family was still digesting Su Rogguang's words , the girl stood up and directly headed into the operation theater swiftly , completely disregarding everyone. She needed to see him as soon as possible.

Naturally , the Xi family and Su Rogguang followed behind the girl hurriedly.

Rong Xinghe stepped into the operation theater and held onto the man's relatively cold hands gently. The girl kept on looking at the man's motionless body for sometime before a stream of endless tears rolled down her eyes involuntarily.

"Yuan...don't do this to me. Don't scare me like this. Wake up , Yuan. Wake up for Fang , Ying and Wei. Wake up for your Xinghe. Didn't you said that you would never want to leave me. Then how can you break your promise ? How can you lie to me ?!

"Yuan , I still get those frightening dreams about the Rong family. I still feel doubtful about my abilities to handle the Rong corporations. Who will pacify and console me ? Who will assure me that everything will be alright ? Yuan , I need you. Please wake up.

"Okay , if not for me , then get up for Fang. Yuan , Fang is going to get engaged with Jiang Yue tomorrow ! How will he celebrate his big day without his brother ? Who will toast the first drink for him ? Who will be his best man ?

"And what about your parents ? Yuan , you are their only son. Auntie has gone through so much pain to give birth to you and Uncle is so proud of you. They won't be able to live without you , Yuan. They have so many dreams for you. How can you shatter those dreams so ruthlessly ?

"Yuan , please talk to me. At least , just listen to me. Don't you want to know about my feelings for you ? Didn't you always wanted me to accept your love ? I am so sorry for not telling you earlier. I am so sorry for waiting for that 'perfect time'. But let me tell you now.

"Xi Yuan , I love you ! I love you from the bottom of my heart. I want to spend my entire life with you. I want to laugh and cry with you. Please allow me to do that. Please..."

At this time , the girl felt a sharp sensation rush through her brain as her grip on Xi Yuan's hand tightened ,"Brother ! This pains..."

Before the girl's body could touch the ground , Su Rogguang strode towards her and pulled the girl into his arms worriedly ,"Xinghe ! Doctor Gu , prepare a private ward quickly. This might be a complex migraine stroke !"

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