The 3 B“s- Beauty , Brains and Bravery Chapter 248: A frightening tragedy !


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While Rong Xinghe tried to pacify the shattered man , Xi Fang read through the messages between Xi Yuan and the investigator silently. He was in complete disbelief after he roughly understood the situation. The man's hands started trembling as he looked at his brother anxiously. He had never seen Xi Yuan is such a pitiful state.

And why not ? Other than their grandparents , Xi Yuan had never been so emotionally connected to anyone else. And most importantly , the person involved with that frightening incident was none other than his own father.

Xi Fang didn't knew what got into him , but he strode towards Xi Chonglin and showed him the photo straight away ,"An explanation , dad ?!"

As soon as Xi Chonglin saw the photo , he broke into a cold sweat and looked at Xi Fang ,"I didn't do anything son , I..."

But at this time , Xi Yuan separated himself from the woman and wiped her tears away with the pad of his thumb gently ,"I am not able to think straight , Xinghe. I need to go."

"To where ?", the girl grabbed the man's hand worriedly ,"Yuan , just stay with me. We can leave this place together. But just let me be with you. We can talk about it."

Xi Yuan shook his head in denial ,"I want to be alone for sometime , Xinghe. I want to visit my grandparents' graveyard. Please let me spend some time with them."

The man then gestured Zhi Xi to handle the girl before he left the meeting hall.

"Bro Lu , Bro Zhi , just let me go. My heart is feeling restless. I want to...", the girl struggled desperately as the two men stopped her from following Xi Yuan.

"Xinghe ! Just let him do what he feels like. He is mature and wise. He will take care of everything.", Lu Wei sighed as he patted the girl's head helplessly.

'But brother..."

Before the girl could say anything further , her phone rang and she picked it up quickly ,"Yes , Mr. Shou."

"Military Chief , roughly ten to twelve men from the 'Werewolf Crew' were seen following President Xi just now. And his security team has also been knocked down. Should we send our teams for his protection ?", the old assistant reported to the girl anxiously.

"What ?!"


Meanwhile , Christ Graveyard ,

Xi Yuan sat down in front of the two graves as he stared at them blankly. He had nothing to say to them. Also , he couldn't express his pain in merely few words. He was completely at the loss of words. But the man still tried to talk to the people he had lost.

"I miss you both a lot. I miss your food , grandma and I miss your scoldings , grandpa. You must be happy in the heaven , right ? But how could you not think of me when you left this world ?

"Anyway , Xinghe is right. At least , you left the world together without knowing about who attacked you..."


At this time , few men rushed inside the graveyard and covered Xi Yuan from every direction as they pointed their rifles at him.

Xi Yuan furrowed his brows and stood up as he glared at the men around him coldly. It seemed like he wasn't destined for peace in his entire lifetime. And unfortunately , he had forgotten his licensed revolver in his car.

The man stretched his arms and neck before he jumped into the fight. Actually , he had already guessed that the men belonged to the 'Werewolf Crew' and that there was no point negotiating with them by using words. It was a plain 'do or die' situation.

Even though he didn't had his weapon by his side , he was still the mighty Xi Yuan. He was a Black Belt in Taekwondo and was highly skilled with combat. So he was able to tackle most of the men on his own.

But this was an uneven fight , where his opponents had rifles and revolvers in their hands. So there was bound to be some tragedy...


Two bullets pierced through Xi Yuan's torso as the man stopped all his actions and held onto his wound tightly. For some unknown reason , the man felt like this pain was his only liberation. As the endless stream of blood flowed down his body , the man's knees weakened and he collapsed down on the ground.

The attackers soon left the place assuming that Xi Yuan wouldn't be able to make it after this blow of theirs. Also , it was more satisfying for him to have a torturous and agonizing death.

Ironically , just after the attackers ran away from the graveyard , Rong Xinghe reached there worriedly. The girl strode inside the arena as she held onto her gun cautiously. But the moment she arrived at the Xi elders' grave , her heart stopped racing involuntarily and her grip on the gun loosened.

"Yuan !"

Rong Xinghe ran towards the man and placed his head above her knees as she looked at the man's wounds worriedly ,"No , no , no ! Not this... Not this... Yuan , stay with me. Please just don't close your eyes. I will call the ambulance right away. Just don't leave me , Yuan. I can't let you go. I can't..."

The girl pulled out her phone quickly and texted Su Rogguang about the situation before she fixed her gaze back at the man lying on the ground.

"Xinghe...", the man weakly opened his eyes and caressed the girl's cheeks with a smile across his lips ,"My Xinghe..."

When she listened to the man's hoarse yet passionate tone , tears rolled down Rong Xinghe's cheeks. Was he not feeling any pain ? How could he think about all those things at a time like this ?

But before the girl could say anything , Xi Yuan pulled her towards him as her lips brushed against his softly. In this one kiss , the couple shared their pains , sufferings , exhaustion and struggles. It could be said that this kiss was Xinguan's one of the most purest and serene kiss till now...

After the short kiss , the girl separated herself from the man and turned her attention back at his wound. But Xi Yuan simply kissed the girl's hands as a his eyes turned red involuntarily. The man's body was clearly telling him that he couldn't accompany his lady for too long now.

"Xinghe...I love you...", the man lost his consciousness the moment these words left his mouth.

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