The 3 B“s- Beauty , Brains and Bravery Chapter 247: Everything is over , Xinghe !"


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Lu Wei and Zhi Xi glanced at Xi Yuan before they shook their heads helplessly. This was what they were trying to tell him all along. For once , they could trust him. But trusting his family wasn't something they were sure about from the start. Judging by Xi Chonglin's words , they could easily tell that he already knew about Xi Yuan and Rong Xinghe's relationship. Also , by the way he was framing them , he was possibly hoping for Rong Xinghe to misunderstand Xi Yuan.

But contrary to Xi Chongling's expectations , Rong Xinghe had always been a lady with wisdom.

The woman locked eyes with Xi Yuan and smiled at him warmly. The man was stunned as he lifted his head up and looked back at the girl.

Rong Xinghe brushed her right hand over her heart and then brought the index finger to her head above her right ear. The girl then folded the same hand and placed it above her open left palm before she pointed her index finger at the man.

As he noticed the girl's actions , Xi Yuan breathed a sigh of relief as ease and happiness spread across his restless heart.

Actually , Rong Xinghe had intentionally used American Sign Language to convey the words 'I trust you' to the man because she knew that only Xi Yuan could understand the sign language. The girl simply wanted her love to know that she had faith in him , no matter what his family did.

Meanwhile , none of the businessmen present there had any idea about the secret conversation the couple had just had. They were all too focused on Xi Chonglin's sharp words. Even they could sense that he was deliberately forcing Lu Wei and Zhi Xi into a dead end. By now , Xi Chonglin had not only insulted the two men , he had also exposed few of those secrets that families like theirs usually kept hidden.

But when Xi Chonglin was about to disclose the matter about Zhi Bo's drug addiction during his adulthood , the two men looked straight into his eyes fiercely as a voice resounded throughout the meeting hall ,"Enough , Mr. Chonglin ! I would suggest you to watch your mouth."

Everyone , including the association officials , felt a chill run down their spine when they heard Rong Xinghe's cold and bone-chilling tone. Even if she was here as a businesswoman , she was still Country X's ruthless Military Chief and a brother-doting sister. And her tolerance was bound to reach its limit at a certain point of time.

The woman slammed her hands against the table in front of her and stood up angrily as she glared at Xi Chonglin ,"I would expect Mr. Chonglin to maintain the dignity of this National event. It isn't proper for a man like yourself to act so impulsively. And regarding this video clip , Mr. Lu and Mr. Zhi will provide evidences against it by the end of next week."

Xi Fang was anxious as he realized that his to be sister-in-law was getting upset further , so he tried to pacify her ,"Xiao Xinghe..."

But Rong Xinghe stretched her hand out to stop the man and glanced at the association officials ,"As the Military Chief of Country X , I hereby declare the National Summit officially adjourned. Many individuals present here , has harmed the spirit of this meeting by making personal comments , solely based on rumors. There is no point continuing this event. Country X cannot become a joke in front of the entire world because of such people."

The Manager and other officers nodded their heads respectfully before they left the place to make the required announcements. They couldn't oppose Rong Xinghe , not just because she was powerful , but also because she wasn't wrong. National Business Summit was an event under the visual scrutiny of almost every nation's union and finance ministries. Hence , Country X's reputation was at risk currently.

Soon enough , everyone except Xinguan and their families , exited the meeting hall.

After some seconds of silence , the silent Xi Yuan stood up from his seat and approached Lu Wei and Zhi Xi. Before the two men could say anything to the man , Xi Yuan knelt down in front of them and bowed down to them guiltily.

"I am sorry , Senior Zhi , Senior Lu , for what happened today. I would have been nothing today if not for your guidance. The Xi empire is indebted to you both for its existence and strength , as well. We can't thank you enough. Hence , I , Xi Yuan apologize to you both on behalf of my uncle. Please forgive us."

Lu Wei sighed helplessly and helped the man to stand up again ,"Have you gone crazy ? How can you apologize for something you haven't done ? It is alright , Yuan. We can handle this. You should just go and get some rest first."

"Yeah , boy. You look tired. Just don't exert yourself too much.", Zhi Xi also smiled at the man bitterly.

Xi Yuan nodded his head and walked towards the girl standing beside her brothers ,"Angry ?"

Rong Xinghe pinched the space between her brows and shook her head ,"Nope. I just couldn't let Bro Bo..."

"Shh. You had every right to do what you did. I don't blame you. In fact , your reaction was understandable.", the man smiled as he placed a soft kiss against the girl's forehead lovingly.

At this time , Xi Yuan's phone beeped with a text message and the man pulled out his phone as he read through the contents of the message carefully. A photo was attached to the message , which showed two men standing together. One man was Xi Chonglin and the other one was...Werewolf Crew's leader !

As soon as she saw the photo , Rong Xinghe's eyes widened and she looked at the man in front of her worriedly. And as expected , his expressions had turned pale and empty all of a sudden.

Rong Xinghe had never seen Xi Yuan like this before. He had always been a warm person. But today , she couldn't read him at all. The girl subconsciously hugged the man tightly and rubbed his back ,"Its alright , Yuan. I am here. Just calm down."

As the couple's families looked at them with a tensed expression , Xi Yuan's phone fell down on Meeting Hall's ground covered by carpet. Xi Fang rushed towards his brother and picked up the phone as he started reading through the messages with a tensed expression.

Meanwhile , a tear rolled down Xi Yuan's cheek as he responded to the girl's hug even more tightly ,"Everything is over , Xinghe ! Grandfather , he was....."

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