TDG Fanfic: The Golden Throne Chapter 33: Finally A Legend Rank!!!


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After making sure everything was fine and no problems occurring while the formation was active, Danny went to his master and told them that he will go hunting in the Forest Expanse for a while and won't come back till he is a legend rank. The first thing Danny did was prepare future tasks for the Union and also spread the police force throughout the commoners district leaving his right hand man, Chen Linjian, in charge of the Union and the safety of the people. The second thing he did was give Cutivation skill similar to the Ash Wolf Spirit Art to the head of the Adventurers Department, Wu Tian who was the original leader of the mercenary guild. The skill allowed him to empower any beast soul he used instead of on a wolf beast soul but due to its wide range augmentation instead of only wolf beast souls the increase in power varies depending on the beasts strength. The skill was called Myriad Beasts Spirit Art and Danny told the Wu tian to only teach it to those who are loyal and part of his inner circle. This caused Wu Tian ,who previously felt bad working for a kid instead of being his own boss, to feel so grateful that he swore loyalty to Danny on the spot. Danny ignoring Wu Tian's oath left to continue his matters. He gathered his 3000 brothers, who were all almost in the middle stages of the silver rank, told them prepare and meet him at the Western gate of Glory City so they can go hunting and train in the forest. After organizing everything with everyone he went to a shop selling sweets and bought a few treats for Ziyun. Danny reached the Snow Wind Family Estate and went directly to Ziyun's room. Danny always wanted a younger sibling on earth and now that he made someone fill that role he wanted to act the part of the big bro who spoils his sister.

Danny knocked on the door and spoke loudly," Ziyun your big bro is here and I got you your favorite sweets. Why don't you come out and give me a nice big hug."

"Hmm, No I am still mad at you, you didn't come by to play with me for six months. You also promised to take me around Glory city since father was busy." Ziyun yelled back from behind the door. Danny imagined her pouting behind the door and couldn't help but savor the moment. 'So this is what it feels like to be a big bro. She is right though I haven't spoiled her enough and considering how Ye Zhong doesn't show his emotions while always being strict no wonder she had a tough life. Master also barely is here and when he is it's only for a few day. I will be leaving soon and she will be lonely for a while.' After he was done thinking to himself he began to rant, "Come on Ziyun don't be like that. You are the only family I have, and I will feel sad when your sad. I was busy making Glory city safer so you won't have much worries in the future. Didn't you tell me that you always wanted to help your dad so you can see him smile again. I made him smile when I beat him up and that what you should do. Come on out I know you want these treats there your favorite and I also got you a gift it will make you stronger than ever and you can beat your dad see him smile." Danny kept trying to convince Ziyun until the door opened and she came out with teary eyes and smile on her face. She began to laugh at the part when he told her to beat up her dad. Danny walked up to her and wiped her tears then handed her the sweets he bought. The 10 year old was happy to see Danny and after eating her sweets she spent the rest of the time playing with Danny.

"Big bro what is the gift you wanted to give me." She asked Danny as he gave her a piggy back ride to her courtyard.

" It a Cultivation skill I made for you as you reminded me of a free spirited bird soaring freely and you are from the Snow wind family. It's called Soaring Snow Birds Spirit Art, it's best cultivated with a Snow bird type best soul. This skill is slower than others but will help you build a very strong foundation. If in the future you get a stronger art then stop cultivating this. Train hard and you'll be able to beat that father of yours. Now I think I should let you know I'm going out to the forest to train I don't know how long I will take. Make sure you get strong so next time I can take you with me ok." After giving Ziyun the cultivation art he believed would help her build her foundation he saw tears starting to form in her cute little eyes. He encouraged her the way a big bro would and patted her on the head. Then Danny went to visit Ye Zhong,"Hey uncle Ye I'm leaving to breakthrough to the legend rank like you. I don't know how long it will take me to break through using only my body but once I do I will right down that method for the less talented to cultivate."

"Okay brat I know I can't stop you but do you truest think it's wise to take those 3000 silver rank kids you have been training?"

"Ya there shouldn't be a problem plus I have my wonderful little dog Silver with us. Silver is pretty talented and is half a step into legend rank. So I should be safe hahahahaha.." Danny replied but then began to laugh at Ye Zhong expression when he mentioned silver. After he was done talking to Ye Zhong Danny went to his mansion, woke Silver up with a kick and had it take him to the the western Gate. He saw 3000 brothers ready and waiting even though he was late they were there waiting in organized like men in arms(military).

"Good everyone is ready excellent, I shall appoint 4 leaders before we leave they will be temporary for now. The first Ye Ren, second was an orphan who was 15 years old 1 year older than Ye Ran named Akuma by Danny. The last 2 were twins from a decent commoner family named Fang Lin and Feng Lin. As they were going to leave Danny heard someone call him," Dan Lee, boss I want to join as well."

The figure that appeared was Scarlet Rising and she ran as fast as she can to catch up and go with them. Ever since she joined the training session with the group she noticed her skills and power sky rocket. She was now at the peak of bronze rank compared to the rest who were mid silver rank was nothing but she joined in late. She looked eagerly at Danny hoping he would agree. She saw him frown a little and that made her heart skip a beat. Danny didn't know he was causing her to feel nervous as he was busy dealing with Ay's laughter at his name Red Plum. He decided to tell the people in front of him his real name. "Everyone there is something I want to tell you now that all of you earned my trust, my name isn't Red Plum but Danny Alba which means Blessed Soul. Anyone who breaks this trust will have their legs broken so I make myself clear. It's absurd how Dan Lee means red plum who was the idiot genius who made the language." Danny then began to curse the maker of the current language in Glory City causing the 3000 people to shake their heads. Scarlet saw him calming down a bit and said," So boss Danny can I go."

"Ya sure, get in line. Now everyone lets head out. I hope none of you die out there. Move out our destination is 500 kilometers away from here.


A couple of months past by and Danny and his group killed many beast. Everyone showed massive improvements especially Scarlet who is now a mid level silver rank expert while the others all reached the peak of the silver rank. During this period of time Danny left them to hunt by themselves which gave them actual life-death combat experience. This ignited there potential and improved the group's coordination. The 3000 brothers especially Ye Ren shown a massive improvement in there individual fighting skills but Danny saw them getting cocky so he beat all of them up. After the beating they dropped all arrogance around Danny and developed fear towards this 12 year old. They also practiced several moves Danny learned at the Snow wind family to refine the groups stances and also made them constantly spar with one another. The most difficult challenge for these people were that they weren't use to living in the forest and suffered a bit from either being too lax or not being as hygienic as in the city.

Danny also decided to up there training so he guided them towards the ruins of the old city that Nei Lei and crew will be going to in the future. From there he led them towards the fort and had them clear out a few beasts in the area. He told them to set up camp here then pointed to a very tall mountain behind the fort and said," That mountain should have a large amount of beasts we will conquer it any beast above the low lvl of the gold rank I will kill but the rest is up to you. We will attack from six sides in six groups the 4 leaders are each a group and I myself will attack from 1 side and Silver will attack from another. If you need help due to a black gold rank beast or higher use soul force to fill your ID cards and concentrate them on the Union logo. That will directly send a message to me. This is the latest advancement the research department made. I'm hoping in the future we can actually send messages and communicate with each other. Now back to the mountain the leaders must keep count of who got the most kills and saved the most lives, those people will be rewarded. Scarlet join Ye Ren's group now that there isn't any questions let's go."

After Danny finished his speech he forced the tired group to charge up the mountain. Time passed and another month went by the 3000 people Danny brought looked really beat up, tired, but emitted a murderous aura from the amount of kills. They only made it to half of the mountain when a larger number of black gold rank. That's when Danny made them retreat and they woke up to how weak they were, a 12 year old was up there alone and they were nothing but a burden. This event would be there driving force to become stronger from this day forward. They began to cultivate at the camp site while some patrolled. Scarlet, the twins, Ye Ren and surprisingly a thin fourteen year old kid who had no one but was picked by Danny when he chose 3000 kids were the people who were rewarded with the most kills and saves. The kid was called Bones by everyone but Danny called him Falcon due to his eyes being wide and sharp. He looked up to Danny even though he was older, he wanted to be of use to Danny and the 3000 brothers he gained. In the mountain expedition he saved 100 people from fatal strikes and received 2 scars for taking the hit for his group leader Akuma and a brother, he also killed an equal number of beasts tying with Akuma who chose him as the top scorer of his group. The five people were given a private lesson and unique cultivation skills that can reach the peak of legend rank.

Danny on the other hand was frustrated as all he need was the bone and meat of a legend rank beast to breakthrough. Yet no matter how much he looked he couldn't find such a beast. He then went to where Silver was and began to communicate with him to see if he found anything. Silver then led him to a hidden cave which he didn't want to get closer to. As Danny got close he found a beast that was about to breakthrough. Danny decided to stay hidden and wait for it to become a legend rank then he will kill it. He order silver to kill any beast that might come and cause trouble while the beast in the cave broke through.

A week passed and a large beast walked out of a cave it was as big as a Silver and it was hairless, it's claws and the tip of its tail as well as in the middle of its head looked like they were made of jade. The creature had bone like wings spread from its back and its eyes were black with silver pupils. Its body looked gray like that of a gargoyle. It also had 4 legs and no ears. It howled so loud scaring the beasts at that level of the mountain. When Danny heard the howl he also yelled, "Finally a legend Rank Beast Hahahaha. I shall call it Jade-Clawed Stone Griffon."

He then walked up to the beast. Finally he will let loose and test his skills against a legend rank beast.


In Danny's Ethereal Grand Library the strongest debate was going on between Danny, Ay, and Ye Yan.

"Look! Little Danny I hate to burst your bubble but I agree with Ay on this you should plan and prepare yourself before fighting a legend rank beast. You could have spared with Ye Mo and that would be fine but charging in like this is dumb."

"Shut it you old fool what happen to your youthful spirit. I am strong enough to run away that beast isn't even a fast type also the spear was tempered within me should be able to pierce through that bird wannabe."

"Danny how many time did I tell you not to be impulsive even those under you were shocked by your recklessness."

"More like bravery plus Ay its better face these situations now than when I'm forced in them by fate, destiny or whatever you call a those types coincidences."

"It's situations dumbo I even have to correct your grammar."Ay said loudly.

"You know Danny do what you gotta do it's not good to be whipped."

"Shut up you arrogant old fooling the end you died due to your recklessness. Now your my mans weapon spirit. Just stay quiet."

"Ya what Ay said plus old fool me and Ay have already simulated several plans so stop being so out dated like when you were surprised with my EGL skill. How about when you found out I'm a super talent you couldn't even speak you were so speechless."

"Hahahaha says the little idiot who got seals all over his soul and body hahahahaha. No wonder The beauty Ay says your dumb."

Ay got tired of the bickering so she put a stop to it.

"Shut up both of you now!!! We already know this smart genius is stupid and your and arrogant old ghost who is also dumb. As the smartest one here understand if you both don't be quiets I will self destruct the EGL which will instantly kill all three of us. Now Danny be a dear and try not to die. You old fool coordinate well with Danny or you will get it." Ye Mo and Danny began to nod towards the crazy woman. They slowly whispered to each other to help Danny get stronger quick so he can help Ay get a body so he can spank it.

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