TDG Fanfic: The Golden Throne Chapter 32: Path Of Legends


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"Little brat.... you..... you.... I ...never....RAWWR!!! Got that!"Ye Yan raged as he pressed legend rank force down on Danny.

"No honestly I didn't understand anything. You are a mighty peerless expert who build a sanctuary for humans. How can you coop yourself here when you can be out their witnessing the fruits of your labor?! Why do you wanna stay here?! Are you scared? Is this the attitude of an expert who stands at the top of Glory city? You are a joke to me right now." Danny began to goad Ye Yan to accept his proposal.

"Listen brat I can't leave because I need to protect the city, do you think I will believe a little brat is able to alter the entire formation here so that I can leave. A disaster is more likely to happen and the last safe haven of humanity will be lost. Also if by some miracle you managed to pull it off how are you going to preserve my soul in the weapon you wanna use. I also don't wanna be used by a little brat I am the great Ye Yan so I will take these skills we modified and go rest while you can leave. Just focus on getting stronger brat and benefit Glory City." Ye Yan began to shamelessly reject the proposal. Danny thought that for a soul he had very thick skin.

" That's too bad imagine if we went with my plan and left you name as the founder of what I called the 'Path Of Legends'. Just like the meaning those who get qualified to come here will be guaranteed to become a legend rank in the future. Also these techniques you offered plus my 3 skills can give Glory City a chance to prosper and expand. That way humanity can make come back and conquer this world once more from the beasts hands. This place would have been named the holy land and you would probably be crowned as Savior or Ancestor. To top it off if me and you trained and the weapon you possessed became as strong or even stronger than this blade here you can protect humanity for a much longer time frame. See this weapon it has been around for a very long time and now you have a chance to rise but reject it. It looks like I have to settle for that evil human soul in the hell realm although evil I can still have my soul weapon. " Danny began to speak a bunch of nonsense and lying with such a straight face but it looked like it was working. Ye Yan has a pondering expression and seemed to think that the Glory should be his not some weak no named evil soul.

"Interesting you brat explain to me your plan and what modifications you plan on doing to the formation and how do you plan to make a soul weapon, lastly let me see the weapon of choice."

"Old Man you sure you want me to explain it might take really long as there are many details to this plan, I was just missing a good location. Here is the best place and within five years we will have Sacred training area. The weapon I have is still being almost ready I plan to go pick it up from the Blacksmith Division I built. Currently it's being engraved with various runes." Danny told Ye Yan increasing his interest. Ye Yan nodded and told Danny to continue speaking.

"I was always wondering how we can efficiently train depending on our Soul Realm and I came to the conclusion that depend on merely the color is useless as the color just signifies talent cultivating speed. There had to be a way in ancient times to determine which skill is most suited for a person. So I had difficulty differentiating between soul realms which led me to look at other factors like elemental affinity. I had some people in the research and forging department to research a way we can figure out affinity the way we use Soul stones to find out our soul realm color and lvl of soul force. After months of experimenting and using several elemental stones and combining them with soul stone as the center engraving specific runes I made this device I called it Elemental Determining Orb. This will give future geniuses an idea of which peak legend skill is useful for them.

Now the formation needs energy to be set then activate after which it will sustain itself using the world's energy be it from underground or the sky converting them into harmless soul energy easy for us humans to cultivate. The initial energy will come from the sword and we will set a five elemental seal by setting up a mini volcano made from fire stones, a mini spring with aurora stones, a mini forest made with Spiritual Pine Trees of the Snow Wind Family, mountain of earth crystals which will have a formation connecting to an underground earth vein, finally a combination of wind type beast souls and linked formations which will generate wind energies. These five elements fire,water, earth, wood, wind are the main components of the Origin Element Nurturing Formation found in an ancient book. This will be coupled from these points and connect to your improperly place Spirit gathering Formation which I modified into the Earth and Sky Soul Gathering Formation. These two formations will superimpose on each other but so the energy doesn't scatter and remains concentrated we place this formation on top of it and it also enhance the quality of the energy and stability of the overall formation as these formations here, here and there. The final formation will be Orchid Sacred Region instead of Heaven Sacred Border.....

Wait your turn Old Man I know you wanna join me after hearing this don't worry once I'm done I'll give you a chance to tell me how awesome I am. Now that this is set we place this device at the door way and whatever the geniuses affinity is a ground will show up according to his element. Now if they don't have an affinity of the 5 element and the Lightning element then we can send him a path to a small pavilion that will be built in the center of the formation where mostly pure soul force is available and will include the skills Ash Wolf Spirit Art, Sun Moon Harmony Art, and this skill I build Elemental Tempering Body Art. In the Fire region we'll build a similar pavilion and include the Elemental Body tempering Art and this art Ferocious Flame Cultivation Technique. In the water zone well include the body tempering Art and Water Flow Art, in the wind region the body Art and Soul Soaring Art. The Wood zone Coiling Wood Art, and the body tempering skill. The Earth region will include the Stable Mountain Spiritual Art. See here old man with all this done we just provided a way for the city heroes to get stronger than ever. The sword you have is tricky I wanted to take it myself while talking to you I did try to steal it but that didn't work it kept rejecting me which is weird. Too bad it looks like it's not meant to be that's why Old Man you are my plan be for a good weapon that will grow stronger with me. So how about we put the confinement seal in a 1 meter radius around the sword but keep it connected with formation and we can add a lot of Lighting Bamboo and have it be nurtured here then we will have a self sustained lightning area where people can practice Lightning Metamorphosis. Also think about it you can leave some cool saying and a signature so future generations can be thankful for such a meticulous ancestor that gave them a path to survive. This is really awesome right so what do you say I can have everything prepared with in a couple of months." Danny explained in full detail while showing the schematic he drew up with Ay a while back. Ye Yan was extremely impressed by the details and had to admit that this was the most genius thing he saw in his life it was almost flawless. The only Issue is that it needed time to become self reliant about 5 years but that wasn't a big issue. Danny also guaranteed him to be able to gather all the materials needed. This caused Ye Yan to be very happy until he heard Danny tried to take the sword from under his nose.

During the time Danny was explaining everything to Ye Yan he was also talking to Ay," Hey Ay how come I couldn't absorb this sword or even connect to it?"

"I honestly don't know but even if you could connect to it I wouldn't allow you to. Remember I prepared a surprise for you but you need to have the battle power of a peak legend rank and we need to go to the World Ruins to see if I was right about a certain Item. If it's there not only will you have finally broken the last seal but you would also have a qualitative transformation it might even lower your cultivation a little but that shouldn't matter. Just trust me on this Danny."

"If you say so Ay plus it's more fun to forge my own weapon that will go through life with me, so I'll for get about it."


"Okay kid you win this is better for the future generation and I'll be able to live an exciting life again." Ye Yan finally gave in as he really wanted what's best for the city as well as his name deeply remembered by all future power houses. Danny told him that he was going out and bringing people to revamp everything as the Heaven Sacred Border was almost as large as half the size of Glory city. Danny first went to The Blacksmith division and asked about the upgrades to his gold rank spear with the advanced skills he provided to the group. They brought out a giant wooden box which was carried by three gold rank individuals. The box was placed in front of Danny who opened the box to see his spear. The spear was entirely black in color, there was slight silver traces on the pole from the bones of the moon wolf he killed 2 years ago. There was also dark gold rings connecting the sharp Head to the pole. The pole could be stretched another meter from its original 1.5 meter height. The spear head was made from black steel combined with the sharp bones of the Chief Razor Claw the tip was made from Compressed diamond which can almost pierce through anything and barely ware down.

This spear would have been hard to make if Danny didn't provide them better forging skills and engraving skills which improve the power and enhanced the blending and compatibility of materials. He took the spear satisfied which gave the staff relief as they were nervous to offend the little boss. After leaving the Union he went to the Snow Family compound and told Ye Zhong to follow him to the Sacred Border. In the Sacred Border both Ye Zhong and Danny were setting cross legged in front of the Thunder Blade with electrical sparks surrounding them. Danny was practicing the elemental body refining skill and was refining his body with lightning. Ye Zhong on the other hand was was practicing the Lightning Metamorphosis skill trying to breakthrough to legend rank while in the Snake-Tailed Lightning Baboon form. After a couple of hours a large amount of lightning discharged from Ye Zhong and both his beast soul as well as his himself made a qualitative transformation into the legend rank. After a few more hours he stabilized his cultivation canceled his beast form and stood up laughing. He then looked at the little brat and patted his head without thanking him. He respectfully thanked Ye Yan his ancestor and adjusted his cultivation and began walking away. Danny called Ye Zhong told him to hold a meeting with Ye Mo and and the rest of the Great Families. He then gave him a paper of all the amount of materials he needed to build "Ye Yan's life time work the Orchid Sacred Region." Danny then went to the Union and gathered all 1000 formation experts that worked for him and told them to gather all gold rank and higher researchers, blacksmiths forgers and go borrow the same lvl from alchemists and have them wait in the Snow Wind Estate.

Danny went back to the Sacred Border and went to Ye Yan he told him that to prepare the soul weapon he has to let the weapon soak in his blood and mark the runes with his soul force refining it several times. This process according to Ay would take 2 months and Danny hoped the boarder will be ready by then.


Two months passed by and Danny was setting in a isolated formation with a a spear in a wooden box in front of him he was soaking it with a his blood for the hundredth time replenishing himself by eating beasts. Surrounding him was many blue colored Bamboos with a big sword next to Danny's spear. All the families began to use a lot of resources when they met with Ye Zhong and found out that his ancestor had made such a grand formation to give Glory city a Sacred training grounds. The Sacred Family at first denied the request but when they found out that these lands will contain peak level legend Rank cultivation techniques they caved. Many families wanted to send helpers to see this formation but as they were told only trade professions could hand each part of the giant formation with care. The formation was almost done it just needed Danny to take Ye Yan's Soul into his weapon and for Danny to inspect then power the formation using the Sword's power. Finally the refinement was done and the several blood runes((runes he carved using his blood and soul strength)) that Danny carved made him feel intimacy with the weapon. Danny called Ye Yan and told him to posses the weapon. Once Ye Yan entered Danny also cover the weapon with his soul and continued forming the last soul mark which was a skill found in his heritage from the Trinity Soul Clan. Several hours passed and Danny then covered the spear sending it to his lower dantan. Now all he had to do was let the spear stay there for a couple months then he will be able to call it and send it back into his soul space as needed. Some how Ye Yan's Soul was still attached to the weapon but appeared in the EGL where Ay and Sub-soul Danny greeted him. He was really satisfied with this space and didn't even question it.

Danny decided to not think about what happen and directed the swords energy into the formation he began to quick inspect for an flaws but surprisingly everything was put well. Once a giant amount of force was absorbed from the sword the formation was activated and began to slowly produce soul force and slowly accumulate elemental aura in the respective regions. Danny then faked Ye Yan's last words as if he dissipated for the greater good of Glory City. This caused many to respect him and call him savior. Many people cried that day for Ye Yan death which to to the day being called Orchid Hero Day which was decided to also be the day 5 years from now to send the top 10 geniuses of Orchid Academy there to cultivate.

"I, Ye Yan went through hell to build this City.

I, Ye Yan shall leave the gift for future generations. Where there is an end, is Also a beginning. To Glory City!!" Was written on a wall easily seen every time some enters the Orchid Sacred Region.

"Little Brat this is really impressive I couldn't have said it better myself."

"I knew an arrogant old fool like you would like it."

"Ya Danny this Old Fool really is dumber than you."

"Ay don't compare me to this old fool. I'm way more handsome and have a much brighter future."

"Sweetly Ay don't let the little brats bad habits indulgence you. Remember if he bothered you I'll shove the spear up his ***!"

"Language you old rouge you really are worse than Danny."

"Hahahaha your worse than me idiot.."

"Hahahaha you still a little midget...."

"OWE!!!" Both yelled at the same time. As they got a beating from Ay.

"I swear I'll get her a body and spank her all night long."

"I'll help you little brat gather that body make sure you spank hard enough." it was at this moment that Ye Yan and Danny bonded causing Ay to scold them.

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