TDG Fanfic: The Golden Throne Chapter 31: Become A Weapon Spiri


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Danny still shocked by what he saw decided to tell Ye Mo and Ye Zhong along with with cute little sister Ye Ziyun his true name Danny Alba. Unlike on earth Danny in TDG world means Blessed while Alba means Soul which to Danny was way better than red plum. He continued to walk towards the Academy after being forced by Ay to touch the book so she can read it. He was busy grumbling at how he will spank women all night long very soon. Once he entered the school he showed the guard his enrollment and was led inside towards the genius classroom. When Danny walked through the door he saw many people in the genius class and surprisingly he knew 4 of them. The first he walked up to was Chen Linjian, who walked up and greeted Danny by saying good morning boss. The others were Shen Xue who he spanked, Scarlet Rising who greeted him respectfully as she was scared of getting spanked, and lastly Ye Ren who joined the 3000 brothers Danny picked. Ye Ren and Chen Linjian we're both at the silver and peak copper lvl respectively.

The teacher was a Black Gold Rank from a faction allied with the Sacred Family known as Heavenly Pavillon. He began teaching about soul beasts and that's when Danny put his head down to sleep so he doesn't hear this guys flawed logic. The teacher saw Danny but stayed quiet as he knew that this kid was dangerous. Shen Xue on the other hand was pissed that this bastard spanked her and got away with it. So once Danny put his head down to sleep she decided to berate him.

"Oh look over here someone is sleeping in class. Oh my it's our city's genius, what disrespect you are showing to our teacher. I didn't think all that time you trained at the Snow Wind Family and you were only taught to be rude." She finished speaking satisfied by her wordplay. Her family taught her how to speak and play politics when you want to win an argument or get reimbursed. 'Damn bastard let's see how you drop from cloud nine, you can't fix this and the Snow Wind Family name is gonna be tarnished.'

The teacher also decided to continue from where she left off as he was annoyed by Danny in the first place and Shen Xue gave him the best excuse to punish Danny without a fight. He began to lecture Danny about how he shouldn't be arrogant and how this is a place to learn not sleep etc. As the teacher was yelling Danny lifted his head from the desk, stood up then walked towards the teacher. Standing in front of the teacher Danny apologized and then formed a fist punching the teacher in the face. "Your a teacher yet your not even strong enough to handle a fist from a one of your students how sad. I didn't bother listening because a person weaker than me can teach me anything. So loser take this as a lesson don't bother me when I am resting my head." Danny then walked towards Shen Xue,"Hey there, I think you have an itch on your but, here let me help you relieve it as I am a good person." He then grabs Shen Xue from her waist then starts spanking her. 'Ay I think I'll feel even better when I spank you.' The entire class was silently watching a crying Shen Xue getting spanked by the demon of Glory City begging for mercy. Having watched enough Scarlet Rising goes to Chen Linjian and asks him to tell something to Danny.

"Boss since the teachers at the academy can't teach you anything why don't you just go to the library and read what you want then apply for graduation when you feel there is nothing else that can benefit you." Chen Linjian told Danny. Danny was intrigued by his right hand man's suggestion so he pulled out a gold rank sword he found during his time in the forest and gave it to him. "Hahahaha this is why I made you my right hand man, very nice suggestion who said I need to follow what the teachers say I'm mostly self taught anyways. Keep up the good work brother Chen." Then he looked at both Scarlet and Ye Yen and said,"You both need to learn from Chen over here. Also both of you are weak so I want you to go to this address after school everyday." After giving them the address Danny left for the library leaving a pissed off Scarlet and a speechless Ye Yen. Chen Linjian began to slowly calm down Scarlet who was the originator of the idea and began to tell them the benefits of training in the Three Soul Mansion which was located with in the Glory Estate. Shen Xue on the other hand ran out of the class secretly swearing to avoid Danny at all cost.

Danny made his way to the library and began to copy books again. It took about 6 hours but he managed to copy all books. The complete ones, incomplete, damaged, and the books in the hidden library which was made when the city was founded. He was surprised at his findings and began to update his information. As he was going through the information with Ay they found a hint to another use of Soul Stones. The soul stone once used to measure soul force can't be used by another person as it will be off. If they use the seal that can mark souls, they can make those soul jades that break when a person dies. Danny said a different thought to Ay that they can use this method to make unique identification cards for the Commoner's Union. They can also add a communication seal for his core group to communicate with each other. This can eliminate future problems of spies and assassins blending in. It can also provide the commoners with a safer way to protect themselves. After Danny and Ay sorted through the information he went to the Unions research division and gave them three orders he wanted them to execute. He gave the seals/formation/Rune research division the to work on the rune he and Ay made to make soul marks. He gave the engraving/forging research department the responsibility of making the cards from soul stone and testing them out. He finally gave the soul research division who were working on an item that can test ones elemental affinity the responsibility to make it easy for anyone to store the cards in there Soul realms cultivator or not, since all living beings have soul force.

Danny's name spread out to every corner of Glory city the next day after he beat up a teacher. Although cruel many people sided with him and said if the teacher didn't provoke him Danny wouldn't have beat him up. The Sacred Family was angry that there little girl got spanked again. They were really angry but when they confronted Danny he beat up the weaker members and fought to a stand still with the black gold realm experts, he was toying with them the entire way. This event shut the Sacred Family up and acted as a warning to the other powers. Time slowly passes and Danny's union made a breakthrough in what Danny named ID Cards and began distributing them to all commoners. The 10 black gold realm experts Danny had guarding the area also began to kill any spy they found who acted as a member. The other thing that happened Danny recruited a declining power that was available from the formation of Glory city. Although they only had 100 members Danny saw that they were all peak gold realm and the leader was an early black gold realm expert they were the Mercenary Guild. Danny told them if they join him he can provide them better skills and cleaner work environment than the dump they were living in. He also read through their archive of books forcibly but he remembered to give them a friendly smile. After a long hour of reading while beating them up Danny convinced them to join him. He took them to the Commoners Union and one of the large empty rooms was given to them. Danny had people design the room the way he wanted and called it the Adventures Department. This department will be a place where cultivators who don't wanna submit to other powers can join and advance. The department also takes missions from people and offers it to Adventures who will be ranked from SS-E class depending on missions completed and cultivation lvl. The Guild will also offer skills that Danny and Ay were modifying that he found in the Mercenary Guilds Archives. They can be exchanged for by Points from adventures. Danny made this move since he knew many commoners who are cultivating the basic soul force skill he gave will look for jobs and this was a good one it also ensured to motivate them and have them leave Glory city to train and make a living. This will be one of the ways Glory City will become stronger. Another thing Danny did was send Ye Zhong a huge book that he had people write for him about a knew school curriculum that's had corrected information of the classes they teach. As well as organization and extra classes. Danny breathed a sigh of relief in just four months he finished all this before the main story line. Glory city will be different in a couple of years. Now he only had two goals and that was to go out and train with his brothers and go explore the rest of the ruins. Before he had a chance to order all his followers to ready themselves to depart Glory City into the Monster Den through the Southern Gate, Ye Mo appeared in front of him. Danny had not seen Ye Mo for 20 months. Ye Mo stared at him then smiled," Hahahaha little Dan everyone is calling you the hope of Glory City, you have done a lot since I was gone."

"Its to see you teacher, ya I didn't want another commoner kid to experience what I had went through so after reading a lot this was the most logical thing I could think of. This will also benefit the city sending us into a new era. The schooling system has been improved in Orchid Academy, I have gathered many subjects and many specialists of each subject and will open a college in 2 months for everyone. In about 5 years I think will see many experts pop up. We will probably leave the dark ages. Let go have a meal and I tell you everything I did while you weren't around. Then I will have to leave the city for a while as I want to break through to legend rank."

"I was really shocked by what you did. I really felt stupid at how I could have done some of the simple changes you did. You truly are a monstrous genius. I want to bring you to a place to cultivate for a while I'm sure you'll like it."

"This place wouldn't happen to be the Heavenly Sacred Border." Danny asked.

"How did you know about that?"Ye Mo asked surprised as he never mentioned it before to Danny.

"Books from your Snow Wind Family's library, and if I remember correctly there was one that was titled Heavenly Sacred Border. Did no one ever read the book in the library." Danny looked back questionably as he explain to the dumbfounded and now embarrassed Ye Mo.

"Good job my disciple I was testing your memory and your surprisingly as sharp as ever. Let this be a lesson for you never let you guard down and always pay attention to detail. Now let go to the border." Ye Mo began to shamelessly teach Danny a valuable lesson causing Danny to shake his head and Ay to laugh loudly. Danny followed after Ye Mo towards the Heavenly Sacred Border. Ay was laughing really hard,'shameless teacher, shameless Red Plum hahahahahahaha.'

"Danny this is as far as I will go, that's the entrance over their. Good luck little one."

Danny entered the Sacred Boarder and was surprised by how thick the spiritual force was in this place. Since he couldn't cultivated he began to look for the Thunder Gods Meteorite Sword to see if he can subdue it. Based on his memory of the story it was deeper in the boarder. He kept walking until he felt an oppressing force press down on him. He knew he was close to the sword so he kept walking until he saw the sword in front of him.

"Little one its impressive you can make it this far without any soul force cultivation. You are very talented so I will give you a chance to cultivate. Oh Who Am I!! I am the Great Ye Yan founder of the Snow Wind Family and one of the founders of Glory City. I have 5 techniques that you can cultivate, the first is Revolving Spiritual Wood, Yang Spiritual, Ash Wolf technique, Blue Lightning, Swallowing Moonlight. Take your pick little one and reach the peak, protect Glory City the home of your family and friends." Ye Yan was exactly as Danny remembered him arrogant and silly. He still looked over the skills he was surprised as they were pretty good skills and had interesting concepts just that the people who made them didn't have much knowledge about the human body to fix the flaws.

"Oh this is the skill my teacher Ye Mo wanted me to learn but was flawed. Here mister this is how I fixed the skill to the peak of legend rank. I'll help you with the others hmm oh if we integrate the Moonlight skill and the yang spiritual the skill can be cultivated 30% faster and the cultivated can absorb both sun and moon energy, hmm if we change this part from Blazing Yang to yin-yang energy and this part here from moonlight art as well as this part he the skill is improved by 75 percent let's call it Sun Moon Harmony Art." Danny began to point out many things and Ye Yan was shocked, embarrassed but seeing that the little kid didn't understand it or get arrogant and gloat made him fell a bit better. He began to learn from the kid as Danny improved the skills.

"..... there we have it this skill can be called Coiling Wood Art, this one will be known as Ash Wold Spirit Art, the last one I already improved Lighting Metamorphosis Art. What do you think Old Man Yan. Oh sorry I got carried away where are you and what is that sword?" Danny who finish improving the skills with Ay after five hours asked 'innocently'.

"You are a genius one of a kind. Truly amazing each and every one of the skills you improved reaches the peak of legend rank that's amazing. I truly can't teach you anything and you have such an innocent and pure heart.....(Ay yells BS in Danny's mind).... Little one, Ye Yan have sealed my soul in this sword preventing it from destroying the city and it is the center of a formation that protects Glory city and gathers energy. This sword we call it the Thunder God Meteorite Sword and we do not know its origins." Danny appeared as if he was lost in thought then executed his plan.

"Master Ye Yan is it boring to be sealed hear, don't you wanna see the out side world. How about you attach yourself to my improved spear here and become my weapon spirit. It will be fun and you can see many things. You don't need to worry about the sword I will try to subdue it and if I can't you can explain the formation and I will try to improve it and fix its flaws. Come on mister this can be an opportunity to travel with a genius and get in on all the awesome fights. You might even grow stronger as a result and together we can break through to a realm beyond the legend rank." Danny using his innocent looks and businessman skills to change the spear the blacksmiths have improved to a top grade black gold rank weapon into a soul weapon then he will be able to keep it in his dantan. Ye Yan on the other hand although tempted wasn't an idiot.

"So this was you little plan little devil, what makes you think I will degrade myself into become a weapon Spirit."

"On the fact that you descendant told me I can have anything I wanted if I agreed to be his disciple. I was you so you have to agree . You can only blame your descendants for selling you out." Danny replied making Ye Yan speechless.

Meanwhile Ay,"Hahahaha Danny that was a good one."

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