Tales of The Eternal God Slayer - Martial God Asura Fanfiction Chapter 16: Out of His Personality


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Xuan Rou shined brightly. After two weeks of rest, she had recovered most of the damage done to her body beside her Source Energy… Which was an almost impossible place to heal unless you had heaven-defying medicines?

During this long period of time for a mortal, she had barely contacted her new disciple, who in fact was her only disciple. Albeit it was a bit forced but she did not regret in the slightest.

The Ancient Tower behind her shrunk, no longer was it as visible as before. Normally she'd just cast a Vanishing or Concealing Formation on the Tower, but her capabilities as a Royal Cloaked Dragon Marked World Spiritist were damaged due to fighting that Golden Dragon.

Sighing, she flew into the air and looked at the village next to the Azure Mountain Range, the one the Feng Family lived in.

A tight smile appeared on her face as she launched a Voice Transmission across space, wishing to talk to Feng Xiantian.


Feng Xiantian sighed. He threw the book on his hand into the ground. This book was about smithing, with the usage of Spirit Power and some materials he borrowed he was already capable of producing a mediocre weapon.

Of course, all this training was done inside his Eternal Realm for a total of five minutes outside which was an insane number inside the realm equaling to more than 12 days inside the Eternal Realm.

It could not count as an Elite Armament, but using the skills he had gained from his journey across the Chaotic Realm, the weapon was just a level below.

Exhaustion was one of the words you could use to describe the current Feng Xiantian. The boy rubbed his red hair softly and sat on a nearby log.

"I'm so tired…" Just as Feng Xiantian was about to lay down on the grass, he froze as he heard a voice. His guard was down due to just having left the Eternal Realm.

"That is what you get for trying to fight all these Fierce Beasts all by yourself, Chu Feng." A female voice was heard just after that other voice.

"I was just trying to get over with this mission as soon as possible." The male voice was rather embarrassed.

Chu Feng. That sounded like a name Feng Xiantian had heard before. A moment later he became silent. Didn't his older brother, Feng Bai mention him before?

Realizing who Chu Feng was, he also understood that the person with him was most likely Su Mei who came from a First Rate City, being the Young Miss of said city as well.

It was time to test them… and he wouldn't be merciless in the slightest as well. They could suffer for what he cared.

He said he saw a lot of potentials which had yet to be unlocked in him. He might want to test that right now. A sly grin emerged on Feng Xiantian's face as he suddenly jumped in front of the two people he just met.



The female jumped into the air in fright and even unleashed a wave of Martial Power towards Feng Xiantian. She was clearly scared which was justifiable since even with her guard down, a kid shouldn't be able to surprise them so badly.

Chu Feng furrowed his eyebrows, he was a moment too late, thus the Martial Power unleashed at Feng Xiantian was unable to be stopped. If it was any other kid, they might even directly die due to the power behind the wave.

Su Mei herself was extremely sorry. She immediately regretted her earlier moves and despite looking rough and angry at Chu Feng the truth was that she was also a delicate and gentle woman. She did not wish to hurt anyone for no reason, especially a small boy.


Just at this moment, Feng Xiantian simply jumped to his right with his hands in his pockets without a care in the world. The items he had held in his hands were now inside the Eternal Realm's own Pocket Dimension.

"Are you okay boy?! I'm so sorry!" Su Mei felt awkward as she apologized to the boy in front of her. She had closed her eyes at that moment so she had not noticed him easily dodging the wave.

"Get your hands off me, lady!"

Feng Xiantian frowned as he stepped backward, not used to this close contact with someone.

Chu Feng was a second later than Su Mei, but he eventually also walked close to Feng Xiantian.

"Are you okay kid?" Chu Feng repeated the same question as Su Mei but did not receive a better answer than before. He was still rudely declined an answer.

"I even wanted to help you two with getting shelter for the night only for you two to be so rude to me…" Feng Xiantian continued to play this fake personality.

Chu Feng was not a fool, his senses were also sharpened by Feng Bai as well so he was immediately able to pick up that something was fishy here.

"Why'd a kid help us? Do you want to gain something from helping cultivators like us?" Chu Feng was not as kind as Su Mei either, his comments were far more direct.

Su Mei glanced sideways at Chu Feng who just pretended to not have seen it in the first place.

"Why'd I want anything from poor people like you?" Feng Xiantian remarked as he yawned. He sat on the log he had previously sat on and supported his head with a hand.

"... I say you should just ignore them and part away, why did you even want to help idiots like them?" A voice sounded out from his mind, he just ignored it.

After twelve days of isolation, his boredom had reached a new level. Willpower and boredom were different things after all. Playing with some 'juniors' would ease some of his boredom for now.

The tone Feng Xiantian was using pissed off, Su Mei, slightly, but she still found him adorable so she walked forward and tried to pinch his cheeks. She failed...badly.

"He…." Su Mei and Chu Feng were both speechless. The cultivation Feng Xiantian had just revealed was that of the Origin-Realm. A nine-year-old Origin Realm expert was jaw-breaking.

Chu Feng was a bit jealous. Despite knowing the Divine Lightning inside him was also heaven-defying, his cultivation had yet to even reach the Peak of the Spirit Realm, yet a random brat from the corner of the Azure Province had broken through to that realm!
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