Tabletop Dungeon Chapter 7: Chapter 7 - Lily's Turn


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"Lily gets to do it? Yay! You just watch, Lily's going to make it perfect!"

Setsu and Linda laughed together at Lily's antics, because she was somersaulting and spinning of happiness.

Lily immediately added algae into the water, these tiny things would basically add some nutrition to the water. Next were more plant life stuck to the bottom to the river and basin.

Next she added flies, for the frogs after the tadpoles grew up. She added more caves in the west and added five slimes in them, with bats and added another group of 2 times 4 monkeys to the east. The next was another group of 2 bears.

Now she added dragonflies to counter the flies, since just frogs wouldn't be enough to keep their population in check.

She added duck weed on top of the water and another few groups of smaller fish.

This was quite a few currency spent already, so she was a little sad she went through it so quickly. She could still use about 100 currency.

Setsu and Linda were surprised how much more alive the area seemed now, with different animals everywhere and slowly families growing around. The deer settled, and the water looked more alive with the greens floating on top and swaying below.

The forest had animal calls and bird sounds, the water had fish nipping the duck weed and the ducks quacking with the swans and geese looking elegant. The heron looked majestic, standing still at the water side, patient to catch a fish.

They still missed more variety but it was already progressing well. Soon it would be time to add the first intelligent life forms.

They were wondering which form of intelligent life they wanted to add as their first though.

Humans had adaptability, but they didn't think it would be a good first. They expanded faster than other races, and they just didn't have the space yet for their conquering style.

"Linda, do you think elves, dwarves or a different kind of intelligent life would be better?"

"I would start with elves! They are smart, they don't reproduce too fast and they protect nature. You really need that right now, because your just found world can't handle mass destruction yet."

"Yeah, you're right, and we don't have anything for any other race to progress fully yet, like raw ore mines or livestock and mountains. Also, basically all stories usually make elves the first race to have appeared as intelligent life. They would do good as our first race. All right, let's go with that!"

"Honey, are you ready for dinner? And Linda, did you ask to eat dinner here? You're welcome to stay if you want to."
"Oh! I'll have to call home and ask! I'll be right back Setsu, let me just make a call."
"All right, I'll be in the dining room."

Setsu said goodbye to Lily and went to the dining room. She sat down at the table and waited.

Linda came back inside a little disappointed, it seemed her parents expected her home for dinner, so they said their goodbyes and Linda headed home.

Dinner was good, but after dinner, her parents asked her to stay back for a short while. She wondered if she did something wrong, so she sat down in the living room, feeling a little tense.

"You don't have to worry sweetheart. You're not in trouble, we just wanted to give you something."
"Yes honey, we spent quite a bit of time making this in our free time, so we hope you enjoy it."

Setsu was surprised, and happy her parents made something for her. Setsuko grabbed a package from behind the television and handed it to Setsu.

"There you go honey, open it."

Setsu ripped open the packaging and inside was a bracelet. She put it on, wondering what it was for.

Her father got closer, and pressed a small button on the middle wooden ball. There was a small flash from the bangle, and Lily came out, flying around her wrist.

"Lily?! How did you do this, dad? How cool!"
"We made Lily into your Tabletop Dungeon and made the armband at thesame time, adding her data into both. There is a smaller dungeon core inside your bracelet, hidden under the wood. The wood is thesame type as your table, so Lily has the possibility to materialize near it."
"Wow, thank you so much, I can't believe you did this, I love it so much!"
"Lily is happy too! Now Lily will never be alone and can always talk to Setsu!"
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