System: System Chapter 1: The System is Here


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The shining moon was hiding inside of the shallow cloud, The wind happily blowing slowly and steadily, as the single leaf cheerfully following the where the wind trace was, But it suddenly gotten crushed by a slim slender hand.

"Bitchass talking to my sister again." A dark hair man murderously said as he blends into the dark on the sideway corner. The teenager is named Bai Lie, He was a She. But transmigrating got him like an innocent rock that is tossed into a random pond not knowing what fate had it for it.

Bei Lie is currently watching her, or now his, sister. Who are still 6 years old, talking animatedly with another person who Bei Lie deem unimportant to notice.

Bei Lie was only a 37 years old woman, who actually succeed to become successful by her own means. She had 2 jobs, As a manager in a fast food chain, and a YouTuber.

Her subscriber was the only support she had, as she lives far away from her family to become successful. Sadly, there were many shooting accidents in where she lives, That she actually become one of the victims of a mass shooting by an enraged man.

When she 'woke' up from this manly body, or a teenager body, she was confused and scared. But by time, she learns that she needs to learn to call herself 'He' now.

Bei Lie, Who apparently named Adam, was no means a 15 years old teenager that is currently living alone with his 6 years old sister. His protectiveness then gone up, as he watches that apparently, the past Adam allow 6 years old to play around outside until night without no one watching her.

Surprised and disgusted, Bei Lie then starts to search where his sister was. And he found that his sister was just playing at the playground near their house. With a fucking man.

"That fucking pedophile.." Bei Lie then grit his teeth, He then couldn't stand how the man was touchy against his sister, he then starts thinking something brilliant.

"Sophie, It's time to go home." Bei Lie said, but somehow his voice becomes void, as it was a monotone robot voice. Which actually scared Bei Lie, but he didn't really want to show it in front of the stranger and his sister.

Sophie, then look up and see her shut-in brother, actually outside of the door. Sophie know what Shut in means, The kind man name Rick tells her that once she told him about her brother.

Sophie then nods her head obediently, and say goodbye to Rick. Gripping her hand to her brother, Sophie then lets out a grinning smile. After all, He finally calls her by her own name.

"Let's go, big brother!"


Rick then watch how the young sister was holding hand with a young boy, who he assumes 'Adam'. From what Sophie been telling him all those weeks, Her brother never actually step outside the house or his room. The only he actually go outside of his room when he needs to feed himself and Sophie.

Rick love Sophie, She reminds him of his dead sister. Rick also hate Adam, as he never grateful that he is blessed by an intelligent and obedient sister. But as he saw the cold face of John, He can sense the animosity from his eyes.

Rick then let out a laugh. As a big brother himself, or was, he knows what that supposed to mean. He now knows, maybe, deep down on his cold heart, He actually cares for Sophie.

"That's good then," Rick mumble, as now he doesn't need to Guard/Entertain Sophie all day and making sure she isn't getting kidnapped. It was actually a hassle, but he can't just let a little kid got kidnapped on his watch! What kind of undercover police he is?!




"Sophie, never talk to a stranger alright." Bei Lie then said, he then let out a smile as he sees his little sister nod at him.

He then pats his sister head, "Good girl, Wants to eat now?" Bei Lie then asked Sophie let out a big smile and a big yes.

Sophie knows that his brother is different, but Sophie like it. She likes the attention that he gives now, and more importantly, he finally wants to eat together with Sophie!

Bei Lie then walks to the kitchen, opening the fridge, he then somehow can guess what kind of food he will make. As he put down the ingredient to the counter, He then searches for the knife, After he found it he then start to cut the onions.

[ System synchronize ]

[ Welcome 001, To the System ]

Bei Lie then halts his movement, as he was too shocked to hear a robotic voice and a blue game system that He usually plays when He was a She.

"What the fuck?" Bei Lie then whispers as he was too confused on what actually happened.

[ Cooking skill created. ]

[ Cooking level up! ]

"Wait, wait a minute. Stats?" Bei Lie then start to remember about the game He used to play, and all the web novel too.

Name : Bei Lie

Cultivation : 0 (Below average Human)

Age: 15

Power: -

Skill: Cooking - 1,

Power Stone: 100

Bei Lie then let out a mourning cry, "Why am I so weak? Below average human? This system is mocking me.." He then let out a cry as he cut the onions.

Sophie, as she was playing with her feet, Then notice her big brother was crying, "Big brother, are you ok?" Sophie then asked, His brother then stop cutting the vegetable and look at her with a smile.

Sophie like the smile, Sophie remember it's been a long time since she sees his brother smile, nor laugh. But she loved it!

"Big Brother is ok, It just cutting onions creating Big Brother eyes to cried a little bit," Her Brother then said, Sophie then nod and continued to sit into the chair and keep playing with her feet.

Sophie hates Onion. Onion bully big brother.




"System, how can I upgrade?" Bei Lie then whispers to himself.

[ Answering 001, by Dungeon and Working out or Studying. ]

Bei Lie then stupefied as he read the last one, As he only knows that studying only made him intelligent, and no less. Or he was missing something?

"How can studying help?" Bei Lie then asked,

[ Studying can increase 001 Intelligence as 001 can learn skill or power movement by just studying the book. As 001 is pathetic ]

Bei Lie then let out a snort as he notices that the system was actually mocking him now. "Alright, I'll forgive that as that is a truthful fact. And I'm guessing Dungeon is to leveling up. But How can I know where the dungeon is? Also! What is the Power Stone for? Is that some kind of Money?"

[ Dungeon can be found once 001 Cultivate realm 1, Or known as Spirit Realm. In there 001 can ask the system to sync 001 to Dungeon. And Power Stone is a currency the System accepting. With that Host able to buy much useful stuff from the shop. ]

"Well, fuck. I can't do a dungeon. So studying or working out it is.." Bei Lie said as he finishing his dish,

"Thank you Big Brother!" Sophie screams out once again and devours the food he made, The taste of the food was not actually good, but to not hurt her Brother feeling, she will enjoy it!

But the onions. Maybe Sophie should throw it away when Big Brother not looking!




The next day, Bei Lie then walk Sophie to her school. He also creates a lunch for her, But the level for his cooking actually still not leveling up. As a manager for fast food restaurant, It kind of hurting his pride as a 'chef'.

After Bei Lie arrived at his house once more, He then starts doing a push-up, sits up and all of the workout stuff that actually helping him to create some muscle for him.

Hours passed, Bei Lie then goes to his computer and browse some cultivating for a newbie. If he was in his past life, he will call the site B.S. But now he indeed needs some power-up, and there is nothing useful except this one.

Days went by, He accompanies his sister playing, walking her to school and picking her up from school. And after that, he continued working out and studying about Ki and the main Chakra on your body.

Weeks then passed, Bei Lie cooking now can be passable as it was Level 3 now. And He also learning how to do Boxing. His Boxing skill is now level 4 as he keeps practicing each day. His noodle arm now can now form a muscle.

But abs? He only has gotten 2 pack. But it doesn't stop Bei Lie to continued to work out. His goal is now to be a Spirit Realm. Sophie often asks him why he works out so much, He obviously answers truthfully to her, as she didn't know what it means anyway.

Sophie, on the other hand, is confused, His shut-in brother is now changed, From being cold and ignoring her and the world, into a nice and caring brother. He also works out a lot, Sophie asked her teacher, why her big brother want to work out so much. Her teacher answer that he wants to be strong.

Maybe Big Brother wants to protect Sophie from bad guy! Like the Hero from the cartoon, Sophie loves to watch if she waits for her brother stop punching the air and play with her again, But Big Brother tells Sophie that he wants to be a Spirit Realm, and it supposed to means that he want to be strong!

The teacher is right! Big Brother actually wanting to be strong. Sophie will help him by bringing much glasses of water for him! So he can protect Sophie from many bad guys!




"Sophie, why don't you want to go to school?" Bei Lie asked as he watches his little sister sulking. "Sophie.." Bei Lie then tried to comfort her, but then Sophie keeps pouting.

"Big Brother didn't go to school, why is Sophie now must go to school?" Sophie said as it was unfair to her. Indeed that school makes her have many nice friends, and the teacher is nice! But the homework and text making her head want to blow up. And today is going to be Ms. Bailey test in Math.

Sophie hate it! Sophie doesn't want to go to school. And seeing her brother never go to school himself, Sophie wants to be like him. After all, Big Brother is smart! He can just teach her himself!

Looking at Sophie's face, Bei Lie knows the problem to Sophie sulkiness and the tantrum she put up. He then just sigh, "Alright, I'll call the school that you are sick, Ok?". Sophie, hearing his brother that he will do that nod herself in happiness and hug her nice brother! Now Sophie can finish the Nightly Power episode!!




Years has been passed, Bei Lie finally achieved Spirit Realm! In there he also goes to the dungeons and found many monster Fragment. Apparently, Bei Lie now can create a monster for himself just from killing the monster and getting the fragment itself.

Bei Lie currently has 12 Goblins, 14 Zombies, 8 Ghost and 2 Blood Wolf. But creating the monster from the fragment use power stones and some Gems. And for the Shop itself? Bei Lie never actually used it except to create a monster as his help on the dungeon to kill bosses.

From that 3 years, Sophie is now 9 years old and Bei Lie himself is 18 years old. Bei Lie, once he levels up into Spirit Realm, he actually grew taller and his face is now more defined.

Also! Bei Lie has another secret! That someday he will find a way to change his gender back to female somehow.

He also notice, Bosses often drop money and some useful stuff as an armor or weapons. And sometimes it was a jewelry, which he identified it using the System help for 1 Power Stone and it actually is a good stuff.

And if Bei Lie doesn't like the loots? He can just sell it to the System, in which he can earn more power stones that way anyway.

Sophie is now 9 years old. And she considered herself to be mature. And smart, Sometimes Sophie notice that her big brother acts like a Big sister instead, but Sophie wouldn't judge, as Sophie still like her big brother the way he is anyway.

He also grew taller one day and told Sophie he succeed to breakthru, whatever it means. But Sophie knows it means a lot to her big brother, so she congratulates him. Sophie also knows that the two siblings were living under the relative money. But soon as Big Brother become 'Spirit Realm' he often to go from a spot and come back many hours later and bringing money!

Sometimes Big Brother gives her 10 Silver or 20 Silver which she saved into her piggy bank. Big brother said that it is really hard to get money from the monster, But he still keeps trying so they will not living under their relative money anymore when Big Brother is strong and have many summonses around him! Even though Sophie still doesn't know what summons is.

Bei Lie notices that sometimes the monsters will drop either copper or silver. And the big boss drops gold. He didn't know what it is for until he notices that the currency that the world he lived in using the things he got from his game power.

Caused him to be wary as he still dubious of the power, but then with time passed he ignore that feeling and just enjoy the power and be denial about everything.




When Big brother is gone, Sophie cried as she thought he was gone and she will be alone once again, but she then stops her useless crying and starts believing in her Brother. Big Brother continuously always come home with a bloody attire and wounded bodies. But he always smiles and laughs it up, so Sophie just sighs and clean him up. He also told Sophie that is his job! Big brother is so Cool!

Sophie now learns how to stitches some wound because his brother always comes home with any kind of wounds. He told Sophie that he got it from a bad monster, Sophie believes him. As she knows Big Brother never lied to her anyway.

Then one day, Big Brother confess that Big Brother actually not Big Brother, But a Big Sister instead, Big Sister too died and now become Big Brother, Sophie still accepts him though. But Sophie little head is still confused how to call her Big Brother, So she asked him instead, And he just told Sophie that just call him normally she feels like it. So Sophie sticks with Big Brother.

Big Brother also can make monster himself! Sophie is proud of him! She loves the wolf, The wolf also can change size, and it becomes pups. Big Brother told Sophie that he got it from killing a Boss and the monster egg was dropped. Sophie didn't get what it means but Sophie loved it!

Big Brother said the wolf is strong! As it is 5 star with an S rank! Once again, Sophie doesn't know what it means, but Sophie trust her big Brother! So every time Sophie alone at home, Sophie now can play with the 2 pups!

Sophie wants to tell her friend, but Sophie know her friend can be jealous of her awesome Big Brother, so she will hide it!

After all, Sophie is good to keep a secret! As she already keeps the secret for 3 years now!

Also! That ghost Sophie often to be scared of apparently always listening to Big Brother command!

Big Brother is so strong!

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