System : Reincarnation Chapter 2: Chapter 1 : Explanations


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'No, not right now... I want you to explain what EXACTLY I'm gonna have to do.' I said to the system while looking around the 'white space'.

‹‹ Well host, you need to finish missions and wishes of the character you're going to be in ›› The system responded

'Go on...'

The room was really white and bright it really looks like heaven ,the way I visualize it. There's a bed ,closet and a door to the bathroom ,everything's color is generally white. When I look outside the window I actually see a beautiful garden while the sun is high up in the sky .

‹‹ Missions like 'save the world' or ' protect the male lead' maybe ' stop the protagonist from having a harem' and many more to classify one by one. ››

'What about the thing about the wishes?' I replied still looking around .

I could smell the natural scent of flowers and fresh air while looking outside .

‹‹ You're going to be entering a body of a certain character in the story ,for example , the female protagonist's sister or the antagonist's bestfriend . It's up to you if you want to grant their wishes .››


‹‹ If you are the antagonist's mother for example ,it's obvious that her wish is for her daughter/son to be safe. If you are a really insecure antagonist per say, she would want you to be more confident and ignore the main protagonists. Whatever's their mindset. ››

'Okay ..I get it now.'

‹‹ I would also be assisting you in this mission ,host.››

'How, exactly?'

‹‹ For example , I have an inventory which you can use , it's limit is 50 items which you can upgrade by points. You obtain points by finishing missions and side missions. I also have a shop which you can buy pills, skills, swords, herbs, and anything convinient for your current world. ››

'Oh I get it...It's like a game?'

‹‹Yes Host.››

This is gonna be easy! Since I always play games in my previous life !.. Being an introvert and all.

‹‹There is also a beginners pack .››

'Beginners pack ?'

‹‹ Yes. Consisting of 5000 points, 5 healing potions , a free skill and a mystery box .››

'Mystery box ? Can I open it now?››

‹‹Of course Host. Open the mystery box? [YES] [NO]››

A transparent screen appeared right in front of me which was pretty cool.

I clicked on [YES] and the box opened animatedly very much like those on games.

‹‹Congratulations! You won the tracker! It can now be accessed through the system››

'What's a tracker ?'

‹‹ Host. How can you not know what that is.››

'Wha-NO! I know what that is but what's it for?'

‹‹ well host , it's for tracking down the capture targets ,or the antagonist, it's really convinient on missions where you need to protect someone or track someone down.››

Huh. Well I guess that is useful.

'How about the skill?'

‹‹ You can choose ,one free skill ,for example, cooking ,hacking , martial arts, etc.››

'Hmm..okay , so um I'm gonna travel to different worlds with different needs ,is there anyway to know info about this particular world ?'

‹‹ well host there is . For knowing EVERYTHING in that world you need to pay 2000 points ,but if you want a sneakpeak , it'll only cost 50 points .››

'Well, I'll choose 50'

‹‹ would you like to buy a sneakpeak for 50 points ? [YES] [NO] ››

I clicked the [YES] on the screen.

Immediately after I did ,voices ,words and pictures rushed into my mind.


"Hi there, I'm @$%@%@$"

"You wanna be an idol like [email protected]%&% ? Pftt.. You can't even sing!"

" &%@@##...I-I... I love you.."

"I'm so sorry ! "

"What?! How could you do this to me?!"

"I thought you were my friend"

"Just give up on him."

"You KILLED @%&%@%?!"

"You trust @%#&@% more than us ? We're your @%@$&%#!!"


"N-no...I wasn't trying to...*get's hit by a [email protected]%&* ugh....*lose conciousness* ".


‹‹ Purchase done, you now only have : 4950 points .››

what are these voices??

My head hurts..ugh I feel like I've been hit by a car...urgh...

‹‹Is host okay?›› system asked

'Y-yeah I'm okay .' I responded while holding my throbbing head .

But I found out what I needed for the mission

I need idol skills .

Maybe singing?

Cause I heard one of those voices ,say something about being an idol...

So I guess that's that .

‹‹If host isn't satisfied you can also buy another sneakpeak ,but for 100 this time.››

'Ah ,no I found out what I needed ,so system I decided on the skill I want,I want singing .'

‹‹ use one free skill for singing? [YES] [NO] ››


‹‹ transaction complete ,you have now mastered , 'singing' ››

I cleared my throat and tried the skill. voice sounds like...













‹‹ sorry host , this will take effect on the next world , pfft..››

'Did you just laugh at me?! I'll have you know my voice is not bad , it's ...unique' I said while making an 'ok' sign with m hands.

‹‹ whatever you say host.››

'So ,anything more I need to find out about ,so I can go to the next world?'

‹‹well, when you say status , you can see your character stats .››

'Oh. Well then , Status.'

A really bright light appeared in front of me ,so bright that covered my eyes with my hands .

When it dimmed down a screen with big bold letters spelled : STATUS


Name : Unavailable

Strenght : 01%

Charm: 10%

Intelegence: 60%

Luck: 20%

Mana: not available

Health : 100%

Inventory click for further details .

Points click for further details.

Shop  click for further details .

Skills click for further details .

Story Plot click for futher details.

Missions click for details .

Character meters click for details.


Huh...come to think of it...I remembered some parts of my old life but...

Why don't I remember my name???


Hhaaha...I guess I was always the couch potato .

I'll check out the other things that I still don't know on the next world cause I'm REALLY excited !!

‹‹Ready to go host?››

'Well...ready as I'll ever be'

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