System of a Mage Chapter -1: Other Stories


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Will also have the chapters I have revised each to as well as how many chapters the story has.

Catching Bugs- A System Story Ch.1 Revised/ Ch.1
Beyblade Gamer Ch.2 Revised/ Ch.2
System Of A Mage Ch.1 Revised/ Ch.1
Hunger Gamers Ch.2 Revised/ Ch.2
Training Pokemon Ch.19 Revised/ Ch.19
A Business Game Ch.4 Revised/ Ch.4
The True Gamer Ch.0 Revised/ Ch.17
The Pit Ch.0 Revised/ Ch.5
Naruto The Gamer Of All Ch.0 Revised/ Ch.10

I wish for some comments to tell me which story I should revise fully next between The Pit and The True Gamer or if I should do Naruto The Gamer Of All.
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