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Silence, total silence!

The intense scene suddenly quieted down. Even the three last-stage Qi Hai warriors stopped the attacks. Everyone was staring at the young man in a black tunic and blue hair.

The air was filled with the odor of blood. There were bodies and heads everywhere. It was horrifying.

One minute! In just one minute, the young man swung his sword nine times, killing nine people. All were killed with a single blow each and none of them remained alive.

"How did he do it?"

A shocked mercenary murmured to himself.

Each individual present was a Qi Hai warrior. The young man in front of them was only in the early stage of the Qi Hai realm, but he had amazing techniques! He killed the other Qi Hai warriors as easily as if he were killing dogs. Even a late-stage Qi Hai warrior could not kill nine people in a single minute.

A cruel man with a cruel sword. Good impressions of everyone on this innocent young boy have changed. In fact, throughout the journey, no one really took Jiang Xiang seriously because he was only 14 years old. In their minds, he was just a young boy from some rich family, who simply wanted to experience life.

But now they realized just how ignorant they were.

"Who are you?"

Lee Long's expression changed. He looked at Jiang Xiang, asking in a shaky voice.

"Your worst nightmare."

Jiang Xiang said smiling, that smile looked like the Demon King was judging a dead person.

Yan Meng looked excited as if he had seen the light for the first time. He felt lucky to have hired Jiang Xiang.

"This is a subject between the Lee family and the Cloudy Rain Tower, I hope you do not get involved. If you leave now, I will forgive you for killing so many of our men. "

Lee Long said his voice was shaky. He did not know why, but this young man gave him a dangerous feeling.

"Brother Jiang Xiang, if you can help us this time, then I will give you 100 pills of mortal restoration! And the Tower of Cloudy Rain owes you a favor! "

Yan Meng said immediately. Even an idiot could see the skill of Jiang Xiang. Though he looked young, he was cruel and incredibly strong. He had become the key presence here. If Jiang Xiang turned and left, then the Nebulous Rain Tower would have a difficult time dealing with the remaining 2 enemies. That's because there were two people who were in the last stage of the Qi Hai realm.

"Alright, you owe me a favor."

Jiang Xiang nodded his head he wanted to use this favor to pick up his wife, now that he got what he wanted he did not want to waste time with these junk.

He looked at them all and gave a small smile, he already knew the limit of his abilities if he used all his power he could kill a Kingdom Home Divine Core.

The old man released his power, the blade in his hand made a bright curve in mid-air, approaching Jiang Chen in a seemingly inescapable way.

"Be careful brother Jiang Xiang!"

Yan Meng who stood on the sidelines next to Lee Long recalled Jiang Xiang.


The Old Man's Blade released a loud sound; this was a very powerful technique. He had not taken any hold of himself and once he used this technique, only the force would scare the enemy.

It seemed the old man had used all his strength with this attack.

Looking at it, Jiang Xiang did not panic. His expression was still calm. Although this old man was a late stage Qi Hai warrior, he was still outspoken when compared to Jiang Xiang who was a Home Mortal Core.


Jiang Xiang closed his fist covering him with Haki Weaponry and as fast as a bolt of lightning went toward the old man.



A single Punch collided with the blade, making a sound of something being crushed. The blade cracked immediately and broke into pieces.

Under such an impact, the old man stepped back and vomited blood.


Without giving the old any chance to respond, Jiang Xiang advanced again. He moved swiftly like a tiger. The sword in his hand whistled and in a fraction of a second he managed to approach the old man.


The old man gasped for air, Jiang Xiang's sword only an inch away from his throat. The hairs on her skin all lifted and a shiver ran down her spine. This sense of condemnation engulfed him, he never thought a young lad could be so horrifying.

"No, please do not kill me!"

The old man began to feel terrified, his voice trembling.


Too bad his imploring did not bring him the answer he wanted, in fact, it was the opposite. Jiang Xiang's sword pierced his throat and took his life.

"Lord, where did the devil come from?"

Wang Ting was so shocked that even his mouth opened wide.

"Such a cruel man, killing men as if he were killing chickens. As a mercenary, I have seen many people die and I have gone through countless life-and-death situations, but I still can not compare myself to it. "

"I bothered him when we were at Mercenary Square, I'm such a fool."

Everyone was shocked and breathing quickly. Jiang Xiang's actions had a huge impact on them, even a late-stage Qi Hai warrior was easily killed by him. The point was, he did not even blink when he killed.

"Haha, Lee Long, you're good at planning, but I bet you did not expect me to have such a strong assistant!"

Yan Meng said as he laughed out loud.

More Lee Long was too terrified to respond he turned around and wanted to run away leaving a few words behind.

"Young man, I will remember you! You will suffer now that you offended the Lee family! "

Lee Long said fiercely as he turned and prepared to escape.

"Lee Long, you can not run today."

Yan Meng shouted loudly. Just when he was ready to chase, a figure appeared.


The white figure was Jiang Xiang. Before the Struggle started he had kunais of Thunder Flight of God all over the place so he blocked the way to Lee Long facility.

"Still thinking of leaving?"

Jiang Xiang said with a somber smile his pressure increased.

Everyone was shocked.

The mercenaries had shaken voices looking at the young man on their freight who revealed his cultivation.

Mortal Core- "A Mercenary let out with a trembling voice.

"Young boy! You have nothing to do with the affairs of our families, why do you want to become our enemy? "

Lee Long asked loudly and with extreme fear for having seen the cultivation of this young man.

"Because you're the Lee family, so you have to die."

Jiang Xiang said casually. Immediately after saying that, in his hand he had a big ball that was making a strange noise, then "Rasengan ~" went toward Lee Long's body.


Lee Long could not defend himself. Rasengan hit right in the middle of his chest, he was sent flying by the impact of the attack. He hit his back on a huge rock, destroying her. When his body finally stopped flying, he landed on the ground and began to cough blood.

"This is so scary!"

Everyone was terrified, as they stared at Jiang Xiang with horrified looks they were already afraid of this young man's cultivation, but now this attack with strange energy.

After that, under everyone's eyes, Jiang Xiang put his Zanpakuto in front of his face and said in a cold voice "Dispersion Senbozakura" Then his sword broke into a thousand pieces.

People found it extremely beautiful the sooner their faces froze, because the petals cut Lee Long without pain.


It was her last breath, and seeing this, Jiang Xiang gave a small smile and put the senbozakura in her scabbard.

Yan Meng took a deep breath. Looking at how Lee Long was killed.

"This young man is brave and cruel. He was calm and killed like it was nothing, I was wrong about him. "

Yan Meng let out a silent sigh. He remembered to say that Jiang Xiang was a growing flower in a greenhouse, which had never experienced the real world. He was regretting those words now.

"Yan Meng failed to see the true abilities of Brother Jiang Xiang, I never thought Brother Jiang Xiang was a Mortal Core his talent is without a doubt monstrous.

Yan Meng sincerely said.

"Do not mention that, Uncle Yan. I was paid to solve the problems, do not forget to pay me those 100 pills of deadly restoration. "

Jiang Xiang said with a smile. He would give these pills to his brother Jiang Chen.

"Brother Xiang saved us all today, we are unable to repay this enormous kindness."

Wang Ting and the rest came forward, talking as they held their fists respectfully. Everyone was thankful that he had saved them from certain death. Their gratitude to Jiang Xiang came from the bottom of their hearts.

"Brother Jiang Xiang, when we reach the Red City, I would like to invite you to come visit the Tower of the Cloudy Rain. I'll let the boss know about what happened today and I'm sure the boss will be grateful as well. "

Yan Meng said with a polite tone.

"That's very nice of you to say that."

Jiang Xiang said without any hesitation he wanted to do so. The Tower of the Cloudy Rain was his target not actually Yan Chen Yu was his target.

"Let's all, I'll treat you all as soon as we reach the Tower of the Cloudy Rain!"

Yan Meng told all mercenaries. He never felt better than he was feeling now that the dangers are gone. Everyone was relaxed as they continued their journeys toward the Red City.

"Uncle Yan, I hear the young lady of the Yan family is sick. Can I know what the current situation is? "

Along the way, Jiang Xiang asked, he wanted to tell this old man that he could heal her, so he had to do a good theater.

"* Sigh * ... Brother Jiang Xiang does not know this. Our young lady was a bright child from a young age, she was talented and reached the ninth Qi Jing level when she was only six. She was a genius among geniuses ... It's just too terrible. "

When mentioning the young lady of the Yan family, Yan Meng expressed pity.

"Please let me know what his symptoms are, I may have a way of healing you."

Jiang Xiang said, he was sure he could heal her, he had the system, and also he knew it was not disease more than the 9 Mediterranean Yin.

"Do you have a means?"

Yan Meng's eyes lit instantly, but they soon darkened after. "Impossible, there is no way to cure her, the illness of the young lady has meant that she can not live beyond the age of 15. Even the Pure-Yang Fruit will not be able to save it. The disease would strike her every year and this has happened since she was seven. When the disease strikes, her body becomes icy and that coldness enters her bones. You can not imagine how much pain the young lady is suffering. Each time the disease strikes, it is like a life or death problem. Now the young lady has turned 14. The disease has already struck 8 times and is increasing in severity each time. Our Yan family hired all the famous doctors and alchemists in the Red City and they all concluded that the young lady will not be able to live beyond the age of 15. "

"Cold coldness that enters her bones? Attacks every year? "

Jiang Xiang's eyes spoke without hesitation.

"I can cure your young lady's illness."

Jiang Xiang said.

"What? Brother Jiang Xiang are you kidding? "

Yan Meng asked with a surprised expression.

"But, I need to examine your young lady personally and decide after looking at the current situation." Jiang Xiang said.
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