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"Haha, we will reach the Red City after passing this hill. As soon as we reach the Red City, we will be entering the territory of the Tower of the Cloudy Rain. No one will dare try to bother us. This is an incredible mission; I baked 20 deadly restorative pills for doing almost nothing! "

Wang Ting and the rest of the mercenaries were all happy and relaxed. When they reached the Red City, they would have completed this mission.

Some of the mercenaries had animated features on their faces, imagining the mortal restoration pills that would soon be in their hands. None of them had noticed the expression on Yan Meng's face.

Jiang Xiang had activated the Sharingan and stood guard, he also used his observation Haki to Maximo wanted to test his powers, so he sealed his crop in the Qi Hai Intermediate Kingdom.

Jiang Xiang smiled secretly.
He used his Haki Observation and noticed strong presence around at the same time.


The wheel of the carriage made a crackling sound as it began to roll. The group was now moving forward again.

The sky went completely dark after riding for another seven to eight miles. Jiang Xiang could feel that the expressions on the face of Yan Meng and the other two men became even more tense than before until their breath speeded up.

At the same time, Jiang Xiang used his Haki and found that dozens of men were hiding in front of them, all emitting might intent to kill, this made him a devilish grin, looking at him now looked like a little Devil and Beautiful.

Jiang Xiang looked at the moon from the dark sky, a curve appearing in his mouth. A dark night with winds was a night destined for bloodshed, he was loving the feeling of this world to kill his enemies lead her to despair this was the maximum since he came to this World this was his happiness, he will enjoy the show is after use your kukukuku powers.

"Haha, Yan Meng, I've been waiting here for a long time."

A loud chuckle was heard ahead. A group of men wearing black suits ventured out of their hiding places, all of them striking with intent to kill. They completely blocked the path of Yan Meng and the others.

Jiang Xiang did not remember his crops in history after all since he had read it so he examined them with his Haki discovering the presence of 11 enemies in front of them. Two of them were in the last stage of the Qi Hai realm, four in the intermediate stage and the remainder were all in the early stages.

No matter if it was the strength or quantity of the enemies, they were completely at a disadvantage.

Yan Meng's expression changed. He thought to himself that they would be safe after passing the hill, but the danger still came from them.

"Lee Long, your Lee family put a lot of effort into it."

Yan Meng said with a mocking smile on his face.

Wang Ting and the others all lost their relaxed state of mind. They thought that this quest would end smoothly, but quite suddenly it descended cliff below.

The men in front of them must be the Lee family of the Red City.

"Yan Meng, delivered the Pure-Yang Fruit!"

Lee Long said aggressively.

"No way! Pure-Yang fruit is to save the life of our young lady, I'd rather fight to the death than give it to you! "

Yan Meng said.

Jiang Xiang secretly caught several kunais and played in various places, no one noticed he gave a devilish smile, he was extremely excited about it.

"If that is the case then you will die. Kill them all! "

Lee Long ordered the men in a cruel way.

Jiang Xiang knows the true purpose of these actions. The reason the Lee family wanted the Pure-Yang fruit was not because of its value, but because they wanted the young lady of the Yan family not to be cured. This young lady was treated like a precious stone by everyone in the Yan family and if she died, then the Yan family would be suffering. There was a saying that if you made your enemy feel pain, then you would feel excited. The Lee family would have an advantage, since the Yan family was suffering.

What's more, the chance to kill someone powerful from the Tower of the Cloudy Rain and to damage their family was an opportunity the Lee family would capture no matter what.


The men of the Lee family drew their weapons and surrounded the caravan. It seemed obvious that they had no intention of letting anyone out alive today.

"Damn, how unlucky misfortune for me to get involved in this!"

Wang Ting was cursing like crazy as he pulled out his shiny saber. The rest of the men also seemed nervous, they were mercenaries and clearly knew what their duties were. They also knew that their enemies would not let them escape in a situation like this. If they wanted to live then they would have to fight for it.

"Brother Jiang Xiang, run while you have the chance! You are still young and this is the first time you have come to experience. Do not throw your life away here! "

Wang Ting told Jiang Xiang he noticed a smile on his lips making him feel a cold in the spine.


Lee Long shouted. He and another late-stage Qi Hai warrior started running toward Yan Meng on both sides of the caravan. They did not want to give Yan Meng a chance to escape.

At the same time, the rest of the men wearing black suits, released their Yuan power and began to attack the mercenaries.


The intense struggle began. Almost twenty Qi Hai warriors were fighting against each other. Their attacks were so strong that even the rocks at the side of the road were crushed to pieces.


It was just the beginning of the fight and a mercenary man was already injured, a long cut appeared on his arm. Yan Meng was fighting two Qi Hai warriors of late stage and it looked like he would not be able to hold out for long. He could only defend himself without retaliating.

"A young boy who is still innocent, how dare he join the mercenaries !? Die!"

A man in a black suit grabbed his sword and swung toward Jiang Xiang. He was trying to cut Jiang Xiang in two.

Jiang Xiang disappeared from where he was and appeared behind the man who attacked his hand had a white Halo equal to White Beard then before reaching the man the fist stopped, the man's face had a mocking smile, the sooner froze because where he punched it seemed that time and space were cracking, the power was not so great anymore was enough to destroy the man, he gave a smile so took the senbozakura.

Jiang Chen grabbed Senbozakura's grip and swung toward another man.

The whole process was so fast and smooth that the man in black suit did not even get a chance to scream, dying instantly.

Everyone present was busy with their own battles, so no one noticed what just happened.


Wang Ting was being attacked by two men. He was wounded in his chest and bleeding madly through the cut.

"Motherfuckers! I'll kill you all. "

A man of explosive temper naturally had a bad temper. Being wounded was normal for a mercenary, and everyone knew they were just 'real flesh' humans. When they became mercenaries, they put their lives on it. They knew that a day like this would eventually come.

Wang Ting's eyes were red. It seemed that he was about to risk everything and use everything himself.


Wang Ting's blade was blocked by one of the men and the other man's attack was approaching him. He was being attacked by two men and no matter how hard he tried, he could not defend himself against the other man's attack. He was going to die and a sense of despair surfaced in his mind.


A long sword penetrated the body of the man who was attacking, the tip of the blade entering the man's back. The man's movements stopped completely and he would never be able to move again.

The hard cold sword was drawn from the back. Wang Ting was able to see Jiang Xiang behind the man.

"Brother Jiang Xiang!"

Wang Ting was shocked; he could not believe what he saw, and those red eyes in the night were scary and beautiful.

Another man in a black suit saw his partner being killed from behind. He immediately left Wangg aside and looked at Jiang Xiang he felt his legs soft he could not move.


Jiang Xiang swung his sword as fast as a thunderbolt. The man's head flew to the sky, blood streaming from his head, whose face was frozen with terror.

Wang Ting was scared, this was too fast! It was so fast that even he who was close to Jiang Xiang could not see how Jiang Xiang killed the man.

"Good heavens!"

Wang Ting shook his head violently. He realized that he found someone who only pretended to be inexperienced and who was a Cold Blood killer.

Jiang Xiang gave Wang Ting a devilish grin and continued killing with his sword.

Swash, swash ...

What happened next stunned Wang Ting and the rest of the mercenaries. They all had mouths wide open. It was as if they were in some insane dream.

What they could see was Xiang moving like a wild tiger among the men in black suits. The sword in his hands continued to turn into cold thunderbolts. Each time he struck his sword, a man would be killed. All were killed by a single blow and he never hit the same man twice.

What was more terrifying was that all the men he killed did not even get a chance to scream. Jiang Xiang's sword took the right to yell at them.

In less than a minute, everyone in the Lee family was lying on the floor, covered in blood. Their wounded bodies were still convulsing. This scene resembled something that could only be seen in hell.

Everyone was staring at the young man in a black robe. Her blue hair was in the wind revealing her perfect, unreal face that had a beautiful devilish grin.

Set my mastery on the sword, why is she so good? "He said confusedly in his mind.

[Host when Zanpakuto bought Senbozakura and Zangetsu, unlocked his sword instinct, so his moves are of higher levels, and they come naturally]

Hearing this, his grin grew larger, the people watching, his eyes filled with shock, now he looked like a cold-blooded demon he loved to kill.


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