System in Dragon Marked War God(DMWG) Chapter 6: Chapter 6- Power Revealed (Final Part)


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More Jiang Xiang feigned deaf and his Chidori cross the chest of the patriarch of the Mu Rong family, everyone was shocked looking at that boy with an unreal appearance, but his eyes did not blink at the time of killing, the people of the Mu Rong family who came together he had his eyes well turned up, his father the one who told to wait was also shocked, the only one who was calm was Jiang Chen, he looked with more respect and admiration for his younger brother.

Over the eyes of everyone Jiang Xiang took 5 kunais with some equal Minato symbols, he threw towards the people of the Mu Rong family, who easily deviated sooner he teleported to where the kunais were with a large ball in the hand only heard a noise and his cold voice without emotion.

Rasengan ~ He then buried in the head of one of the members of the Mu Rong family who did not have time to react his head exploded into thousands of pieces.

The people did not even have time to react he was already in another Person, and so it was.

It did not take more than 10 seconds for the entire Mu Rong family that was in the Mayor's mansion to be dead.

Everyone had an incredulous look on their faces, some even rubbed their eyes.

Jiang Chen was surprised he could see the technique was a space-time and by far better way than the one he knows.

The most striking thing was that he did not have a drop of blood in his clothes, Jiang Xiang looked at his brother and gave a small smile and said "Brother explain to our father and then going to my room I want to talk to you" he said fading from the hall, he appeared outside the mansion and headed toward the Mu Rong family.

He had a devilish grin now, he loved the feeling of taking the lives of his enemies, it was not long before he got there.

He took out the senbozakura and Zangetsu and began killing looked like a god of death where he passed bodies fell on the ground, it was not long before all the people of the Mu Rong family die.

After he ran out, Jiang Xiang headed home his clothes were bathed in blood that was not his.

He arrived at the mansion guards looked at him with fear and reverence, Ding, his mission had been completed successfully leaving him with a sigh of relief.

He walked up to his room where Jiang Chen was sitting waiting, looking curiously at his younger brother.

Seeing this Jiang Xiang gave a small smile, and said "Wait here brother first I will take a good shower" Jiang Chen nodded, then Jiang Xiang went and entered the bathtub.

He felt his body changing again his inner gates were all open leaving Jiang Xiang shocked beyond belief, not only that his body got leaner more sharply defined, and many impurities left his body, he "what is happening system ??" He asked excitedly and confused.

[Host now does not have to worry about training his body every minute he alone will break his limits the system estimates that in 2 weeks his body reaches the kingdom fighter soul, Congratulations host]

Hearing this Jiang Xiang was extremely happy, he took a good shower and left his bathroom and was in the room his brother was waiting for him so far.

Jiang Xiang gave a small smile.

Then the two talked until dark, he said that tomorrow he goes to red city to catch his girl that left Jiang Chen confused, plus he also said that in 1 month he would venture into the world, the two smiled and decided to turn the world head down together.

After Jiang Chen left, Xiang began cultivating successfully entering the Deadly Core Kingdom, and completed all of his missions.

He was extremely excited, he went to see his new missions.


1 ° Curing Yan Chen Yu reward: 3,000 PM, 2 lottery tickets.

2 ° Conquer the Heart of Yan Chen Yu Reward: 4,000 PM

3rd Destroy the Lee family Reward: 5,000]

Seeing this he gave a small smile to win the Heart of Yan Chen Yu he just needs to do as Jiang Chen did in the original story.

After he decided what to do next he lay down and went to bed today was a tiring day.


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