System in Dragon Marked War God(DMWG) Chapter 5: Chapter 5- The Power Revealed (Part 1)


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"Bastard, I will not let you get away easily after what you did today."

Jiang Ru Long was extremely angry and at the moment he wanted to turn Jiang Xiang into ashes immediately! Jiang Ru Long, Jiang Zhen Hai, and Mu Rong Zhan had all been cheated by Jiang Xiang today and his brother Jiang Chen was smiling. The only thing he could not swallow was because that little brother who treated him coldly cocked him up.

But, now it was too late to change anything, he could only hope that Miss Mu Rong Xiao Rou was a delicate and beautiful girl. If she really was beautiful then this could be something to ease her mood again.

"Miss Mu Rong is here."

Moments later, accompanied by the announcement of the guards, a girl dressed in purple entered.

The people of the Jiang family turned their heads toward the girl, and when they saw the girl, all her smiles froze.


The glass of Jiang Zhen Hai fell to the floor. What he just saw was something capable of shocking even him, despite his strong mind.

Jiang Chen coughed out loud. The girl in front of him was 8 feet tall, and she perfectly inherited her father's muscular body. And that's not all! She still looked like a strong man, who seemed to weigh at least 300 pounds.

'Damn! His name is Xiao Rou ... '

[TL: Xiao Rou = small delicate]

"It's okay to have a muscular body, but why would you tie a braid that points to the sky? Do you really think it's going to make you look taller?

"And that face, the skin tone is really oily, and your excess skin overlaps itself, and those red lips ... They're huge! Imagine if she tries to kiss someone. '


Jiang Chen was throwing up in his mind. Even though he was once the Greatest Saint, and he had seen several very beautiful things, he had never seen such an ugly girl before.

Hahahaha "A sweet, soft laugh came.

Everyone looked at the place where that laugh was coming they saw Jiang Xiang laughing and holding his belly.

Everyone froze the patriarch of the Mu Rong family with an expression of rage.

He kept laughing too much not caring when he stopped and looked at his brother Jiang Chen he laughed even more.

His face was red he was holding to keep from laughing, once he saw his little brother laughing he also laughed until his belly hurt.

While laughing.

Jiang Chen he continued to praise Mu Rong Zhan in his mind. "You're a great dad. You have transmitted great genes to your daughter, and you too are a genius for naming your daughter Xiao Rou ... Nothing about her can relate to that name.

Mu Rong Zhan "than you are laughing your demon" he said going toward Jiang Xiang who had a calm expression.

More before he touched a giant pressure was towards him, he got down on his knees looking at Jiang Xiang who had red eyes with Hinpinotizantes with 2 Tomoe.

Jiang Chen was shocked even being the greatest saint in the world in his past life he did not see anyone jumping 5 levels in a few hours.

The more shocked his father was, he was sure that his son had no more cultivation now he saw his monstrous talent, can not help but feel pride even if his cultivation is greater than his father would not feel proud of the child ?.

Jiang Xiang was looking coldly at the patriarch of the Mu Rong family, he made hand signals at a terrifying speed after a noise like a thousand Birds, so in his hand a white Rai formed.

Chidori, "he said, pointing to the frozen patriarch's chest.

The noise was loud enough to make people slightly deaf, Jiang Chen was looking at his shocked brother, he felt a different energy going toward this technique, seeing this he got a little excited.

The Chidori went toward without mercy, without feelings, and without hesitation.

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