System in Dragon Marked War God(DMWG) Chapter 4: Chapter 4- Training and Marriage


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After resting for a while Jiang Xiang Raised and sat cross-legged, he then closed his eyes and began to cultivate according to the technique 'Meridians to Combat Chaotic Virtues' (Martial World), this technique he bought for a simple was stolen, the more it must first pass through the
 'Training of the Force', 'Training of the Meat', 'Training of the Viscera', 'Muscle Alteration', 'Bone Forging' and 'Pulse Condensation'.

30 minutes later he successfully completed and felt his body lighter and often stronger, plus something strange happened his original technique devoured the Techniques Combat of Chaotic Virtues' he felt an agonizing pain, more after 20 minutes finally calmed down.

The Dragons in his Dantian who originally had only two representing the Yin-Yang, were fighting it seemed that his body would break into thousands of pieces, but this did not happen because a majestic Green Dragon appeared on his body, the three formed a Triangle.

He felt strange his crop rose 3 Levels coming in the IQ Kingdom Hai Level 6, he felt his body many times stronger if you compare his body before and after his technique devoured it was like comparing a gigantic abyss.

He gave a small smile and asked for the confusing system "System is happening here".

[Host the Devouring Technique of the universe, devoured the other technique and merged creating a green dragon that as his original technique will cultivate automatically]

He felt shocked, Mayan excited that does not mean if he cultivates other techniques he would not get stronger any faster ?.

Plus he swung his head quickly and put it on the bottom of it.

He re-cultivated after 1 hour he arrived in the IQ Kingdom Hai Level 8, he let out a sigh and asked to see his status.


Name: Jiang Xiang
Age: 14 years
Lineage: Uchiha, Senju

Inheritance: Whitebeard, Gol.D. Roger
Techniques: Devouring the universe, Combat Meridians of Chaotic Virtues

Cultivation: IQ Hai Level 8

STR: 208
DEX: 209
VIT: 500
INT: 634

Skills: Sharingan 2 tomoe ↓, Haki (Observation, Weapon, Conqueror) ↓ Gura Gura no mi ↓, Zangetsu Shikai (Locked) ↓, Senbozakura Shikai (Locked) ↓, Flight of God Thunder ↓, Chidori ↓, Rasengan ↓]

He gave a satisfied smile so he slept very little before dawn he wanted to rest a little.

The next morning, people were busy decorating the mayor's mansion with ribbons and lights. Today was the day of the engagement ceremony of both families, something that had never happened before in the history of Scented Sky City.

"The head of the Mu Rong family has arrived!"

With the guards' announcement in the background, a muscular man stepped through the main entrance to the mayor's mansion.

This man had a gigantic body, making even the mayor look slim when standing next to him. He appeared to be about 40 years old and wearing a flowery cloak during the walk looking as strong and brave as a tiger.

He was the head of the Mu Rong family, Mu Rong Zhan. A business tycoon.

"Haha, welcome to my mansion, Brother Mu Rong, I hope you enjoy your stay here."

Jiang Zhen Hai said in a friendly way. Jiang Zhen Hai started to walk towards his guest, Jiang Ru Long and Jiang Chen following behind him along with Jiang Xiang.

"It's my pleasure, Mayor Jiang. Today is the wedding engagement date of our families. I take this very seriously. "

Although Mu Rong Zhan looked bold and forthright, in the eyes of Jiang Chen, he was just an old crafty person and to Jiang Xiang, he would already be a dead person so he did not care.

Jiang Chen looked behind Mu Rong Zhan, but he could not see anyone there. Mu Rong Zhan came alone. Of course, that was more than enough. In Scented Heaven City, there had been almost no events that required Mu Rong Zhan to attend. But only he coming here alone, he could represent the whole Mu Rong family alone

"Please come inside, Brother Mu Rong."

With a gesture of welcome, Jiang Zhen Hai led them all into the main hall.

Inside the main hall, Jiang Zhen Hai sat before Mu Rong Zhan, Jiang Chen and Jiang Xiang standing behind him, behind the two was Jiang Ru Long.

"Brother Jiang, I'll get right to the point. The purpose of me coming here today is my daughter's desire to marry her family. Here, let's decide the date for the official marriage ceremony of my daughter to marry her son. "

Mu Rong Zhan said this openly.

"Of course, once they are married, both of our families will thrive in the Scented Heaven City."

Shaking his head, Jiang Zhen Hai turned around and spoke to Jiang Chen, "Chen, come forward and say hello to your father-in-law."

"Great! You have a good son, good-looking. "

Mu Rong Zhan looked at Jiang Chen and kept his greetings, but inside, he knew he was just spouting bullshit because everyone in Scented Heaven City knew about the bad reputation of Jiang Chen. He was a playboy with a fucking talent for cultivation.

But Mu Rong Zhan did not worry about all this. He seemed to be very pleased with this son-in-law. Most of the time, the interest of a family was worth more than personal interests.

"Dad, I think you got it wrong?"

Expressing his surprise, Jiang Chen said, "Is not marriage to the big brother?"

Jiang Zhen Hai and Mu Rong Zhan were perplexed by what Jiang Chen said. Jiang Xiang was laughing inside but kept his expression unchanged. Mu Rong Zhan moved his head towards Jiang Ru Long and began to judge Jiang Ru Long. He could not stop shaking his head. "That's what we call a talented and good-looking young man. At such a young age, he has already reached the ninth level of the Qi Jing 'Kingdom.

"Chen, stop this nonsense"

Jiang Zhen Hai said with a grimace on his face.

"Dad, I'm not stupid. With my qualifications, I am not the right person for Miss Mu Rong. With me, she will probably suffer. My older brother has already reached the ninth level of the Qi Jing kingdom at such a young age. Among the young men in the Scented City of Heaven, he is the one with the best qualifications to marry Miss Mu Rong. I'm still too young to get married. Although the older brother and Miss Mu Rong do not know each other yet, he is still interested in marrying her. If he can marry Miss Mu Rong, then this is going to be a perfect match! And it will also enhance our relationship with the Mu Rong family. "

Giving his speech with confidence, Jiang Chen repeatedly praised his older brother, Jiang Xiang was almost exploding laughing more he held him also looked towards the poor old adopted brother.

Standing behind Jiang Chen, Jiang Ru Long almost wanted to cry. That's because he never knew how much his brother loved him.

"Haha, so brother Jiang wants to help his eldest son get married. I never knew that Jiang Ru Long liked my daughter so much ... This kind of combination is one of the rare. "

Mu Rong Zhan was laughing aloud. Yes, this marriage arrangement was in the best interest of both families, but if he had the chance to choose between Jiang Ru Long and Jiang Chen, then he would not be stupid enough to choose Jiang Chen let alone Jiang Xiang.

Jiang Zhen Hai was boiling with rage. He'd be happy to kick that bastard out of his house. However, he remained silent to see how happy Mu Rong Zhan was.

Jiang Chen had overly praised Jiang Ru Long, and he made everyone know that Jiang Ru Long liked Miss Mu Rong. Jiang Zhen Hai knew that if he would insist, not only would his son be provoked, Mu Rong Zhan would not be happy too.

"Ru Long, come to meet your father-in-law."

Said Zhen Hai, with a smile that did not reach reflected his eyes, weak and helpless.

"Greetings to you, Father."

Ru Long bowed respectfully toward Mu Rong Zhan.

"Laugh and be happy. Because you'll be crying later. '

Jiang Xiang thought. He cleared his throat and said, "Mr. Mu Rong, my older brother also has another wish. "He said getting into the conversation.

"Oh? Speak then. No desire is impossible when Brother Jiang and I are together. "He said surprised looking at this boy his appearance was so unreal that it appeared that it disappeared at any moment.

Apparently, Mu Rong Zhan was in a good mood so he did not care for that little trash even if he has a Divine appearance.

Jiang Ru Long, on the other hand, was stunned. He glanced toward Jiang Xiang, trying to remember what was happening to his younger brother. He always treated him coldly.

"My brother told me that he has admired the Mu Rong family for a long time. If he can marry the Mu Rong family, then he would not want anything else in this life. "

Jiang Xiang said with a smile on his face; the tail of the fox had finally been revealed Jiang Chen was surprised more smiled.

Jiang Ru Long's face immediately darkened on hearing what Jiang Chen said.

"Brother, what did you just say?"

Jiang Ru Long asked in a deep low tone.

"Brother, that's what you told me, right? Oh, I know ... You're ashamed to say, that's right. Do not worry, let your little brother talk, Our Father and Lord Mu Rong are here, your wish will be granted for sure! Besides, you've admired Miss Mu Rong for a long time, that's a fact, is not it? "

Mu Rong Zhan felt joy and pride when he heard what Jiang Xiang said. He thought to himself that this useless young boy certainly knew how to speak well.

"Brother, you ...".

Jiang Ru Long was in a panic. Yes, he wanted to marry Miss Mu Rong, but he did not want to marry his family. He wanted Miss Mu Rong to live with him in the mayor's mansion; he did not want to marry his family and live with them.

If he left the mayor's mansion then he would become part of Mu Rong's family and have nothing to do with the mayor's family. All his years of effort would be wasted, and what made matters worse was that if he married the Mu Rong family then he would never have a chance to deal with important issues, causing people to certainly look down on him.

If that happened then your future would be ruined.

"What? Do not tell me that what you told me yesterday was all a lie? Did you admire the Mu Rong family, was it a lie? This is not how you are, my brother. "

Jiang Xiang retaliated without even giving Jiang Ru Long a chance to speak, Jiang Chen was holding his laughter his brother very much remembers him the greatest Saint in the world.

He was doing it on purpose; he must have planned this before. Jiang Ru Long was so angry that he wanted to kill Jiang Xiang now. What Jiang Xiang had just said pushed him in a no-return direction.

Jiang Ru Long was not stupid. He knew that Jiang Xiang had cheated him, but what he could not understand was why this teenager who had treated him coldly would do it for him, it made him very angry.

"Kukuku just want to see when he sees his wife I'm sure I'll laugh"

With a smile on his face, he thought to himself.

"Haha, I did not expect your eldest son to like my daughter so much. Jiang Ru Long has a good reputation in Scented Sky City, so it will be great if he marries our family! Since we became a great family, no one dared to disobey us in the city of Scented Heaven. "

Mu Rong Zhan said as he laughed out loud.

On the contrary, Jiang Zhen Hai's face was all grim. What happened was beyond your expectations. First, they changed who was to marry Miss Mu Rong, so he discovers that his second son was going to marry the Mu Rong family.

"Ru Long, did you really decide that?"

Jiang Zhen Hai looked at Jiang Ru Long. If he had the chance to decide, then he would not let Jiang Ru Long marry the family of Mu Rong. The Jiang family had many companies in the Scented Cebu City, and Jiang Ru Long helped him a lot with his management. But he wanted to respect Ru Long's decision as well. If that was what he wanted, then he would have to agree.

"Dad, this is really what he wants. I know very well what my big brother is thinking. He must be incredibly happy now that his desire will be fulfilled! Uncle Mu Rong, you have to take good care of my brother when he moves to your family, do not let other people look down on him. "

Jiang Chen interrupted Jiang Xiang hastened to respond on behalf of Ru Long, not forgetting to show his sympathy with Mu Rong Zhan.

"Haha, do not worry, who would dare look down on my son-in-law."

Mu Rong Zhan replied happily.

Jiang Ru Long tightly clenched the fist that was hidden under his long sleeve. He was boiling with rage. There was no way he would not be angry ... All his hard work, all his efforts now are gone.

But in the situation of now, it seemed that he had no other way out. Mu Rong Zhan was boiling with happiness, and if he decided to ruin his mood, then the relationship between the two families would only get worse.

"Haha, congratulations, brother, congratulations to Uncle Mu Rong. Today is really a joyous day! Uncle Mu Rong, once we have reached an agreement, should not we ask Miss Mu Rong to join us? Let's see how she looks. "

Said Jiang Chen, Jiang Xiang was laughing inside he returned next to his father and would enjoy the show.

"Yes, you're right, I heard that Brother Mu Rong's daughter rarely appears in public. She really is a girl from a respectable family. Once we have come to a conclusion, I think we should know it now. "

Jiang Zhen Hai said helplessly; it just might go with the flow.

"Haha, my daughter Mu Rong Xiao Rou is on the way. I'm sure she'll be here any minute. "

Mu Rong Zhan laughed with all his heart. Everyone in the main hall was cheerful except for Jiang Ru Long, who was there with a smile, trying to hide his true feelings.

"Wow! Only from her name alone do we know she must be a delicate and beautiful girl, a girl from a respectable family should be different from an ordinary. She should look like an angel! Brother, you got a good wife! "

Jiang Chen kept praising Miss Mu Rong, whom he had never seen before. Although not forgetting to say anything that could provoke Jiang Ru Long, Jiang Xiang wanted to laugh more could not yet he wanted to see the face of his brother the greatest Saint when he saw this girl.

A cough….

Jiang Chen's words were followed by Mu Rong Zhan's cough. For some reason, Mu Rong Zhan could not hold his cough; He even coughed the tea he was drinking when he heard Jiang Chen praise his daughter gently, a handsome angel.
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