System in Dragon Marked War God(DMWG) Chapter 3: Chapter 3- Brothers (Final Part)


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After reaching the door, Jiang Xiang sighed, then opened it.

POV Jiang Chen

My Father had said that my brother had changed a lot while I was out more when he opened the door I was shocked not by his beauty but by his cultivation, it took me a few seconds to calm down.


Jiang Xiang looked at his brother who was a little shocked, but it did not take long for him to calm down, seeing that he smiled as expected of the world's greatest saint.

Brother, you're finally back. "

Jiang Chen "is really you little Xiang ????.

What was the brother? You must be surprised by my new appearance too, "he said, smiling.

Hearing this Jiang Chen gave a small smile and said, "Let's talk a little more first, can I come in?" He said looking into Jiang Xiang's bedroom.

Sure brother "after saying that the two entered.

Her room was a simple bed and a Japanese-style table, the two of them. So they sat in front of each other.

Jiang Chen "Brother how your cultivation grew so much?" He asked a little suspiciously.

Hearing this, Jiang Xiang formed a plan for what to do next.

Jiang Xiang "Brother everyone has their secrets and I am the same," he said looking at his brother.

Jiang Chen was very surprised and had to agree, he also had a secret is not like to tell everyone.

They stared at each other in a strange, tense atmosphere, so Xiang finally broke the silence.

Good brother or should I say the world's greatest saint, what would you like to talk about? "He said smiling.

Hearing this Jiang Chen froze at once and jumped back Like a Lightning Bolt, and came into battle position, he was well scared, he had just reborn already discovered his identity, he looked at his brother and froze again, he saw Eyes Hypnotizing Reds, looking at him, it sent a shiver down his spine, he thought, "Is this really my brother?" The atmosphere between them grew heavier.

After I time Xiang finally spoke.

Well we should be brothers, but I will answer a question that you would like to ask, How did I discover your identity ?, Simple, I also recovered my past memories, moreover it has been since I was born, so I can recognize the Aura of the greater Holy was he who opened the portal to the world of the immortals, and it was one of the reasons I died. "

Hearing this, Jiang Chen finally relieved himself even more so he was a bit surprised, he said.

Do you come from the world of immortals? "He said curiously.

Jiang Xiang "yes but that was long ago who I was this dead".

Jiang Chen was once again surprised his a small smile and looked with less guard low.

The two laughed a little, Jiang Xiang was relieved he received the reward of the 2nd Mission.

The two continued to talk for a while until dawn, today as in the story would have arranged the marriage of Jiang Chen and Mu Rong Xiao Rou, was to be more like the original story he told his brother to marry, thinking about it Jiang Xiang laughed until his belly ache

Jiang Chen "What is this little Xiang ??" He said curiously.

Nothing you'll know tomorrow, brother, "he said, laughing.

Jiang Chen became curious the more he would wait until tomorrow.

The two of them talked a little longer until Jiang Chen left, seeing this Xiang lay in bed with his eyes closed, thinking of this ridiculous marriage, for him to destroy the family Mu Rong alone he needs to be in the Kingdom Hai Hai Level 9, To be extremely easy he had to be in the Mortal Core Kingdom, had some questions for the system first he needs to take a shower.

He then stood Nine revealing His flawless perfect body, his blue hair tied in a ponytail, fell down to the waist.

He went into the water and was shocked.

The system I will not have water weakness as a user of Akuma in the mi ?? "He said surprised and excited when he bought the inheritance of the White Beard, he won the fruit Gura Gura no Mi.

[Host currently you have the best technique in the world, she can devour the powers without side effects, for example: Now thanks to the technique you will not have water weakness this besides being able to eat endless fruit, more with your cultivation you can only eat 2 ]

Hearing this he was a little disappointed more excited that he has the most powerful Fruit of the One Piece Universe.

Then he returned to take his bath after a few minutes he came out wearing, black pants with a blue shirt, and a black jacket, his clothes fell perfectly.

He lay in bed a little and said "Status."


Name: Jiang Xiang
Age: 14 years old
Lineage: Uchiha, Senju

Inheritance: Whitebeard, Gol.D.Roger, Mihawk
Technique: Devouring the universe

Cultivation: IQ Hai Level 3

STR: 108
DEX: 109
VIT: 300
INT: 234

Skills: Sharingan 2 tomoe ↓, Haki (Observation, Weapon, Conqueror) ↓ Gura Gura no mi ↓, Zangetsu Shikai (Locked) ↓, Senbozakura Shikai (Locked) ↓, Flight of God Thunder ↓, Chidori ↓, Rasengan ↓]

He gave a little sigh he still did not start to cultivate the new technique he got from the system.

He thought of many things first he needs to kill the Mu Rong family at once, to be able to venture into this wonderful world, as he saw in the description of Haki, which was divided into 7 Levels that are called stars, he was in the 3 star for the inheritance of the White Beard and the King of the Pirates.

In addition to an extremely strong body, he also needs to train his Zanpakuto.

The more he has to do later it was time for the wedding, thinking about it he laughed, that would be a lot of fun.
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