System in Dragon Marked War God(DMWG) Chapter 2: Chapter 2- Brothers (Part 1)


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Scented Sky City, Mayor's Mansion.

It had been 3 days since Jiang Xiang came to this World, in that short time he just cultivated he also talked to his father who asked because he had become so different, his straight blue hair to the butt, his black eyes, all about he was totally different.

He told his father that even he did not know, of course, he believed, by that time he met his older foster brother.

But he did not even care about those kinds of people.

At that time he cultivated and his New Status was:


Name: Jiang Xiang
Age: 14 years
Lineage: Uchiha, Senju

Technique: Devourer Of The Universe
Inheritance: None

Cultivation: Qi Hai Level 3

STR: 108
DEX: 109
VIT: 300
INT: 234

Skills: Sharingan 2 tomoe.]

Yes he arrived in the IQ Hai Kingdom, plus his speed slowed down a lot, he still did not pick up his system skills, and also did not use his lottery tickets.

Now he was lying in bed thinking about what he should get, his brother is going back today, one thing for sure he will not help him at all, and he will do whatever he wants.

Until he finally decided his skills, he then entered the system store and was in the world of One Piece.

[One Piece

Haki Remark: 50 MP

Haki: Conqueror: 60 MP

Haki Weapon: 55 MP

Fruit Lodges: ↓

Zoan Fruits ↓

Fruit Paramécias ↓

PM Points: 1,700]

He was very happy that it was not so expensive so he bought without hesitation the three types of Haki.

After selecting him then he thought of many fucking skills, then clicked on Naruto's Store.


Jutsu Fireball: 10 MP

Water Dragon Jutsu: 15 MP

Rasengan: 45 MP

Chidori: 45 MP

Flight Of The God Thunder: 150 MP
... ...
.. ....
... ..

Jiang Xiang then selected the Rasengan, Chidori, Flying Thunder God, plus he did not finish his shopping, he went in the Bleach world


Zangetsu: 300 MP

Senbozakura: 240 MP

Blow: 30 MP
... ..]

He selected Zangetsu and Senbozakura, he then returned to the One Piece world and bought the Mihawk Legacy, He also bought the Whitebeard's Heritage along with that of Gol.D.Roger.

[Price 1,670 = Balance 1,700 want to continue [Y / N]]

Yes, "he answered without hesitation.

Soon after that, he felt his blood boil and his body get stronger, it took 2 hours to fully integrate with his body.

After he gave a sigh, Haki will need an extremely strong body, he then went back to the System Shop and bought the Technique: Chaos Virtues Combat (Martial World) that cost the rest of his points.

How do I get PM? "He said.

[Host can earn points by completing missions or killing enemies, creatures, etc.]

Do I see any Mission to do? "

[Host currently has 3 main missions in this city which are:

1st Destroy the Mu Rong family alone: ​​Reward 3,000 PM, 2 lottery tickets.

2nd Talk to Jiang Chen, About Him being the greatest saint in the world in his past life Reward: 4,000 PM, 3 lottery tickets.

3 ° Reach in the Mortal Core In 1 Month reward: Legacy Indra, Itachi, Shisui, Madara, 2,000 PM.

He heard this felt strange after a little thought he said: "System why the conversation part with Jiang Chen of a better reward?" He asked a little curious.

[Well know how is the risk to your life will or higher in the second mission than in the others may be able to kill Jiang Chen if this happen to feel very host, Of course, I forgot to warn you, that the penalty of failure in these missions are you to become a eunuch forever]

When he heard the part of the eunuch Jiang Xiang was horrified, he unconsciously pressed his Verinha, his back was full of sweat.

It was at that moment that he heard the noise of the gate and footsteps.

He already knew that he was more nervous, for two reasons 1 ° The part of Eunuco, 2 ° He will face one of the fucking protagonists of the novel, in addition, he is his brother, this is only getting more difficult.


It's me, Jiang Chen, Little Xiang you have a moment, Dad said you changed a lot while I was away. "

He came back from his thoughts in his brother's voice, do what he's going to have to face, then he calmed down and walked towards the door.
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