System in Dragon Marked War God(DMWG) Chapter 16: Chapter 14- Meeting with Chen Yu


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Jiang Xiang and Chen Yu arrived from the Paris tower, Chen Yu was very shocked but she soon calmed down, she had Jiang Xiang in her heart as if he could do anything.

Chen Yu looked around and saw a magnificent place, it was beautiful too, she had stars us eyes staring at Paris city.

Seeing that she liked Jiang Xiang took his hand and jumped.

They started walking all over the street, watching Shop they ate in a restaurant, talked about various things, their relationship began to get stronger.

Jiang Xiang take advantage of these 17 days off, he did nothing to Chen Yu, for many reasons, the main thing is that they are both very new.

Jiang Xiang took Chen Yu to the movies, to watch a horror movie where she became very scared and hugged our MC, and seeing it laughed, she became angry and hit him, the two formed a perfect couple.

Chen Yu was never so happy, she looked at Jiang Xiang as if it were her world, she was sure she could not live without it.

Jiang Xiang took Chen Yu in various places, I enjoy every moment happy and peaceful, he knew it would take quite a while to do this again, Jiang Xiang also made her taste several clothes, how much did he fainted this woman was very beautiful, more it only happened until he got used to it.

He uses it to record her wearing all the clothes with his Sharingan.

More today was the most important day of his life, Jiang Xiang would tell him everything he felt, and what she meant to him, and also about his dream of having a harem, he was terribly bitter, he did not want to make that sweet girl suffer.

The two arrived at the top of the Paris tower, they sat at a table, he bought food from Anime Shogeking in the souma and placed it across the table.

Jiang Xiang "Little Yu let's eat first and then let's talk," he said smiling.

Seeing that smile Chen Yu blushed a lot, looking at that food that seemed to come from Heaven, she soon picked up a fork and began to eat.

Fucking gourmet moment let's skip that part.

After little Yu'Er stopped eating she was drooling, what wonderful food.

Seeing this Jiang Xiang laughed, and then reached out to Yu'Er, and the two walked hand in hand and stood in a top watching the beautiful full moon, it was bright, now looking at the two Yu'Er was sitting in the middle of her legs, she threw her delicate body into Jiang Xiang who placed her arms in it and gave a soft and romantic hug.

The two stood looking at the setting of the luminous city and the Moon, that moment would be marked for both.

Jiang Xiang "Little Yu'Er seems like our time is coming to an end, I've never been so happy in this life, the times I spent with you were wonderful I Love You Chen Yu," he said holding her from behind more firmly.

Hearing this, Chen Yu was very happy, she closed her eyes and listened to what he said.

Little Yu'Er I love you more, you're I get other girls for me you will still accept to be mine "he said a little nervous he did not want to lose this sweet girl, he loved her very much.

Listening to this Chen Yu did not seem surprised, one of the reasons was that she knows that Jiang Xiang loves her deeply, and she may also feel that he was nervous when he said it, she gave a smile is said.

No problem Brother Xiang, I hope you do not get too many girls and forget about Yu'Er, "she said, smiling at him.

Hearing her, Jiang Xiang held her tighter.

The two of them were hugged for a long time, they talked about what to do next.

Until she finally separated, she sat next to Jiang Xiang, who did not let her say anything and kissed her, feeling that delicate and cold lips, he loved that feeling.

Chen Yu felt the hot lips of Jiang Xiang made her mind go blank, but she soon surrendered and hugged him.

He saw that she too wanted and placed his tongue inside Chen Yu's wonderful mouth, his tongue was sweet and soft, he got lost in that sensation.

Chen Yu felt the warm tongue of Jiang Xiang and had a shock all over her seductive and wonderful body, the two were intertwining their tongues for a long time, so much that he loved the feeling and the two hugged each other firmly.

And they spent the night exploring each part of one another's body with their hands and their mouths were stuck all the time.

Until they fell asleep and slept, Chen Yu was comfortably in the chest of Jiang Xiang who hugged her warmly, the two stayed until dawn.
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