System in Dragon Marked War God(DMWG) Chapter 15: Chapter 13- Blessing of the father-in-law


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Outside the door the people were anxious, after all Chen Yu was his miss, soon Zhan Yun appeared with a smile, seeing that all the people sigh in relief.

Zhan Yun "Do not worry Yu" Er okay, plus I have a surprise for all of you "he said drawing everyone's attention.

"Well I was watching everything that happened in the room, and I saw that my daughter seems to like Brother Jiang Xiang, And he also likes her, so I decided I'm going to give my blessing to both of them," continued Zhan Yun shocking everyone.

But they soon realized that they were a perfect pair.

Seeing that everyone accepted Zhan Yun said to go do their homework, leaving him alone, soon he realized the two enter they were holding hands, seeing this he gave a small smile, after all his son-in-law was very beautiful and he was a monster.

Jiang Xiang was looking serious, and said "Mr. Zhan Yun, can I talk to you for a moment ??" he said looking at Zhan Yun.

Zhan Yun sat down and offered the front, where Chen Yu and Jiang Xiang sat down.

Jiang Xiang "Mr. Zhan Yun, I would like to ask your blessing for me to stay with little Yu'Er, you could give me the honor," he said in a serious and direct manner.

Seeing this boy speak so serious Zhan Yun gave a small smile inside and looked at his daughter who was red, and said.

"Is everything alright for you Yu'Er?" He spoke in earnest.

Yes father I'm sure I'll be happy with Brother Xiang "she said more serious red, seeing that face like that Jiang Xiang almost had a nasal attack, she was very cute.

Zhan Yun looked at Jiang Xiang and said "I hope you take care of my daughter and do not make her suffer" he said bowing, but was stopped by Jiang Xiang who said.

Do not worry about it even if I have to die, I will not let her suffer father-in-law, "he said earnestly.

Hearing this Zhan Yun was relieved.

They then talked for a long time, Jiang Xiang told that he was the Mayor's son of Scented Heaven city.

After 3 hours of talking outside, Zhan Yun was much more relieved, and already considered Jiang Xiang as his son.

Then Jiang Xiang walked hand in hand up to her room along with Chen Yu, and told her to wait outside.


Jiang Xiang came in and asked for the system.

System I can have a time in the city of Paris just me and Chen Yu, "he said in amusement, he wanted to have a romantic date with his wife.

[Host may plus he will be required to stay 17 days there, and will also cost 500 PM, accept Y / N]

"Yes," said Jiang Xiang without hesitation.

[Ding congratulations host bought travel package for Paris = Host just need to smash the package with the hands of those who want to take]

Hearing this he gave a small satisfied smile, he then left his room, looking at this supernatural beauty, he said:

Little Yu, we are going to leave tomorrow for a very beautiful place that I want you to see, be very beautiful tomorrow, "he said, giving her a kiss on the forehead.

She nodded and left with a red face.

Seeing this Jiang Xiang was really happy to have a woman like that, he then went in and began to cultivate.

Seeing that it was dawning he stopped, Jiang Xiang successfully entered the Kingdom.

Mortal Core Peak.

He gave a small smile he wants to stay strong step by step, and not to be totally omnipotent, Jiang Xiang wants to taste the fascination of a life-and-death battle.

Jiang Xiang got up and took a small bath, then he wore a white robe with a blue belt, he released his beautiful blue hair, and headed out the door.

She stood there waiting, Chen Yu appeared, she was very beautiful, so much blood flowed from our MC, she wore a white dress, showing her thighs thick and white as snow, her black hair down her shoulders, her face was wearing makeup, seeing this he was almost crazy, Jiang Xiang was fascinated by the beauty of his wife.

Chen Yu, looked at her shocked man, she found him very handsome, so much so that his face was red.

Jiang Xiang then offered her right arm to Chen Yu, who understood, she grabbed him, her face was red, what a seductive woman, if our MC had no control over his emotions he would surely knock her down, and make her his wife.

He took the inventory packet and crushed it, the two of them disappeared.

He wanted to brand this woman as his own, more in his own way, he is after all romantic.
guys came back and everything.

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