System in Dragon Marked War God(DMWG) Chapter 13: Chapter 12- Romantic Moment with Yan Chen Yu


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Seeing his father-in-law so Jiang Xiang sighed and said "if you want me to cure Miss Yu leave me alone with her," he said leaving everyone in the room shocked.

But they understood that Jiang Xiang was their only hope.

Most quickly left leaving only Jiang Xiang and Yan Chen Yu, he looked at this supernatural beauty and walked to her.

He had grown tired of acting as the protagonist of the story he had done for a reason, which was to plant a seed in the heart of that beauty.

Yan Chen Yu had her heart pounding madly, she was looking at that young man of her age in front of her, and found him extremely mysterious, she wanted to know more about him.

More ignoring this Jiang Xiang looked a little at her and said "For me to heal you, Miss Yu, I'll need your wrist again" he said looking at her gently, which made her blush.

She stretched out her wrist, Jiang Xiang took it gently, he then began the circulation of his Devouring Technique Of the Universe, which went straight to where the problem was, he needs to devour the hot energy and make her wake up her ninth Mediterranean, after 15 minutes he was all sweaty, he found it extremely difficult to devour anything negative, he had not entered the second part of his Technique, which was In Heavenly Core Kingdom.

Yan Chen Yu feeling he seriously trying to heal, looked at that unreal face, she felt a feeling she had never felt before, her heart was warm, more of a strange way more good, her heart was asking to stay with Jiang Xiang, noting her thoughts, she blushed, making her extremely attractive.

More Jiang Xiang did not notice he was, in the end, he could use the system, plus he wanted to try his alchemist skills, after circulating his technique once again he successfully managed to clear all negative effects, his cultivation also increased to Mortal Core Middle , he felt a little surprised by his technique again did not cease to surprise Jiang Xiang.

More his thoughts were cut off by the extremely cold aura of Yan Chen Yu.

Plus he did not get hurt, on the contrary, this will bring countless benefits to him, seeing that Yan Chen Yu began his cultivation, he gave a small smile.

He sat down and began to devour the wasted energy, After 3 hours, Yan Chen Yu, woke up she got a little colder, more when she saw Jiang Xiang looking affectionately at her, her heart pounded madly, and her face turned red.

Seeing this, Jiang Xiang felt her heart go out through her mouth, was not this girl too pretty? Sighing, he remembered something important.

System because she did not get any more time farming if it was like in the original story she would not have stayed 3 days if I was not mistaken, "he said curiously in his mind.

[Host your Energy Eater is the best in this world so it too has received many benefits, you will notice when looking at your crop]

Hearing this, Jiang Xiang used his Haki and felt her cultivation, which made him look shocked.

Heavenly Core Peak

This was his cultivation he was shocked most happily.

Yan Chen Yu looked at her crop shocked, and then turned to Jiang Xiang who was smiling at her, seeing this her heart was asking for Jiang Xiang, she wanted to know more About him, wanted to travel with him, have fun with him, she wanted that Jiang Xiang loved her, taking those thoughts into her mind she made the decision that it was to be his and Nobody else's.

Brother Xiang Yu'Er is feeling strange, "she said blushing, she was an innocent girl who does not know much about the world, and about feelings.

Hearing this Jiang Xiang heard from the system that he had completed his missions, he looked at this beauty and said.

Little Yu, I do not know what this feeling is, any more I want you just for me, to live a happy life and full of adventures with you, I think this is love, after all this is my first time falling in love, so what you feel About me "he said putting his hand on Chen Yu's face, it was red as chili.

I do not know Brother Xiang anymore I want to be with you, and also live a life of adventures, and be happy by your side, Yu'Er wants you to love her, and do not forget me "she said looking into the eyes by Jiang Xiang.

Hearing this Jiang Xiang gave her a hug, which caught her by surprise as she buried her perfect face on his chest, the two of them stayed there for a long time.

Unknown to him, his father-in-law was watching this whole scene and was really happy and satisfied, he knew now that his daughter could not stay here for long if not she will not be able to rise in her cultivation.

After the two separated Jiang Xiang gave a kiss on the forehead of little Yu and said.

First, let's talk to your father about how we feel and ask for your blessing, so let's get out of here and go to the World, "he said with a smile.

Chen Yu was a little sad but soon turned happiness thinking about the world with his beloved on the side.

The two smiled at each other and went to leave the room.


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