System in Dragon Marked War God(DMWG) Chapter 11: Chapter 11- Theater and Curing Yan Chen Yu (Part 2)


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Impeccable, without a single impurity! A natural beauty that surpassed all others. Jiang Xiang was mentally prepared ~

But he could not take his eyes off this 14-year-old who was in front of him. He felt like he was falling in love for the first time. In fact, Jiang Xiang he was an Otaku on Earth And had never tasted love, when he came to this world he wanted to have a harem that Otaku would not like ?, More seeing this beautiful woman, he could not reason, He should have a Harem ?, he just wanted this woman for him, nothing more, he wanted to live adventures with her, feel happiness and more.

This girl was the young lady of the Yan family, Yan Chen Yu.

The Misty Rain Tower had another name before Yan Chen Yu was born, being renamed the Misty Rain Tower only after she was born. From this, one could easily say that Yan Zhan Yun really loved his daughter.

Yan Chen Yu looked up and looked at Jiang Xiang she was petrified for some time, She Found him devilishly gorgeous, she was a little flushed, looking at that beautiful blue hair, the two stood staring at the world.

Yet Yan Chen Yu's face was pale and she looked sick. Despite her long illness her beauty was not affected at all.

"Hey boy, what are you looking at?"

A warrior from the deadly core of the Yan family shouted at Jiang Xiang.

Jiang Xiang woke up and realized that his mind had let his imagination run.

"What the hell, have I ever been like this? Do not tell me this happened because of love? "

Jiang Xiang realizing that a simple junk from the Mortal Kombat Kingdom had yelled at was very pissed.

"Why are you yelling at me? You're not the only one in the KINGDOM KINGDOM, and besides, I just need a finger to kill you! "Jiang Xiang looked coldly at the man who yelled at him, activating his Sharingan and increasing his presence.

That warrior of the Mortal Core and answered irrefutably, felt as if he were looking at death facing his fear he spoke.

"You good! You'd better heal Yu'er. If you do not, I'll teach you a good lesson! "

The Warrior of the Mortal Core was very angry, only his voice was shaky.

"Enough!" Yan Zhan Yun calmed everyone and walked getting in front of Yan Chen Yu. "Yu'er, how are you feeling today?"

"Dad, I'm fine." Yan Chen Yu said. His voice was like misty rain, very comforting.

"Yu'er, let me introduce you to Brother Jiang Xiang. He said he can cure your disease! "

The way Yan Zhan Yun looked at his daughter was a look full of pain and sadness.

"Daddy, never mind, my illness can not be cured." Yan Chen Yu shook her head.

Jiang Xiang looked at Yan Chen Yu again, with his Sharingan visible he wanted to know more about the 9 Mediterranean Yin.

After he saw he thought about the disease of the Emperor's Manual of Alchemy, and said.

"Young Miss Yan, let me ask you, every time the disease plagues you again, do you feel icy coldness in every part of your body as if there were ice flowing in your body, freezing your internal organs?" Jiang Xiang.

Yan Chen Yu had lost all hope, but her eyes suddenly brightened. She looked at Jiang Xiang with her beautiful eyes and her sweet lips were slightly open her young heart was pounding madly.

"That is correct, Mr. Jiang. My name is Yan Chen Yu. "

Yan Chen Yu bent slightly toward Jiang Xiang.

Yan Zhan Yun and the rest of the men had surprises on their faces. With only a glance, this young man could tell what his symptoms and the pain he felt. Jiang Xiang was the first to do this, and this alone made them take this young man more seriously.

"Let me ask you again. Every time the disease strikes, your body begins to shake and blood becomes frozen. You have trouble breathing, as if you were dead. You can not feel anything except the strange and painful sensation of something snaking inside your body, and this pain is very intense. "Jiang Xiang said again, he wanted to do a kukukuku theater show.

"That's right. That's exactly what I feel. "

Yan Chen Yu was even more surprised. She could not even describe this feeling, and she had passed out every time because of that pain. But one thing she was sure of was that there really was something that looked like snakes moving inside her body. It seemed that something strange had entered his body and wanted to destroy it.

"The disease began when you were 7 years old, and she comes back every year. The chilling chill in her body increases in intensity each time and, if I'm right, the last time she attacked, the cold was like a blade of cold ice cutting through her body, destroying everything.

Jiang Xiang said again he was seeing and reviewing the Emperor's Manual of alchemy, in his mind he was very shocked this beautiful girl suffered so much.

Everyone was listening excitedly. The way they looked at Jiang Xiang had completely changed, before they looked at him like a monster after all someone 14 years in the Home Mortal Core Kingdom, it was very scary.

"What Brother Jiang Xiang said is completely accurate. The last time the disease struck Yu'er, the cold had left her body, and we could not even get close to her. It was like an ice sheet that destroyed absolutely everything in the room, almost destroying his house. "

Yan Zhan Yun said with extreme excitement, as if he had finally seen some hope of healing her.

Yan Meng's eyes lit up. He never expected Jiang Xiang to be so experienced. If Jiang Xiang really could cure Yan Chen Yu's disease, then he would surely be rewarded for bringing him here.

"Lord Jiang, can my illness be cured?"

Yan Chen Yu's expression was that of a person who saw the light at the end of the tunnel for the first time.

"Can it be cured?"

Jiang Xiang started laughing mockingly. He knew that she was born with Nine Yin Meridians and the Nine Yin Body inherited from ancient times. This type of body was so rare that it did not even appear once every ten thousand years, and these idiots wanted to get rid of it ... Jiang Xiang felt like rebuking them would be great fun, he always loved drama.

"Can I look at your wrist, young Miss Yan?" Asked Jiang Xiang.

"Yes, sit down quickly, Yu'er. Let Brother Jiang Xiang look at your wrist! "

Yan Zhan Yun said hastily. This was his only hope and he could not afford to lose her.


Yan Chen Yu shook his head before walking slowly and sit in a chair. She showed her arm to Jiang Xiang.

Jiang Xiang sat opposite Yan Chen Yu. He put two fingers on Yan Chen Yu's arm. Her arm was very cold, but her skin was soft and beautiful. Jiang Xiang however, did not allow his mind to wander for the second time.

The mental energy of Jiang Xiang immediately turned into a stream of energy that went directly into the body of Yan Chen Yu from his fingers. He immediately discovered that currently inside his body, there were eight Yin meridians. Each of them was like a bridge inside his body, but these eight Yin meridians were completely covered with thermal energy, so ordinary people could not discover them.

After examining every part of Yan Chen Yu's body, Jiang Xiang's expression changed dramatically, with the experience of the alchemist emperor he can not help but feel angry.


Jiang Xiang hit the table, smashing the massive wooden table into many pieces.

"Absolutely disgraceful! All of you are absolutely shameful! "Jiang Xiang said with a furious expression.

Being reprimanded by Jiang Chen, Yan Zhan Yun and the rest were not angry. They looked at the angry Jiang Chen eagerly, Yan Chen Yu included. No one knew why he was so angry.

"Let me ask you all, why did you let her eat a burning Dragon fruit?" Asked Jiang Xiang angrily.

"That's right, the last time the disease struck, the symptoms were very serious. We could only use the burning Dragon fruit to help suppress the coldness in his body. "Yan Zhan Yun said. All raised the level of Jiang Xiang in their hearts to a higher level. Just by reading his wrist, he was able to say that Yan Chen Yu had consumed a fiery Dragon fruit.

"So are you getting ready to let her consume the burning Dragon fruit again so she can help suppress the cold in your body?"

Jiang Xiang was furious, he felt like he was talking to a bunch of idiots and was just wasting his time and knowledge, his knowledge of the alchemist emperor made him very angry.

"That's right."

Yan Zhan Yun honestly answered. In fact, he planned to use the Fruit of the Burning Dragon to continue suppressing the cold in Yan Chen Yu's body.

"Idiot, this is inexcusably stupid! I have to tell you all honestly, if Yan Chen Yu die, then it will be because of you! Not only did you all cause your death, but you also delayed the birth of an incomparable genius! I can not cure your illness, you can go and hire someone else to try. I am leaving now."

Jiang Xiang was really angry right now.

"Brother Jiang Xiang, Brother Jiang Xiang!"

Yan Zhan Yun began to panic and hurried to prevent Jiang Xiang from coming out more they did not know that the same was laughing at this drama he did, kukukuku how bad he is. The rest of the people thought something was not right. Therefore, even when they were reprimanded by Jiang Xiang, they did not feel angry with him.

"Brother Jiang Xiang, what's wrong with that? We use the fruits of the Burning Dragon and the fruits with Pure-Yang to suppress the cold in Yu'er. What's wrong with that? This is a solution that many great doctors have recommended! "

A middle-level man, Mortal Core, asked, intrigued.

"It's a stupid solution! Let me tell you something, Yan Chen Yu was born with Nine Yin Meridians, which is a rare condition that is almost never seen even once every ten thousand years. She had the potential to be an unparalleled genius. She was perfectly healthy. "

Jiang Xiang said while expressing his angry rage, in his mind he was enjoying this wonderful drama show, of course he wanted to cure Yan Chen Yu because his heart was restless but he wanted to do a good drama.

"What? Nine Yin Meridians? "

Everyone was surprised, since they had never heard the name Nine Yin Meridians before.

"If this kind of rare body condition appears in a man, he is doomed. But if it appears in a woman then it would be a rare condition. All women are born with Yin characteristics. Her daughter's body produced a meridian every year, and they ran all over her body. But every time you build a meridian, your whole body will suffer with intense pain. The so-called disease is actually just the meridians being built. Currently, his body has built eight meridians of Yin, and when the nin meridian Yin appears, a strong and powerful genius with great abilities will have been born. But, you continued to use these pure Yang materials to suppress the construction of your Yin meridians. If that were all you'd done, I'd still have a way to save her. But, you let her consume the purest Yang fruit - fruit of the Burning Dragon. This completely destroyed all hope that the ninth meridian Yin will be built. Right now a deity can not save her, she will never be able to live after the age of 15. If you continue to feed her with the Fruit of the Burning Dragon, then it will only accelerate her death. "

Jiang Xiang explained in detail. He felt that he had to let this group of idiots know how serious his mistake he was holding was so he would not laugh at all of it.


What Jiang Xiang had said had stunned Yan Zhan Yun. Her facial expression had gone pale, and her whole body trembled. So his daughter was not sick, and had it not been for him to try so hard to stop building the Yin meridians, his daughter would have been a precious genius of the present century. All this was because of his mistake. He had destroyed his precious daughter with his own hands.

"You're all a bunch of old idiots, it really pisses me off. I'm leaving now, there's no need to send me away.

Jiang Xiang said before starting to walk out of the meeting room.

"Brother Jiang Xiang!"

"Please do not go Brother Jiang Xiang."

Some of the Mortal Core warriors followed Jiang Xiang in a hurry. They did not care if Jiang Xiang rebuked them. This young man was the young lady's hope for survival.

"Brother Jiang Xiang, since you can recognize the Nine Yin Meridians, I am sure there must be a way to save my daughter! I'm begging you to save my daughter, as long as you can save her, no matter what you want, I'll give it to you! "

Yan Zhan Yun ran ahead of Jiang Xiang, begging, seeing his father-in-law this way only increase his sadistic side.

Jiang Xiang internally smiled. The condition of Yan Chen Yu could not be settled by anyone other than him, and his brother Jiang Chen the once Holy Most Holy of the world. More for him to help her was something natural and easy.
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