System in Dragon Marked War God(DMWG) Chapter 10: Chapter 10- Theater and Healing Yan Chen Yu (Part 1)


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Yan Meng's eyes widened when he heard what Jiang Xiang said. He looked at the young man in front of him with a lively expression on his face, seeing the confidence in the face of this young man. Thinking about how strong Jiang Xiang was before that, he obviously was not an ordinary person. Besides, he did not really look like anyone who told lies, maybe he truly knew how to heal her, but he did not even know what went on in our MC's head.

"Uncle Yan, Brother Xiang is an incredible man! We can not predict his abilities using common sense, moreover, he is the Mortal Core Kingdom, "

Wang Ting exclaimed. After the recent battle of life and death, Yan Meng began treating everyone here as one of his own. In addition, since the Pure-Yang fruit was exposed, there was no longer any need to hide it. Besides, the young Lady's illness was not a secret.

"Fantastic, this is fantastic! If Brother Jiang
Xiang really can save the life of my young lady, the Yan family will never forget their contribution! The boss will reward Brother Jiang Xiang generously! "

Hearing this Jiang Xiang gave a perverted smile no one else noticed.

The Nebulous Rain Tower was the largest trading influence in the Red City. They operated many different types of business deals, including a store of pills. The pill store was the only property of the Yan family, so whenever the Nebulous Rain Tower was mentioned, it would be the same as mentioning the Yan family. The Nebulous Rain Tower was the largest representation of the Yan family.

The Red City was huge and could not be compared to Scented City of Heaven or Onust City of Heaven. If someone were on a mountain a few miles away, they would discover that the Red City was a land of a few hundred square feet with beautifully constructed buildings. The whole city was filled with a magnificent atmosphere and even when it was midnight, the city would still be lit with lights. The noises of the city could be heard even from outside.

"Brother Jiang Xiang, do you see the tallest building in the city? That's the Tower of the Cloudy Rain! "

Yan Meng pointed toward a tall building in the city. The Tower was more than 100 meters high. Lights could be seen from each floor and there was a large pavilion at the top. It was an incredibly elegant building.

"No wonder the Red City is the strongest of all 28 cities, only the atmosphere is superior to all others, and that is just the beginning of my journey to the top of this world."

Jiang Xiang nodded his head in approval, speaking of his heart.

"Let's get into town."

After surviving the dangerous situation, Yan Meng looked quite happy. They left the carriage behind them, accelerated their steps, and entered the Red City.

The Tower of the Cloudy Rain!

The Tower of Cloudy Rain looked different from close up. When near the front entrance and looking out at the golden entrance, a sense of wealth and fame could be felt.

Wang Tin and the rest were looking around. Although this was not the first time they came, they were still impressed by how grand the Cloudy Tower was.

"Yan Xing, show the surroundings to Wang Ting and the rest. Treat them well and be polite to them. "

Yan Meng told an old man next to him.

"Do not worry."

Yan Xing nodded his head. As one of the Yan family members, he did not care much about Wang Ting and the others, but everything had now changed. They became friends who went through ups and downs together and went through life and death. They fought together and almost died together. He now treated them as friends, Yan Meng did not even need to ask him to do that.

"Brother Jiang Xiang, we will find the head of the Yan family."

Yan Meng looked at Jiang Xiang.

"It's all right."

Jiang Xiang agreed he was kind of nervous he would see his wife. But he soon calmed down.

"Come on."

As he said it, Yan Meng started walking toward the Tower of the Cloudy Rain.

Maia before going to the Yan family, Yan Meng stopped and looked at Jiang Xiang talking.

"There's something you need to know. The Nebulous Rain Tower and the Yan family are close together and behind the tower is the Yan family space. Essentially, the Cloudy Rain Tower is the entrance to the main entrance of the Yan family and only when honored guests are here will they be taken by the main entrance. Normal guests would have to enter through the back door. "

Yan Meng explained as he smiled.

"Now I understand."

Jiang Xiang did not seem surprised.

They entered the brightly lit Nebulous Rain Tower. Even during the night, the Cloudy Tower would need to run its business. The first floor was a trading space with small shops built inside. These stores were not run by the Yan family. They were rented out, and the Yan family would only collect their rent.

There was a corridor a mile long leading to the back door. Yan Meng led Jiang Xiang through the corridor and reached the main space of the Yan family.

The main area of ​​the Yan family had a completely different style. Classical and glamorous fountains of water and lakes were plentiful. Birds sang in the air and flowers emitted a sweet fragrance. The person who designed this place truly knew how to enjoy life.

"Uncle Yan, are you back?"

At the front door, two guards smiled politely toward Yan Meng. It was obvious that Yan Meng was someone with solid status in the Yan family. He was already a late stage Qi Hai warrior and there was a high chance he could advance to the Mortal Core realm.


Yan Meng nodded casually, leading Jiang Xiang into the inner space of the Yan family.

Inside the large meeting hall of the Yan family.

"Brother Jiang Xiang, please have some tea while I call the boss."

Yan Meng said with a smile.

"It's all right."

Jiang Xiang sat down neatly and spoke to the system.

The system you can sell me some alchemy books and experience you decide the more I want it to be the best "He spoke in his mind.

[Host Has the Emperor's book of alchemy, has everything about herbal recipes, diseases, and more, will cost 1,000 of the system, and also has experience that will cost 2,000 points want to continue [Y / N]]

Hearing this he said "Yes" in his mind soon millions of information and experiences came to his mind leaving him with a lot of headaches.

After a few minutes, his eyes had a touch of wisdom.

Not long after, Yan Meng returned with 6 men. Jiang Xiang examined these men with his Haki and discovered that they were all warriors of the Mortal Core realm. But they were not a danger to Jiang Xiang.

The man who was leading the others looked like he was in his forties. He wore a white robe and his face was sharp. His eyebrows were shaped like a sword and his eyes glittered like stars. He projected an image of natural dignity and power, making anyone who sees it, offers respect. This man was the head of the Yan family, Yan Zhan Yun. When to the rest of the Mortal Core warriors, they were all members of the family nucleus. All the warriors of the Yan Family Mortal Core were there, which only showed that they were taking the subject of the young lady seriously.

As one of the great families in the Red City, the Yan family had a powerful network. There were several geniuses and they had enough Qi Hai warriors. However, because it was now midnight, the Yan family was quite quiet. In addition, the Yan family meeting hall was not a place that anyone could enter freely.

When Yan Zhan Yun arrived, he immediately took a look at Jiang Xiang. When he discovered that Jiang Xiang was just a handsome young man and much younger than he thought, he frowned.

"Small brother Jiang Xiang, first of all, I would like to thank you for saving Yan Meng and protect the Pure-Yang Fruit. We will definitely reward you generously ... But, are you really able to heal my daughter? "

Yan Zhan Yun went straight to the point. He showed his education to Jiang Xiang even though he was uncertain whether Jiang Xiang could really cure his daughter. Just to save Yan Meng and kill the Lee family men, he would have to show some gratitude to Jiang Xiang, who was thinking "So this is my father-in-law."

Also, he really could not ignore a young man with such powerful strength he finally had the same cultivation of them.

"Of course."

Jiang Xiang said casually.

"Being proud is good for a young boy like you. You saved Yan Meng and we would treat him as a friend of the Yan family. But little brother, please do not lie to us. The disease Yu'er is suffering from has left many of the great masters with no ideas. "

An old man said. It was obvious that he did not believe that Jiang Xiang could have the ability to cure the disease of the young lady, even though he was strong he was very young.

"Since none of you believe me, then I must leave. There's no need to thank me for whatever I've done. "

Jiang Xiang said before getting up and start walking toward the exit of the hall.

Seeing that he was about to leave without even saying anything, all present were frightened.

"Wait, little brother!"

Yan Zhan Yun immediately stopped Jiang Xiang.

"Can you please tell, how will you heal my daughter?"

Yan Zhan Yun asked.

"I must examine the young lady's illness with my own eyes, but you did not even ask the young lady to come here, to the point that you do not believe me. I must withdraw. "

Jiang Xiang quietly expressed his anger, before continuing to walk toward the exit.

"Brother Jiang Xiang, please do not be angry!"

Yan Meng stopped Jiang Xiang.

"Please do not be angry, Brother Jiang Xiang! Yan Men, please bring Yu'er. "

Hearing this Jiang Xiang was smiling he then stopped and waited to see his wife.

Not long after that, Yan Meng came back and behind him was a young girl. When Jiang Xiang saw this young girl, even mentally preparing her head was Chaos.

Beautiful, perfectly beautiful.

The young girl was wearing a long skirt with a purple silk belt around her waist. She had a perfectly curved body. Her hair was silky soft, falling to her shoulders. She had a pair of bright eyes and very white teeth. Her lips were perfect and even without makeup, her appearance did not have a single imperfection. But what made her undeniably beautiful was not just her appearance. Her eyes were clear as the purest water; it was just like a white sheet of paper, absolutely flawless.
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