System in Dragon Marked War God(DMWG) Chapter 1: Chapter 1- Legend begins


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A boy was lying on a bed, he had several bruises, he had an expression of pain as soon as he woke up, his face was scared, he looked around and saw that he was in a comfortable bed.

Soon many memories came into his mind, his expression was in total shock.

The sooner he calmed down his expression was ecstatic, he gave a small smile.

His name is Jiang Xiang, he was Jiang Chen's younger brother, he was shocked, he came to the world of his favorite Novel that is Dragon Marked War God.

Yes sure he died saving a kid from getting run over, he had not regretted, because that's simple, he would kill himself, plus the truck-Chan did a favor, remembering it he gave a little sigh.

He looked around again, but found no one he is sure the story will begin in 3 Days because he saw that his brother was not here that means that the greatest saint down from the skies will come back to life.

He felt his whole body aching, and saw that he was bruised all over the place, he lay down on the bed again.

Well the kingdoms of cultivation in this world are divided into:
Levels: Initial, Intermediate, Advanced and Peak (Qi Kingdom is an exception, it is divided into levels from 1 to 9).

Qi Jing;

Qi Hai;

Mortal Core;

Celestial Core;

Divine Core;

Soul of Combat / Combat of Soul.

Good at least in the provinces the top is Alma fighting, Of course there are many other Kingdoms to the front, plus he does not even have cultivation, In the city Jiang Xiang is considered worse than his brother, He had just turned 14 years remembering the old Xiang, The new one let out a sigh.

He'd go to sleep more and heard a sweet, feminine mechanical voice.

[Congratulations host was chosen by the Multiverse system to be your host connection process <1℅ 5℅ 15℅ 30℅ 60℅ 89℅ 100℅> Host successfully connected The system functions are: Status, Store, Editing, Inventory, Invocation , Mission, Administrator, etc., has many other functions but the Host is not yet qualified to use them]

Hearing this Jiang Xiang was excited, he had a system this was Fuck too much.

Jiang Xiang "System what does Edit and Administrator mean?" He said curiously.

[Edit can only use once, host can choose its appearance, and Host Administrator can choose 3 Skills or System Lineage]

Hearing this he got a little more excited.

He calmed down slowly and looked at the screen in front, he would start to rearrange his appearance.

After 3 hours he finally finished everything he just needs to click on his new look and he will be unconscious for 13 hours.

He had completely changed.

He then clicked, after 8 hours his face went unreal, his hair turned blue to the knees, his father had just entered he looked at his son in shock.

Jiang Zhen Hai spent all his time looking at his son, minutes turned hours until his transformation was complete, his skin was white as snow, his face was perfect, with a few blue fringes on his small face, he was so beautiful that it looked like an illusion It seemed that at any moment it will disappear.

His father looked at him, for a while until finally leaving the house still half shocked.

More like father he took a good one.

After Jiang Zhen Hai left, Xiang finally woke up, he felt a little lower, but did not give ball, he knew that his body finally got the way he wanted.

He took off his bandages and showed his white skin as snow, after he saw that he was completely healed he gave a small smile.

Jiang Xiang sat on the bed, and thought what skills he would take, had many, he thought of something and said "System Do you have any starter pack or something?" He asked curiously.

[Ding congratulations host received 100 PM, for uncovering this without system help, I have to open ]

Hearing this he was a little surprised but did not care he said "Yes".

[Ding congratulations host received: Devouring Technique of the Universe, Infinite and Empty Physicist, 1,000 PM, Uchiha Lineage, Senju Lineage, 2 lottery tickets]

He was surprised the sooner millions of information came into his head like a Tsunami, his body also seemed to be burning, he endured for 3 hours.

Devouring Technique Of The Universe: Can Devour Anywhere Lineage of the world, the energy of this technique is far more potent than any technique of this world, The user only has to make 2 Dragons in his Dantian and they will devour the energy automatically, even asleep the host will be farming.

Infinite Physicist and Empty: Only those who have this physicist can cultivate this Devouring Technique of the Universe, their body will basically be an infinite Void, it will be easier to cultivate and also indulge in other languages.

After seeing the information he was shocked and happy, now he could be stronger without asking some technique for Jiang Chen.

He went to a mirror in his room to see his face where he had a 1-tone Sharingan, he was also fascinated by her beauty, he gave a smile.

One thing Xiang did not want is for his brother to pick up Yan Chen Yu, he wanted her for him, of course he's going to have to win the same.

Thinking about it, he sighed.

Status "Xiang spoke in his mind.


Name: Jiang Xiang
Age: 14 years
Lineage: Uchiha and Senju

Technique: None
Inheritance: None

Cultivation: None

STR: 7
DEX: 6
VIT: 15
INT: 30

Skills: Sharingan 1 tomoe.]

He gave a bitter smile and sat down, whispering "well I already knew that I was very weak, but this was disappointing, well it does not matter I'll start cultivating" after he finished speaking he started to cultivate according to the Devouring Technique Do Universe.

His father did not see any more, it was already night and he was worried about his brother.
More first he needs to get stronger and just farming he could.
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