sword god with anime system Chapter 9: Vanmeth Academy


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Vanmeth Academy is the most mysterious place and special academy in profound world it was not located between any knigdom but it was located on a island in ocean right between the center of 4 kingdoms.
It had qi and mana almost thrice the amount of any other kingdom. People also called it as sacred land.
It is said that in Vanmeth academy their is 'TERRIBLE EXISTENCE' that is protecting it and 'No-one' can do anything to it.
Once an immortal returned to profound world and wanted to take the academy for his family and attacked it but what made everyone shocked was that he was killed even before he attacked the academy and his skeleton is still hanging on the academy gates.
'Terrifying ' thought Ezan as his grandpa told him about this and told him to behave there
Its door was always open for talented people and anyone below spirit rank talent will not even be accepted.
Their will always be genius from all 4 kingdoms taking admission in Vanmeth academy.
Their are 5 classes based upon invidual talemt they will be placed in the classes.
If you want to be a teacher in Vanmeth academy you will have to have atleast strength or profession of 7th stage.
If it was due to all these that Ezan's parents wanted him to attend this academy.
"Are you ready dear" asked Hana cheerfully as if it not her son but she who was attending academy.
Ezan nodded with same face eithout any emotion kr excitement for attending academy
Hana thought 'He is acting like his father after his training ' thought Hana with anger.
"Lets go" Hana said and a magic circle appeared below us and the next moment we were before a huge gate it looked ordinary metal gate and a skeleton was hung above the gate what was special was that its skeleton didnot decayed after so many years it give Ezan pressure and his body become heavy but very quickly he was able to adjust himself.
"QUALIFIED" A voice came from out of nowhere
"Its was a test those who cannot even take this much pressure are not able to enter" said hana softly
Ezan looked deeply at the skeleton and followed Hana inside
"The whole island is academy itself and you are not allowed to fly you can only travel on foot" said hana after about 30 minutes of walking we reached a tall building which was at the center of the island and entered.
I saw an old man sitting on the reception.He looked extremely ordinary but I got 'deep as well' from him Ezan thought 'A terrible expert'
"Admission" hana simply said
Old man didnot even opened his eyes and told us to go left with his hand.
Hana said "go and do your best "
I entered a large hall as I walked towards left
i simply released my energy at the 3rd stage sword master stage
'It should have thought it as any normal mixed energy with special nature' thought Ezan
Then a orb appeared before me
I placed my hand on it and thought ' It should be related to talent '
Then a empty painting appeared before me
I concentrated on the painting and watched it for a while and suddenly a sword appeared on it it was extremely simple sword but it give me a feeling that I was seeing worlds greatest treasure.
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"I saw a sword"
This time the voice didn't come for a moment and then
"It is a simple sword but it give me extremely profound feeling as if it is the greatest sword or it is alive itself"
Then the hall disappeared and I saw a platinum badge mark on my hand it looked like a sword and give me same feeling as that of 'SIMPLE SWORD'
As i walked towards Hana she asked how was it
Before I could say anything the old man open his eyes filled with black starry pupils and said "He will attend S class "
Hana was extremely happy and pleased
"As expected of my son " she said proudly
"Child what is your name" asked old man
Hana looked surprised as Old man asked my name
'Looks like he was that 'Special existence' grandpa talked about'
Old man smiled at me as if noticed something asked my name again.
"Ezan Raes" i said simply
"Raes so you are from that brat Ruth's family" old man smiled after hearing this and turned gentle
'Ruth..... who is it' i thought confused
On the other side Hana was shocked as she knew who Ruth was.
"Elder you know about ancestor Ruth" Hana asked carefully
I understood 'It looks like Ruth was our Raes families founder but shouldn't that be around 7-8 millions years ago' Ezan started sweating as he thought how this old man called their ancestor brat. you should know that most of the our family is in immortal realm and our ancestor should be in immortal realm or above.
" That brat he is my disciple" said old man gentle
'Fuck this academy is abnormal he should be above immortal realm if he can stay here without realm interference' Ezan thought
Hana hurriedly bowed down and said " Elder please forgive me for not showing my respect " and i followed My mom and nowed down
"No need for all these formalities brat you can just address me as just old man that you are thinking about for so long" old man said with smile
Ezan started sweating, stopped thinking and just nodded
"Brat go to dorm building someone will inform you about your room in 3 days classes will start " said old man and closed his eyes
After this my mother walked with me to dorm wherw i got my room Which was quiet wide and luxurious for 2 people.
My mother talked with me for sometime and left
'It was a long day' i thought and started meditating.
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