sword god with anime system Chapter 8: Returning


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In a cave a 8-9 years old boy was sitting cross legged.He had long red hair reaching his shoulder an immature face and watching his face give people a calming feeling.
Suddenly he opened hi eyes, his had blue starry eyes and had a smile on his face." Finally reached sword spirit peak " said Ezan
'Well system how much time is left until Dad will arrive'asked Ezan
[ He should be arriving today as school will start in a week]
Ezan stood up and noticed that his clothes were tattered from all those fights with wild beasts.
Ezan clicked on extra and saw various things like clothes, food, jewellery etc. and clicked clothes
..... ]
I started sweating by watching all these choices and thought 'Why are their so many cloak related outfit'
and clicked on LAST SASUKE outfit which was close to normal and i placed my yoru sword at my back 'looking cool .. maybe 'i thought.
'System how should i explain Dad about my cultivation now'
[Host doesnot need to worry you can supress your cultivation base and as your spirit root is special even someone from immortal realm wouldn't be able to see your cultivation base]
'I see suggest which stage should i show him'
[3rd stage sword master]
I suppressed my base to sword master as it would be troublesome to explain all this to him.
As for yoru i will just say i found it in some cave
'Lets see what i can buy for now.... ahh i should buy something for alchemy and blacksmithing'
'System show me some good furnace which I can afford '
.... ]
I thought for a moment and buyed darknight furnace as it looked somewhat similar to Yoru and I can tell my dad that they were in a cave filled with traps and at the end was some skeleton or something like this.
'Systen how much points do i have'
[SP : 56400]
'Show me something useful that i can buy'
'System i already have a body protection art and this is just a mortal level.... what is so special about it' asked Ezan finding it somewhat strange
[ Host is wrong it is divine grade but it is only Mortal level part and it is not body protection art but body refinement part it can make your body strong at it peak your body will be indestructible ]
Ezan then said hurriedly 'Buy it'
Suddenly he felt a headache and he heard sone sanskrit scriptures constantly repeating itself.
He thought 'I will practice it some other time'
He sensed something approaching towards himself and hurriedly took out his yoru and saw a 20 some years man standing in front of him sizing him up and relaxed.
"You grew up pretty well you look like somr 7-8 year kid" said Arthur with a smile
Ezan took back his sword and nodded. Being alone for two year made it his habit to talk less and show less emotions. His father was not worried as he had gone through same thing
"Well what is this sword it looks like.... a saint weapon!!!!! where did you get this from" his dad was quiet surprised and asked Ezan when turned around he say a black furnace with some red gems on it.
"Saint grade furnace" he exclaimed and gazed at his son waiting for his answer.
"2 months ago i was injured by a beast and entered a cave which other beasets seemed to avoid as i entered the cave my surrounding completely changed and i was in room full of traps somehow with my eyes(sharingan) i managed to get past the traps and saw a sword, a furnace and a skeleton i collected the sword and furnace and left the skeleton there" narrated Ezans
His father thought for some moment and nodded it often happened that some senior would leave their inheritence in some mortal planets before their deaths.
"Where is the cave maybe we can found something else" asked Arthur
"It collapsed after i walked outside with sword and furnace" said Ezan without even blinking when
"Its ok if it collapsed means that senior had only kept these two treasure there show me your qi and magic lets sew how much progressed" said Arthur and collecting furnace in his space ring and giving it to me.
Ezan released his Energy surprising Arthur
"You managed to combine qi and mana at such young age now you can be said real dual practitioner and your energy also have sword nature.... hmmm you should be at 3rd stage sword master (3rd) " said Arthur with excitement 'My son really is a genious he is even better than father when he was young'while thinking this.
Ezan smiled and thought 'What will he think if i showed him my real cultuvation'
"Lets return or your mother will kill me if she didn't see you today " said Arthur with fear as he was sleeping outside for last 2 years because he threw Ezan on this planet for training his wife was pretty angry.
Ezan smiled and nodded.
Arthur held his son's shoulder and the next moment they were in front of the duke mansion.
'8th stage qi emporer around 8th or 9th stage' thought Ezan he had heared that only 7th stage practioners can survive in space or vacuum and only 8th stage can use space magic or space qi and his father had definetly used space qi to travel between planet and a high stage one at that too 'looks like my father and mother are about to ascend in 5-6 years'
"My dear !!!!!" i soon heared my mother scream and saw a fast light travelling towards me and brfore i could react my mother hugged me tightly.
I felt warm and said " I am back mom"
My mother started crying and hugged me for few minutes and gentle said "Welcome back"
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