sword god with anime system Chapter 6: Training


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Ezan was browsing through universal net through his universal watch, Right he was browsing internet.
When he reached the age of 1 he was quiet excited to visit family library to learn through books.
And asked hi parent about the library. His parents looked at him strangly and their next words made him dumfounded.
Arthur said "who goes to library nowdays just browse through universal net here you go your own universal watch their is also a document in it about all the family knowledge and techniques"
'But what about my fantasy about ancient library and technique scrolls.... this cant be happening'
And then he started to understand that here technology is too advanced if compared to earth it is spread throughout the realms and many universes and planets
Their are four Organizations that have spread throughout the universe and realm any organisation which managed to expand throughout tbe universe and realm will be given 'UNIVERSAL' title
My father Arthur is DARK GOLD mortal badge member of universal blacksmithing organisation as he is stage 7th blacksmith.
My mother Hana is DARK GOLD mortal badge member of universal alchemy organisation and is stage 8th alchemist
I got information about our planet "PROFOUND WORLD" which is one of the top 10 mortal worlds in universe
It is split into 4 kingdoms
-BLUE WIND : Humans, beastman and elves live here they have 3 kings and 9 dukes
-BLOOD LESS : demons, monster and vampires live here they have 3 kings and 9 dukes
-GREEN SPHERE - Beasts live here they have species and have no ranks
-MYTHICAL LAND - mythicals creatures like dragons, tutans and qilins live here have almost no connection to outside world
My father and mother are both dukes and my father is almost at king rank
I am 4 years old now i have all the basics down about qi and magic and have also learned some spells form mother. Today dad said i can start my training and i am pretty excited.
"Are you ready my son" asked Arthur with his usual grave face due to his unchanging face grandfather always call his grave face whenever we video chat
"Yes dad what will we do as training will it be qi or magic or both" i asked excitedly
The father suddenly smiled he looked good as he smiled and is handsome but i felt a chill from this smile.
"Your training will be special as it is passed on from our ancestor " said Arthur with his smile
"What will we d.... !!!!" before i can finish my sentence he grabbed my shoulder and next moment we were in a jungle with greean trees and beastly aura all around
"Well my son life is a battlefield you will have to survive here for 2 years before your school start at the age of 6 i will pick you up this training is passed on to me from my big brother and now i am passing it to you goodluck"
"Wa... " before i could finish he disappeared.
"Are you for reallll !!!!!!" screamed Ezan on top of his lungs
Some distance away Arthur muttered "He should be fine he has a immortal grade treasure and this planet only have upto stage 4 beasts and i should able to sense danger around him from the spirit mark i left on him" and then he disappeared.
Ezan was silent for sometime and then thought ' Its shouldn't be dangerous if he left me all alone and i can cultivate and earn exp from beast hunting to improve my cultivation fast '
"Alright lets first find some cave or something to start my cultuvation"
He easily founded a cave reached their safely with his qi sense avoiding beasts
'System my father told me not to break through cultivation stage too quickly in order to avoid damaging my foundation what should i do about this' asked Ezan as he was worried he might damage his foundation
[Host doesnot neet to worry as due to system even if you breakthrough too quickly your foundation will be perfect]
Ezan was relieved to hear this and started cultivating origin sword art as he guided key in his body it formed a sword shaped dantian and his excess qi started to compress until it was compressed by 100 times his every qi started to sharpen like a sword and his body started to absorb qi like crazy increasing it with amazingly quick but steady speed suddenly he felt like a door was openex his dantian become more sword like and his qi increasex be about hundreds of time then he heared system notifications
[Congratualtion to host to break through
-Qi apprentice stage 1
-Qi apprentice stage 2
-Qi User stage 4 ]
Ezan was shocked and asked 'System what is all this about '
[Host had already accumulated qi in his body as you started cultivation you reached stage fitting to your qi storage. Due to divine art suppressing qi value you should be able to reach even higher]
'Why did it compressed it then ' I asked confused
[Hosts qi is now hundred times stronger as compared to others qi, it is extremely pure and formed a special nature origin sword qi]
'That seems good ' Ezan felt great after hearing system explanation
"Now lets practice magic"
As he started revolving his mana he felt their was no route for mana it was in chaos every single cell of his body had its own route every cell was greedily absorbing mana in the surrounding after sometime he felt his mana increase and suddenly as if he was released from from shackles holding back his body he felt alive and free, he felt his body becoming light
[Congratulations to host for breaking through
-Magic apprentice stage 1
-Magic apprentice stage 2
-Magic user stage 3 ]
[Congratulations to host for breaking through 3rd stage in both qi and mana and recieving a 2 gift pack from system ]
'Open it system'
[Congratulations to host for getting
-Qilin step : A movement technique which will grow with host current rank (MORTAL 9TH)
-Darknortb body protection : A body protection technique which grow with user current rank (MORTAL 9TH)
-Senzu bean : eating a single senzu bean can heal anything as long as you are alive (DIVINE)
-Alchemy : Upto mortal stage 9th of alchemy
-Blacksmithing : Upto mortal stage 9th of blacksmithing
-Yoru Black sword : A sword which have unlimited potential it can grow with user current grade (SAINT 4TH) ]
Information related to techniques and professions flood into his mind. He had information regardung how to make pills and weapons upto mortal 9th grade but due to realm limitation he could only make upto mortal grade 3rd .
He opened inventory and took out Yoru black sword and he fell in love with it it was like huge cross decorated with gems, golden and white at the sword handle was dark black in color and sword edge qas slightly bend.
As he held it he felt its weight but it felt extremely light in his hands as if connected with him saint weapons can choose their owner and Yoru made its connection with him.
"Alright its time to hunt" Esan said with a smirk and walked outsude the cave.
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