sword god with anime system Chapter 4: Birth


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Hana's cries could be heard in the room. A women beside her was trying to calm her down as she said
"Madam dont worry your child will be born soon"
Hana barely managed to smile in order to relieve her servant Sophie.
Outaide the room Arthur was walking around the whole room worriedly.
"What do i do" arthur said in worried tone
"Just sit down and relax... dont worry" said a calming voice
"But Adam how can i calm down... what if something went wrong its her first delivery"
"Everything will be alright Sophie is one of the best doctors in the kingdom. It cant possible go wrong" Adam touched his head and thought 'What will the kingdom think if they saw famous sword duke acting like this'
Just then from the sky the weather befome clear the wind as if dancing around the kingdom give everone a soothing feeling, the earth as if awakened started to slightly tremble, lightning started to rage in this clear weather, water as if giving its blessing started to overflow from rivers and oceans the qi and mana in the atmosphere become twice as thick and all kinds of phenomenam started to happen in the knigdom.
Just as Adam was chatting with Arthur a servant hurriedly enter and said in panic "King Adam it is not good outside... outside Please hurry up and see"
Adam as of not offended by impudence of the servant and said "Calm down lets go and see what makes you so flustered"
Adam said Arthur "Let me see you wait here "
Arthur nodded
Adam walked outside and was shocked to see changes in his surrounding he started sensing qi and found that qi and mana quantity was twice the amount .
"What is happening... wait these phenomenam are they pure soul but it is so exagrated even when my angel was born it was not this much exagrated..but who could... wait"
He hurriedly turned around and walked inside and asked Arthur with hast.
"Arthur does your child have pure soul " Arthur was speechless and thought 'How did he found out their goes my surprise'
"Ofcourse he is my and hana's child i thought i will surprise you"
Adam was silent for a while and said "Arthur you should see what is happening outside"
"Is it serious" said Arthur as they walked outside
Outside Arthur was dumbfounded and thought 'What the... ' Then he turned around and said to Adam
"Adam promise me you will not disclose anything about this"
Adam understood his friend and deeply nodded
Inside the room Sophie said to Hana in loud voice "Madam push" Hana was screaming
After sometime Sophie walked outside with a small boy in her arms
"Congratulations Family head you are a father now"
Arthur hurriedly walked towards Sphie and gentle held his child.
"He is a boy" said Sophie happily
On the side a glint flashed through Adams eye as if he thought of something good.
"congratulations Arthur now you can be worry free about your successor and reach upper realm quickly"
"Haha" Arthur laughed and walked inside
Hana weakly watched her husband walking towards her with a small child in his arms
"Hana we have a son now "arthur said gentle
Hana weakly held her son in his arms as if disturbed from his sleep he open his eyes and they thought 'beautiful'
His eyed pupil was red in color and had a single tomoe in it it was slightly demonic but mostly beautiful
"Heaven's gift" both said at the same time
"We will name him Ezan" said hana cheerfully and Arthur nodded gently
The child started crying showing a child like behaviour both parents were unaware about his thoughts
[Host will be born soon]
'finally' thought the child
As i opened I saw a beautiful women with red hair,green eyes and a gorgeous face which resembled my past life's mother that i will never forget she gave me warm feeling tears started to appear on my face as i thought 'She is my mother'
I turned my face and saw a tall man standin near my mother with light blond hair, blue eyes and handsome face he smjled at me gentle as he saw me watching him 'Father' i thought
Then i heard my mother say "We will name him Ezan"
I smiled after hearing this name as i wanted to forget that I was Harry and just wanted to be Ezan.
"You should sleep now tomorrow your grandfather will arrive from upper realm to meet you"
I closed my eyes which surprised my parents but they thought it as a coincedence and i sleeped in my mother's embrace.
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