sword god with anime system Chapter 3: Increasing talent


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Harry give his all in order to understand both arts sometimes his body will glow, sometimes their will be sparks and sometimes their will be swordlight on his body and soul.
As harry was trying hard outside his mother and father was surprised as they thought it was related fo his talent whenever a talented magician or cultivator will be born their will be power overflowing as they were developing their talent.
A great sage once said when the children who are loved by heaven will have pure soul and bestowed special physics by law of universe will born their will be natural phenomenom those who are loved my elements will have elemental light around them signifying that the child have pure soul and those who will have overwhelming qi flow will have tyrannical physics which will fearful when they reach higher stages.
Only when they reach upper realm will be time for them to shine.
But what was different it would only happen once or twice that proves the talent was above saint rank but during Hana's pregnancy it changed their world view as about every day their will some phenomenam happening.
"Its happening again.... ugh" said Hana in pleasant voice
"Are you alright " said a man's voice worriedly
"Its alright Albert some minor phenomenam cant harm me" said hana softly
Hana and Albert were well known in Blue wind kingdom. Hana was a 7th stage magician king and Albert was peak 7th stage sword king. Albert was given the title of Duke recently due to high strength and performance during war against demons
"Our kid absolutely have at least immortal grade magic and qi talent" Albert said releived as he wouldnot have to worry when they reach upper realm with their kids talent.
Most of the parents will be worried if they can reach higher realm and their kid will be left alone without talent their child would not be able to follow them to upper realm
"Ofcourse he is after all my child " said hana proudly
"our child will soon take birth its your 8th month already"
"Yeah i cant wait"
Their child showed many elemental phenomenam as well as sword like qi flow it meant that he was dual practioner and had those pure soul and heavenly physic.
As they were talking about their child inside the womb harry finally woke up from his comprehension state
'system how long was i comprehending' asked harry as he thought it should have been 3-4 months
[8 months 2 days] said an emotionless voice
'What... how can that be'
Harry thought for a while but he immediately calmed down as though it didn't affect him much
'system show me how much my talent improved'
'I thinks it isnt normal to improve my talent that fast right... '
[Host is right your qi talent improved as you comprehended from origin sword art with your sword talent you should be divine grade before birth as for magic talent chaos magic art mainly focus on affinity with element as you already have high grade void, fire, thunder and wind affinity it was much easier to comprehend it should reach 5th grade before birth ]
'Any other change '
[ New
'Thats great but..... system wont it will be harmful to me if i am born with such high talent' thought harry he didn't noticed but he started to act more calmly and analysed everything he was not excited about all this.
[ System can hide host talent when they will see it as immortal 7th Grade for qi and 4th for magic ]
'Wont it be too high for mortal world'
[ Domt worry host your father and mother are noble and both have talent of immortal grade so it shouldnot be troblesome ]
'Great i want to born soon to cultivate so that i would not be helpless ... system would my parents be like my past life'asked harry
[ Host dont need to worry you should get loving parents as you had 0 sin value ]
'Thank god' Now harry started to wonder about his parents as they were noble and had such high talent according to system they should be able to reach upper realm with ease.
He would be able to start cultivating faster in noble family as they tend to have high stauts when her told him stories she always said nobles were rich.
[Host it is adviced to start cultivating at the age of 4 as it might cause damage to your body most of the ordinary humans start cultivating at 6 but with your talent it shouldn't be problem ]
'Thanks for reminding me i will not waste my talent due to hast and will cultivate properly at the age of 4'
'Anyway system their should be increase in my wisdom right..... ' asked harry hopefully he didn't wanted to be a fool who had no knowledge
[-STR : 6
-END : 5
-INT : 89
-WIS :6
-MANA : 469
-QI : 524 ]
' HOW can this happen to me ' wailed harry
[ Host a normal 5 year old kid will only have 5 wisdom you should be proud ]
'But i am 18 years old!!!!!!'
[...Good luck host]
'..... really now system'
[Host should now sleep as you will be born in a month system will be available when you are born have some nice sleep]
'Sigh i think i will sleep'
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