sword god with anime system Chapter 2: Profound world and anime system


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Harry was afraid as he noticed that he was again unable to fell his body he thought his nightmare will never end.
[congratulation to host for binding anime system] suddenly he heard a strange voice it was emotionless but he thought it was very close to him.
"What... uhh first that stupid wheel and now this strange voice"
[Host doesnot need to be afraid as host is now a fetus and will have a healthy body]
Harry was overjoyed but was also afraid and thought it was lie.
[Host doesnot need to be worried it is true as host is a fetus and doesnot have a developed body you cannot feel your body]
'system you said i am fetus so shouldn't i be unconscious as my body is developing and my brain might be damaged' Harry asked worriedly as he didnot wanted any mishap to happen with his future body
[Host is able to communicate with system through his soul that is why it doesnot damage your body]
'so soul does exist huh... looks like that magic and qi thing was true'
[soul does exist and someone with higher level soul can even overpower others to death]
Harry was astonished by all these new knowledge he always thought technology is powerful but looks like it can't compare with strange powers
[Host is wrong advanced technology can even kill gods]
it was quiet a huge blow to frail harry to take all this so system decieded to talk about the basic knowledge.
[Host should know that their are four paths and all lead to same end to godhood they are
-qi cultivation
-tech warrior
qi cultivators : cultivate qi to break through their body limit and soul limit .
magician : amass mana to intigrate themselves with the elements .
tech warriors : are those who have changed their gene and advanced their species through technology by fusing themselves with it
special practioners : all those special existences like vampire, beast race and have special energy like blood energy the are blessed and have quiet the special abilities as compared to other path but they are quiet rare ]
Harry thought about elves and warriors that her mother told him in the stories and was excited
[The system have four fucntions that will be avaible right now to host
-Status : can analyse host's body and provide host information
-Shop : Can buy anything from parallel world and from this world with 'System points'
-Quest : Host will be given tasks that will give rewards some task may give punishment to host so host should choose carefully to do the task or reject it
-Inventory : Able to store anything as long as you have enough slots ]
Harry was able to understand it after system explained it expect few things and asked 'system what is system points and parallel worlds'
[System points are a type of currency used by system to buy things
parallel world would be explained to host when ge reached 7th stage in mortal world]
'What are these ranks'
[ Mortal world practioners are divided into 9 stages
1st stage : apprentice
2nd stage : user
3rd stage : master
4th stage : Grandmaster
5th stage : venerable
6th stage : saint
7th stage : king
8th stage : emporer
9th stage : ????? ]
Harry thought about asking system about those '?????' but thought system will not answer him
[Name : ????? (Harry)
Age : 0 ( fetus)
Stage : Mortal ( 0 stage )
Bloodline : ?????
STR : 3(10)
END : 3(10)
INT : 25(10)
WIS : 1(10)
DEX : 0 (10)
MANA : 49
QI : 50
ABILITY : Telepathy (level 1), Swordgod( level 1),
One with sword ( No level), Soul sword ( level 1),
Devour ( level 1)
BLOODLINE ABILITY : ????? ( level ? ), ????? ( level ? )
SKILL : Swordmaster ( silver rank level 9)
SPIRIT ROOT : Origin sword spirit root (????)
BLOODLINE TALENT : ??? ( depend upon bloodline purity and grade) ]
[ABILITY : individual have from birth
- Telepathy : able to communicate through mind
-Swordgod : Highest talent in sword, every sword will submit to you as their emporer
-One with sword : Able to connect with sword as you own body part
-Soul sword : sea of conciousness is a sword, soul attack woll have soul attribute qnd any soul attacker will have 30% rebound
-Devour : can devour anything as long as your body and soul can take it ]
[BLOODLINE ABILITY : abilities that come from bloodline ]
[ SKILL : need to learn, understand or comprehend
SWORDSMAN : those who walk on the path of sword]
each rank has 9 sub ranks ]
'The fuck.... so many ' ???' and how come i have immortal grade talend and that sword talent should be related to the sword on the wheel '
[ Host should note that you were supposed to have saint grade talent as you had 0 karma and sin value which is tatally fair but due to your luck you got origin sword it forcefully increased your talent ]
[ ??? means that host is not ready to know about this]
[host should note that talent rank is same in every realm if a person have immrtal talent in mortal world then he can reach immortal realm easily ]
' so that means that if a person is talented in mortal realm then when he reach so called higher realm then he will still be talented their and vice versa '
'One last thing how the fuck i have 1 wisdom when my intelligence is 25 ' harry almost cried
[ Host is intelligent as he was able to understand people even though you were not supposed to be taught or guided by anyone but you lack wisdom or knowledge about your surrounding ]
'So in simple words intelligence come with comprehension or learning capability and wisdom from how much you know about things right '
Harry was able to understand human nature so he was intelligent but he lacked wisdom beacuse his life was limited to a hospital .
' So what do i do now system '
[Host can sleep or can improve your knowledge and magic and qi comphrehension which may improve your talent]
'How can these simple things improve talent '
[Host is not born yet your body is undeveloped if you increse your comprehension of magic and qi then your body will develop with more talent in magic and qi]
'Makes sense'
[Host need a cultivation or magic technique or both if you want to be a dual practioner]
'Where do i get them from '
[Host can open beginer pack and try if you get any]
'Alright open it'
[Opening beginer pack 1%...45%...78%...100%]
[Congratulations host for getting
-Origin sword qi art (Divine Rank): Become the emporer of swords having your qi turn into origin sword qi only those who have Exceptional talent in swords can cultivate it can improve qi talent
-Choas magic art (Divine rank): Able to rule all magic having affinity with every element can improve magic talent
-Gamers Mind (????) (Passive): ????
-Sharingan (Divine bloodline)(Without curse of hatred): An overpowered bloodline from a parallel world
-System points : 10000 ]
'Shit i hit a jackpot... system are all pack so overpowered ' he opened inventery and quickly used both arts and the information appeared in his head with some headache.
[No host beginner pack is an exception as system doesnot want host to cultivate any low rank arts and spoil his future other pack will be based upon your rank ]
Harry was disappointed but quickly become excited and started practicing those arts but no matter how he tried he was helpless and asked system ' why cant i cultivate'
[ Host is a fetus so he can't cultivate but can increse his talent and comprehension through understanding magic and qi through these divine arts ]
Harry understood and decided to go all out to understamd qi and magic to improve his talent.
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