sword god with anime system Chapter 15: Atlas auction


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"Are they coming or not" asked a fat man having a pig like face treasure covering all his body from head to toe.
"They should be here young master we are 5 minutes early" said a beautiful women in maid clothes and with a collar on her neck with an purplish inscription on that collar glowing from time to time.
After 3 minutes thay saw a group of people coming towards them.
"Lets go we will only protect you until you reach your spaceship" said captain
'What a pig' thought every team member as that pig stared at their captain with lust in his eyes.
As if noticing his eyes a chilling aura spread from out of nowhere.
"If i see your disgusting look again then we will definetly leave this mission" a bone piercing sound spread inside entire hall.
Pig hurried avoided captain look and looked down
"Now tell me who is after you" asked captain.
"There may be many or no one after this auction many greedy people may come after us" maid started talking
"We will charge depending on how much yrouble we have to face and if no one come after us then we will only take 100k universal coin each and at most we will all take a spirit treasure as agreed "
"Of course we will fullfil our promise "
"Thats good then lets go auction will start in 15 minutes"
'A spirit treasure looks like our customer is rich and thos task is definetly hard' Ezan thought
"2 people will scout 2 will support 4 will protect them and 2 will fight if anything goes wrong"
"X you have heavens gift right you will scout with me" said that women who had golden eyes.
'Looks like she know almost everthing about me' Ezan thought and nodded. Every member including captain looked at him with surprise as they thought 'So we have 2 people with those gifts and both have preception related skills' they all started to treat Ezan seriously.
That pig looked at Ezan with envy in his eyes but non of the member looked like they were envious.
'As expected this team is strange they all look like they have something special about them to be not affected by my gift'
They started climbing the tower and at every 10th floor gravity will increase be 1 time but Ezan was unaffected by this gravity even better hjs tyrannical physics started to act and his strength started to increase.
'Finally a way to train my physics looks like gravity will help me cultivate body arts and technique quickly'
At 300th level they had to get there own card to go to higher floor. It looked like all his seniors already had this card and looked at him strangly.
"How come you dont have Atlas tower card it has already spread everywhere and by climbing it you can increase your status" said a soothing voice which belonged to a green haired man who had his code name "GREEN"
"He grew up in a forest and wasnot allowed to go out he just got out recently" said captain.
Everyone started laughing
"So captain you can joke huh"
"Even though it was not that funny but nice try"
"Forest seriously... "
Captain looked at them with serious face "I am serious"
Ezan thought he had no self respect left and awkwardly nodded 'That old bastard i will definetly get him for this' he thought
All his teammates looked at him with a dumbfounded expression and after about 30 seconds finally decided to remain silent.
He easily got his card with his strength and come to know about various benefits about this card.
when they reached 567th floor thay saw a huge hall with people going through a spacetime rift and disappearing from their sight.
"You head may hurt and you may vomit if its your first time but most importantly control yourself and dont vomit and damage our reputation " said captain
'Your face is really important huh why dont you just do movies and spread your reputation parents may even start telling fairy tails about you to their kids' Ezan rolled his eyes.
"You look like you are thinking something unpleasant"
" I am thinking about why does apple fall not go upward you interested in apple or something" said Ezan
Captain ignorrd him and started walking towards spacerime rift.
"She didn't lash out at him"
"How can this be"
"Where is human justice last time when i talked nonsense she throwed me out of the planet"
'They all look like pretty familiar with each other'
As Ezan entered spacetime rift he didn't felt anything probably due to his affinity with space element
After passing through their was a huge wooden gate with two guards in a suit and a black and white mask on their face.
"Dont offend them" said captain.
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