sword god with anime system Chapter 13: Freshman tournament


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Ezan and john were right now on their way towards class. "Ezan any new task" asked john
Ezan checked his watch and say some new tasks suitable for john and told him to do these.It had been 6 months in academy after he completed his task he was given a silver mercenary badge by black.
He could now do everything related to mercenary work online. Only those who have atleast silver badge will get their own mercenary id.
Today were not any class but a tournament and only those who had strength of mortal user can participate and in S class every student wanted to get a good ranking.
"Will you participate" asked john.
"No it is too troublesome and that old man warned me not to bully students too much" Ezan said he had been in touch with that old man regularly as he would visit him and check his cultivation.
"You mean that elder" asked john
"Yeah what about you are you in" asked Ezan he knew john was strong even stronger than those 4.
"If you are not participating then i donot have any interest" said john with serious voice.
Even though he doesnot give a serious vibe when you talk with him he sure is hardworking and talented in cultivation.
"Ezan fight me!!!!!!" Suddenly they heard a roar.
'Not again' they both thought as they turned their head they saw marie running towards them.
Ezan punched her and sent her flying.
"Too weak to challenge me" he had been challenged by this wild princess countless times already but everytime she would be sent flying in a single punch. "I will leave academy to get some experience"Ezan said and ran away.
After 3 seconds marie come running towards john and asked "Where did he go"
John pointed his finger towards the opposite where Ezan had gone and run away towards their.
Ezan ran towards the edge of the island and took a token with "YANG" inscription on it.
Space seemed to be split and it suddenly sucked Exan in it.
"Old man listen i am leaveing to do some 7th rank missions i will not come back for a while take care of my leave " shouted ezan as he saw a young man sitting cross legged with some golden aura surrounding him.
This young man was the same old man. He had disguised himself in front of others.
When ezan was ready to turn around and leave old man suddenly opened his eyes and said " Mortal king huh.... good you can leave "
Ezan was surprised as he didnot thought that he will reply him like always.
"Take this of their is danger just press this button and i will save you " said old man
"Dont need it their will not be much danger in mortal world for me " said Ezan
"just take it " old man insisted
Ezan just nodded and walked out.
He put and silver mask which covered his face and suddenly his body size changed and he turned into a 24 years old man. He got this from system known as "PHASE MASK" a spirit grade treasure.
He browsed his watch and a hoologram appeared in his front.
It was a beautiful women about 24 years with a chilly face and said in a cool voice "Are you ready"
"Yes captian" Ezan said this women was the captian of flame mercenary branch of thus world.
"Good" she said and Ezan was suddenly teleporeted from the academy to the large hall in front of a spaceship.
There were 9 people waiting for him including the captain and she said "Lets go" and they all boared the ship.
"Our stop is earth78932 it is know that mew 4th progenitor appeared on it and their situation is now very sensitive our task it to suppress all the forces approaching towards that planet before reaxhing their milky system " said the captain in a cool voice.
Ezan was introduced to her by old man and she was aware about his real age and strength.
"When he asked old man about her he simply said "She is my most talented descendent " and Ezan also come to know that old man was a part of "UNIVERSAL MERCENARY" he has quite a high status and is responsible for managing all the tasks of the mortal realm.
His name Steve and he is head of flame mercenary one of the top 10 mercenaries of all the realms.
"So this is the new guy huh" said a women who had golden eyes.
"Beleive me he is even younger than you think" said a women who had deep black eyes.
'They are not ordinary people' sighed Ezan and thought that 1 person already noticed.
Other member looked not interest and were busy chatting between themselves and just did some minor greetings and showed a kind smile like a senior.
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