sword god with anime system Chapter 12: Bully


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Ezan didnot even moved or used his energy to protect his body and just him attack him.
Just as the red saber made contact with him 'Ting' sound of metal collision vibrated in everyone ears.
Ezan was uninjured by the attack 'He did not even got a scratch' thought Rome fearfully.
Ezan right now was training his Diamond body art and intentionally let Rome attack him.He was almost close to its 1st stage reaching 'copper body' state.
Rome was surprised by this and shouted "No matter what cheap tricks you use you will not be able to take an all out attack from a spirit weapon" and charged towards him again.
This time saber glowed with red qi and Rome increased his speed and his body was covered with red qi protecting him. He was going all out trying to seriously injure Ezan
"Bloody sky" shouted Rome and and slammed his saber vertically a wild saber intend spread throughout the arena tearing some of Ezans clothes and wounding him all over his body.
Suddenly Ezans body started to heat up and his wounds from the his body started to heal up at the speed which could be seen by naked eyes he felt his small body strengthen and his muscles sligthly develop.
[Congratulation to host for reach Diamond body level 1]
"Impossible I have a spirit weapon how can you be fine " he said shocked and falling in fright
"Even if you have a spirit weapon you are just some 7 years old kid and can you even use a spirit weapon proplerly with your little strength" said Ezan
He had already expected it and was not surprised
"Impossible you are cheating.... you liar I will not lose to someone like you " he said disbelieving Ezan and stood up preparing to attack him again
"Well whatever lets just end this... and thanks your helping me train"
As Ezan said this he lifted his right hand transparent energy appeared on his hand, it was compressed until it sticked to his hand.
Ezan moved his hand and punched towards Rome suddenly an extremely compressed shockwave in a fist like shape moved towards Rome sending him flying out of the Arena he was injured all over his body and fainted.
A sound appeared in the whole arena and students started to cheer loudly.
Rome was carried toward a teacher of academy who knew healing magic.He had tears in his eyes and looked at him with with fear.
'Well he really is a kid.... huh' Ezan thought it was normal for a 7 years old kid to cry in front of people. He sttarted smiling and thought 'Maybe I bullied this kid too much what if they started calling me bully'
But this smile scared the sh*t out of Rome his body started to tremble and he avoided Ezan's gaze.
As Ezan walked outside the arena he saw those 4 prince and princess's watching him with different eyes.
Neil looked at him with hostile eyes, Liz looked at him with an emotionless face, Julie was smilling kindly and Marie was wcthing him with interest.
'They certainly are not like some cute kids' lamented Ezan and started walking towards John who had stars in his eyes.
He asked excitedly " Ezan you were so cool you should be at 2nd stage mortal user peak right and what was that punch technique it looked so powerful"
"It was a simple punch covered with energy if your energy manipulation is high enough you can also easily do that " said ezan with a smile.
"What how can that be ... is it true" asked john with surprise
Ezan nodded and heared John mutter "moster" in an almost inaudible voice but Ezan was able to hear it with his [HEIGHTENED SENSES] skill.
"Well Ezan we should go and do some tasks to increase our points as in academy we can only use points and not universal currency if you donot want to starve we should start collecting them" said john
Ezan nodded and thought about mission available in academy.
After walking for about 10 minutes they enetered a large hall filled many students of different years this hall was "MISSION RECEPTION" with a huge board and some paper pinned on it and a reception desk and a tall and bulky, dark skinned bald guy with some scratches marks on his face sitting as receptionist
I walked towards the board and saw many tasks like
[Hunt 10 rank 3 beasts from beast island and bring back their corpse(3000 points )
-Make 30 rank 3 pills all the material of 60 sets will be provided by hall (9000 P)
-Forge 30 rank 3 weapons all the material of 30 sets will be provided by hall (9000 P)
... ]
Ezan decided to select 2nd and 3rd task as it was easy for him and he can earn points.
He walked towards reception desk with paper in his hand and said "I will take this "
Receptionist saw the paper in his hand was surprised "Kid are you sure you can do this wven though it looks easy but you only have 60 sets of material you must have atleast 50% success rate in both professions for this " he advised
"Yes i will take this " Ezan said with confidence he received complete information from system and had 100% success rate he can even earn 30 sets of material for free.
"Good here is your material in these 2 rings after you finish the task keep pills and weapons in these rings if you failed you need give back all the material and you cannot take any other task without completing 1st one. You can call me Black" black didnot insisted after seeing Ezan's confidence he gave him two rings and explained the details.
Ezan nodded and walked towards dorm building.
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