sword god with anime system Chapter 1: Re birth


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Harry was not normal from his birth. He was victim of an uncurable disease that made his life helpless he was not able to move his body and was left by his family to rot in a hospital. Harry was able to understand must faster then other.
"Useless son ... " said someone with loud voice
"Waste brother..... " slightly immature sound
'Not again' harry woke up from his sleep ever since he was 8 years old he came to understand about his situation. Born in a wealthy and well known family but due to his disease his family abandoned him. He had been hearing his family complain whether his father, brother or relatives.
His mother died when he was 5 years old she was only one who had cared for him. He was still able to remember her even he died on his 18 birthday by his own father's hand.
"A waste like you donot deserve to be born. You are my shame" said his father as he watched his son dying.
His father and family always thought that he was not able to understand them but they were wrong even though he was unable to move his body but he could understand everything around him.
'It ends huh.... finally some peace' thought harry
'I wonder why they hate me so much' thought harry. Even though he was extremely intelligent he was not able to understand how his father hated him so much.
While thinking about all this his eyes started to tremble and was eventually closed, his breathing stopped, his weak heartbeat stopped.
"I died.... or so i think " harry spoke for the first time while trying to open his eyes and was surpised he was able to talk and move his eyelids on his own.
What was around him was endless darkness and nothing seems to be around him.
"what happened " harry said
"Ding. welcome to the endless void " a emotionless sound
Harry was surpised and turned around and started observing his surrounding.
"Ding. you are given a special privilege by universe to be reincarnated "
"Who are you and do you mean.... i remember i died"
"Ding. yes you are dead currently you are in your soul form" said the voice avoiding talking about itself harry was able to understand and didn't asked about his identity.
Harry was thinking about his situation and after some time of thinking he asked
"So now what will happen to me will i be sent to some place like heaven or hell"
"Ding. no you will be reincarnated as your karma value and sin value is both zero you will not be send to soul's garden nor any judgement will will be passed onto you "
"What is soul's garden and what judgement are you talking about "
"The f*ck are you talking too much for don't you watch anime or any manga" said the voice in an annoyed and impatient tone.
Harry was confused
"wha.... "
"You will be reincarnated now roll this wheel and let's see what you get"
A gaint wheel appeared before him it was too large to see its end.... ' can i even spin this... and what about his personality all these shit going on '
" You just need to touch it and it will spin on its own hurry up brat i have to attend to other souls too"
Harry felt weak and wanted to ask about other thinks but thought he will no get any answers so he jus touched the wheel and nothing happened.... after about 10 seconds when harry wanted to mock the voice the whell started spining and suddenly it stopped on a sword.
"Ding. congratulations for obtained origin sword spirit root"
"What.. this is absolutely impossible.... this kid doesnot have any karma value or sin value how can origin sword spirit root choose him"
"What now " harry heard him muttering something but just thought about what will happen next
Awakened from its daze the voice said " you will be reincarnated in the mortal world filled with special power known as mana and qi " his voice was not annoyed anymore and was somewhat gentle. Harry thought he was weird and lamented on his luck
" Now good luck we will meet again if you managed to reach 'that's realm. goodluck young boy "
Harry vision blurred and he lost his consciousness
"I hope you will be able to use this privilege well" muttered the voice .
[Ding connecting to hosts soul]
[Ding connecting 1%... 8%...45%...78%...100%]
[Finally found a host.... ]
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