Sword Among Us Chapter 364: Admit His Superiority


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Lu Mingyue had been gloomy during his entire trip through the royal mausoleum. 

He had seen quite a lot of people rolling their eyes at him while he wandered about. Based on such a reaction from the other martial artists, he was able to tell a lot of information that made him uneasy and displeased. 

It seemed like Happy had beaten him at his game and obtained most of the treasures in the royal mausoleum. He entered the depths of the royal mausoleum alone, leaving the people who challenged the royal mausoleum with very few rewards. Some of them did not receive anything at all. 

That was the opposite of what Lu Mingyue wanted!

When he thought that he had just helped Happy gain a large amount of wealth, Lu Mingyue's eyes grew even darker. He wanted to immediately find Happy and rip him to shreds to vent his hatred. 

After entering the second level, Lu Mingyue ran into Ninja King, who had been chasing after a few martial artists. 

At the sight of it, a sinister thought appeared in Lu Mingyue's head. 

The tunnels in the second level of the royal mausoleum were not as long as in the first level. There was a bend once every dozen feet, and he could finally put his Needle Tide to use. With this marvelous and unparalleled ability, Lu Mingyue easily lured Ninja King to himself.

On his way, he learned of Happy's general direction from a grateful martial artist and ran off with Ninja King. 


The tunnel ahead of Lu Mingyue suddenly became rather packed. It frustrated him, and he quickly shouted out a loud warning. 

But Ninja King was rather far behind him, so when the players in front saw that it was just Lu Mingyue, no one bothered to care about him. 

Soon though, Ninja King appeared from the tunnel like a phantom, coming up right behind the group, everyone instantly burst into a commotion. All sorts of curses and surprised screams arose. 

Lu Mingyue snorted coldly. His flying needles shot into the wall across from him, and with his qi to guide him, he flew over nearly one hundred people's heads like a phantom to appear at the entrance of the hall. 

The scene he saw caused Lu Mingyue's blood to boil. 

Happy was standing among more than one hundred corpses of different ninjas while retrieving his spoils leisurely. When he looked up, the mocking and teasing smile on his face was incredibly obvious. 

"Palace Master Lu, you're late."

"Really?" Lu Mingyue's expression was incredibly dark and sour. "Our fight hasn't ended yet."

A group of Mystical Realm players screamed and cursed behind him. They continuously shot past him to run into the hall. 

The people in the tunnel across from them were also afraid that they would invite trouble. When they saw Ninja King come from the tunnel on the other side, they did not dare to be negligent. They ran into the hall, broke Ghost Face Wall, and left the royal mausoleum via the exit. 

In an instant, almost everyone left the royal mausoleum. 

The remaining few rushed into the tunnel opposite them because they had panicked while Ninja King chased after them. 

Happy frowned. He moved in front of Ninja King and blocked his path. With Ninja King's speed, it would be as easy as breathing for him to catch up to and kill those people in the tunnel. 

"Hmph." Lu Mingyue's eyes lit up. "I was waiting for you to be a kindhearted idiot."

He crossed his arms over his chest before he flinging them out. With it, a few embroidery needles shot out with crystalline threads. 

Happy instantly let out a bark of laughter. Then, his expression became stern. "Thinking about using Ninja King against me? I'll make you lose so much that you'll admit that I'm superior to you today!"

In an instant, Happy entered a calm state where he was not fearful, angry, happy, or sad. Under the threat of Lu Mingyue and Ninja King, one of whom was near him while the other far away from him, he did something that caught everyone by surprise—he closed his eyes. 

He spread his qi, and it served as a radar that reflected everything within a circular area of one hundred and sixty-four feet to his brain in an incredibly clear manner. 

Four embroidery needles flew forward, and Ninja King came charging at him with a punch and a kick. 

Happy moved two feet, shifted his Noble Sword in front of his chest, and exerted force. 

Lu Mingyue cried out in surprise and cut off the connection with his threads. Then, he saw Happy use the force that he had prepared to attack him to exchange a violent blow with Ninja King.  

Happy and Ninja King did not take a step back for each other. They fought on equal footing!

"You're just asking for death!"

When Lu Mingyue saw that Happy had decided to be so arrogant, a hint of anger born out of humiliation flashed in his eyes. His attacks became even more frequent, denser, and more violent. 

'He's belittling me! He's blatantly looking down on me!'

Shick! Shick!

More embroidery needles were thrown at Happy with the sound of air being pierced. Lu Mingyue's expression was savage. He continued adjusting the attack trajectory and position of his embroidery needles in an attempt to interfere with Happy's attack rhythm.

But Happy had also become smarter. Every single time Lu Mingyue's attack were about to hit him, he would switch positions with Ninja King so that Ninja King would withstand some of the damage. No matter how fast Lu Mingyue was with his hands, he could not make adjustments at the last moment. Quite a few rounds of attacks ended up with him helping Happy attack Ninja King, and Happy even seized the chance to draw closer to him.

Not only did Lu Mingyue not pose any form of threat to Happy, he helped Happy attack Ninja King while having to constantly ensure his own safety. It was as if he was treading on thin ice, and he felt incredibly gloomy. 

Even though he used Soft Palm Strikes and Shadowless Needles, Happy's experience from his previous life was not for show.

If he closed his eyes, his perception of his surroundings became stronger, and his other senses became even more sensitive. As long as Lu Mingyue did not activate Sunflower Aura to interfere with him at full force, his attacks would hold absolutely no threat to him. 

Even though Lu Mingyue gradually noticed the problem and wanted to use Sunflower Aura a few times, he had his own pride as the successor of Sunflower Manual and Dongfang Dubai's disciple as well. 

He was not the main character in Happy's fight against Ninja King. If he could not even affect a person's fight from the side and had to use his full strength for that, it would be embarrassing and not fitting for his status. Even he would not be able to accept it. 

Besides, as time passed, Lu Mingyue gradually understood something. 

Happy clearly had the ability to fight head-on against Ninja King. By being on equal grounds with him on brute force, Happy indirectly proved that his abilities had improved to greater heights. 

Lu Mingyue admitted that he could not handle a Moksha Realm boss!

As Happy exchanged blows with Ninja King, Lu Mingyue's raging emotions gradually calmed, and he regained his composure. 

Even though he felt incredibly indignant, Happy's abilities were on display before him. Even if he fought at full strength together with Ninja King, he might not be able to kill Happy. 

When he thought about it carefully, Lu Mingyue did not attack again. 

He stopped and hung in the hall quietly so that he could watch the fiery battle between Happy and Ninja King with sparkling eyes.

A few minutes passed.

"Oh well."

Lu Mingyue sighed and flew over the hall lightly to leave it. He exited the royal mausoleum through the side hall. 

The few people who had fled into the tunnel ran back and were stunned dumb when they saw the scene before them. Their mouths hung open. 

"It'll take a long time to kill Ninja King. I suggest that you leave this place."

Happy's voice did not sound threatening at all. 

The people looked at each other at a loss. They wrapped their fists in their palms politely toward Happy at the same time and left the royal mausoleum.

Happy and Ninja King were instantly the only ones left.

The fierce fight continued. 


Lu Mingyue met quite a few people's cold stares and mocking looks outside the royal mausoleum. He rose from the ground calmly, and with a few jumps, quickly left...


At the same time, Class One Hall's Dream Clouds received a letter from Lu Mingyue. 

[I'm quitting the plan you mentioned.]

Dream Clouds' expression changed. She stopped training, and soon, another messenger pigeon arrived. It was from Towering Palace's master. The contents of the letter were about the same as those of Lu Mingyue's. She mentioned that she wanted to think about it further. 

Dream Clouds found herself speechless. 

She scowled and did not say anything for a long time.
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