Sword Among Us Chapter 363: Meeting Ninja King Again


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The tombs with Nation Protecting Divine Sword and the heirloom seal had one grade one masterpiece and one quest item respectively. It was a secret that everyone knew. 

Many people went for those two items when they challenged the royal mausoleum. 

Out of the two of them, however, Nation Protecting Divine Sword's tomb was easier to clear. While the eight General Puppets were very difficult to handle, it was basically impossible for them to instantly kill a powerful player on the Dragon Rank or Phoenix Rank. 

Hence, there were already a few people in the game who had obtained imperfect versions of Nation Protecting Divine Sword. The price for it reached up to 3,600,000 taels of silver, and it was worth a few masterpieces at once.

There were fewer people who had cast their eyes on the heirloom seal!

After all, Old Swordsman guarded it, and with one slash, not only could he cut through defenses and instantly destroy a Mystical Realm player's high-tier body fortification, he could even crush the players' organs. His battle prowess was even greater than that of Ninja King. 

The tomb might be small and the heirloom seal might be close to the players, but that distance was similar to the distance between heaven and hell. 

Once Old Swordsman instantly killed dozens of Mystical Realm players, all martial artists who entered the royal mausoleum consciously took a turn and walked around his tomb from then on. 

The second fearsome entity in the royal mausoleum was Ninja King. He usually lingered around the tomb with Nation Protecting Divine Sword while hiding himself with ninja arts. As long as the players did not get close to the tomb with Nation Protecting Divine Sword, he would usually not appear. 

Many of the martial artists who challenged the royal mausoleum already had a certain amount of experience. Once they charged through the first level—which left them in great disappointment—they entered the second level and rushed to the tomb with Nation Protecting Divine Sword without stopping. 

But when they reached it, they were just in time to see Happy rushing out of the royal tomb like a swimming dragon while chased by the eight General Puppets. The box in the tomb had already been opened. 

"Damn it!"

"He already snatched everything in the royal mausoleum."

Right when the group released all sorts of sighs with various emotions, a golden figure suddenly appeared in front of Happy, and without hesitation, it threw a palm strike that brought with it wind that could tear through dimensions at Happy's face. 

"Ninja King!" 

The group in the tunnel became excited. 

Ninja King, who had suddenly appeared, was just in time to form an encirclement with the eight General Puppet. Together, they trapped Happy in a lineup that would leave anyone injured or even killed. 

But unfortunately for the onlookers, the scene that happened next exceeded everyone's expectations. 


A simple but graceful golden bell that brought with it a forceful air that could faintly intimidate someone appeared around Happy's body an instant before the attack landed and caught Ninja King's palm. 

A loud bang rose up into the air. The golden bell was not damaged, but to Happy's satisfaction, Ninja King was affected by a huge rebound that came from the golden bell. He staggered two steps backwards, unable to maintain his balance. It left him full of openings. 


Happy seized the chance and shot past Ninja King. He did not stop and swiftly ran into the crowd. He ignored the stunned and incredulous gazes of the group and vanished like a loach. 

"Damn it!"


A few smart people in the group moved away quietly and waited until the group behind them cried out in surprise and cursed when they saw Ninja King and the General Puppets charge at them quickly and murderously. 

However, Ninja King's speed made it so that not everyone could shake him off. 

Disaster struck the slower players. 

"Go there! Don't lure him here…"

"Damn it!"

"Curse you!"

The screams of pain and curses in the tunnel behind Happy did not affect his footsteps. Once he obtained Nation Protecting Divine Sword, he headed to the hall in the second level of the royal mausoleum that had more than one hundred ninjas gathered in it. 

Moving figures entered his view. Cloning Ninjas, Knife-throwing Ninjas, Japanese Ninjas, and Shadow Warriors were packed densely, and countless gazes shifted to him like spotlights. 

A hint of burning enthusiasm appeared in Happy's eyes. 

While tightly holding his Noble Sword, he summoned his Golden Bell Cocoon. With a momentum of moving forward with an indomitable spirit, he charged forward like a swimming silver dragon. His abilities were on full display while he received the splitting throwing knives that filled the air. 

Without any care, he charged to the densest mass of ninjas in the hall. 

The elites who followed behind him were both dumbfounded and speechless.

Not long ago, someone had rushed into the hall to kill the ninjas because he had a Mystical Realm high-tier body fortification technique and outstanding equipment, but he had faced a tragic fate. 

Once he rushed into the crowd, dozens of splitting throwing knives and Shadow Warriors' fast attacks landed on him like a storm. They were so strong that he could not even hold his weapon properly. He was a sturdy target that kept on eating Dew Pills in the hall, but he still did not manage to last for even half a minute. In the end, he could not escape the fate of being dismembered. 

The man had indeed had great defenses, but when he faced such a dense wave of attacks, recovery and evasion become two attributes that were extremely important. If he could not recover, he could not execute his attacks, and if he could not dodge, what difference was he from a shooting target?

Happy, on the other hand, showed the elites what was known as an extremely powerful body fortification technique, an ability to recover one's posture, and moving about with ease like a fish in water while in a group battle. 

He did not pay attention to the splitting throwing knives when they came at him in twos or threes, and when the number increased, he activated Phantasm Body Movement Skill without hesitation so that most of the attacks would miss. 

At the same time, he swung his blade, and the dark blue sword light turned into rows of sword images that charged forward in large quantities and numerous layers. The force behind them was intimidating, and wherever they went, the ninjas fell to the ground like wheat. 

More people arrived at the tunnel across the hall. 

When they saw what was happening, they found themselves falling into instant silence. 

All ninjas in the hall moved. They surrounded Happy while he shifted around like a silver dragon. At that moment, even if someone wanted to join the fight, they would have to think carefully… about whether that silver dragon would bring its endless abilities and appear in front of them too. 

Everyone wisely chose to stay where they were. 

"What's that equipment?"

"I think it's a set. During the battle at Common Reed Bank, that imperial court general seemed to have that armor equipped."

"Golden Bell Cocoon actually has the effect of maintaining a person's posture?"

"Phantasm Body Movement Skill, Golden Bell Cocoon, set equipment, and Mystical Realm high-tier martial arts at Grandmaster Realm…"

The eyes of quite a few people sparkled. 

Even though most of them had obtained nothing in the trip, they had managed to personally witness Happy sweeping through the royal mausoleum and displaying even stronger abilities compared to the past. It made them feel that the trip was still worth their time. 

As time passed, all one hundred or so ninjas in the hall died!

Happy completely ignored the elites from the two tunnels to the left and right. He methodically gathered up the spoils on the ground and frowned slightly as he thought about how he should shake off everyone to fight against Ninja King. 

Even though his main goal was to obtain masterpieces to complete his trade with the mysterious Kind Tycoon, he still wanted to fight Ninja King. 

Even though Silver Aquatic Dragon Set was pretty good, equipment with echelons was already so common that many of the sect masters and vice sect masters of large-sized sects had them. It meant that soon, the advantage of set equipment would be completely gone. 

When that time came, Silver Aquatic Dragon Set would provide little to no help to him!

Happy's main goal was Golden Armor Set…

Right then, he had two parts of the set in his hands. As long as he could get the full Golden Armor Set, his attributes would receive a large increase. Even if he faced someone with a full set of equipment that had reached the first echelon, he would still have a pretty good advantage over them. 

More importantly, Golden Armor Set from the royal mausoleum was not something that was one of its kind. He would have a chance to get it every day, and once he accumulated enough parts, he could make them reach the first echelon. 

Just when Happy was thinking about how he was going to find a chance to kill Ninja King alone, a commotion suddenly broke out in the tunnel to the right. 

"Ninja King!"

"Lu Mingyue, you bastard!"
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