Sword Among Us Chapter 362: Charge Through the First Level


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This is what happened.

When the players, which had been delayed for some five minutes, entered the royal mausoleum, they activated their body fortifications and qi realms with incredible wariness, but they did not receive the splitting throwing knives that they thought would come at them. 

The hall of the royal mausoleum was deadly still and quiet, and there was no sign of life in it!

When they looked up, they saw that the sturdy Ghost Fact Wall had an irregular hole broken through its middle in an incredibly strange fashion. They looked through it, and they saw that there were Knife-throwing Ninjas' corpses everywhere in the cave.

The group was completely dumbfounded!

It had to be known that they had cooperated with Lu Mingyue and not entered the royal mausoleum because someone needed to attract the fire power of the Knife-throwing Ninjas and because Ghost Face Wall was very sturdy. Completely destroying it required nearly one hundred powerful attacks from Mystical Realm martial arts, which was why they had let Happy enter alone. 

By the looks of it though, their schemes had fallen short. 

Happy had not completely destroyed Ghost Face Wall, but had instead only opened a hole. 

Based on it, Happy had to have withstood great firepower while attacking the same spot until he opened the entrance, which was simply unbelievable. Just how great was his defense to do such a thing?

Even though Happy had helped them solve a problem, he also created an even greater one!

Right then, only one person could get through Ghost Face Wall at a time. So once more people arrived inside, all the people behind became angry. If they had to wait for their turn to enter the hole, then the resources in the first level would be completely taken away by Happy and the others. 

The players executed their strongest attacks at the same time and attacked Ghost Face Wall madly. Like that, they broke through the obstacle that forced them to stop in their tracks.

Time was money.

Everyone rushed into the tunnel at their fastest speed!


When they went inside, they became even more alarmed by what they saw. 

The ninjas' corpses were pressed closely to each other. Whoever had killed them had clearly not wasted a lot of time on them. He easily killed them with just a few slashes. 

Everyone was shocked by Happy's strength, and the mood gradually sank. The more certain they became that Happy had quickly killed the ninjas, the higher the possibility that he was already very far ahead of them became. The probability of meeting any ninjas along the way also dropped. 

The decrease in resources meant that their chances of getting anything became very low!

Aside from increasing their speed and charging ahead at full power, they could do nothing about it. 

When they saw the brocade boxes that had not been touched in the side halls, they could not help themselves and put their hands on them. 

The value of the items in the brocade box might not be high, but the ninjas who appeared after they triggered the mechanisms had a certain chance of having some rewards. 

Of course, there were still some people whose attention was not diverted by the items along the way. They just charged forward without stopping deeper into the tunnel. 


"Damn it!"

"Life and Death Circuit is cleared as well."

"Continue chasing after him! He should be nearby!"

A group of people arrived at Life and Death Circuit. They stopped for a few seconds at the entrance, then cursed and headed further into the depths of the royal mausoleum. 

As they hastily ventured deeper, they found that the number of ninjas' corpses in the tunnel had increased. 

Among them were Cloning Ninjas, Shadow Warriors, and Shadow Ninjas. By the looks of it, even Life and Death Realm ninjas could not stop Happy from moving forward or even slow him down. 

"Damn it."

"Almost half of the ninjas in the first level died in his hands."

The group that led the charge did not just have outstanding lightness skills, but were also elites on the Dragon Rank. At that moment, their expressions were incredibly unpleasant. 

"There were at least two hundred corpses on our way here. Even if we worked together, we would not have been able to reach this place within such a short amount of time. Just what sort of monster is he?"

One of them did not say anything. 

There was one man with Golden Gloves in the team, and he instructed his companions with a solemn expression. "No matter what, if we run into him later, don't provoke him, and don't kill-steal him. Otherwise, if something happens, don't blame me for abandoning you." 

All he got for his kindness was a mass wave of eyerolls. 

"Duh. Do you even need to say it?"

"Who would have the time and energy to provoke him? Only retards like Lu Mingyue will do such a thing. I'd like to know how that guy will react when he learns that Happy fought all the way to this place alone."

"We'll know if we just stop and wait for him here." Someone cackled coldly. 

"Ah, quiet, you."

They did not slow down while they spoke. They passed by another two groups of ninjas' corpses before they finally saw Happy at the latter half of the first level of the royal mausoleum. 

When the sound of fighting reached their ears, their eyes lit up, and their expressions became those of pleasant surprise. 

"We caught up!"

"Damn it, it sure took us a lot of effort, but at least he didn't manage to charge through the first level entirely on his own." 

As they spoke, they took a turn and saw Happy fighting fiercely against Ninja King's clone, who was dressed in Golden Armor. Their gazes froze upon catching sight of that. 

Happy was dressed in silver armor, and his image was completely different from the one in the battle replay. Some of his elegant, scholarly air had disappeared, and he now looked a little mightier and more heroic. 

When fighting against Ninja King's clone, he had the upper hand and overwhelming advantage. 

The group was stunned silent upon seeing that. They stopped moving and looked at each other at a loss. 

"He even managed to find Ninja King's clone. What should we do now?"

"Ignore him."

The man with Golden Gloves sucked in a deep breath and activated his body fortification. "Don't stop here. If we continue to dilly-dally in this place, we'll run out of things to loot in the first level. Let's go!"

Once he finished speaking, he wrapped his fist in his palm and saluted Happy. 

"Pardon me! Passing through!"

"Sure thing."

Happy did not even turn his head around. While he answered, he violently executed two slashes on Ninja King's clone, delivering such a great shock to Ninja King's clone that it staggered backwards repeatedly. Then, he chased after it like a shadow. Noble Sword shone with layers of light and attacked like a never-ending stream. It struck armor on Ninja King's clone with the force of a tidal wave. 

The group carefully moved past Happy and Ninja King's clone, but before they could venture far, they suddenly heard a dull thud behind them. Then, everything became silent. They were curious, and they turned their heads around to look, only to find Happy picking up an exquisite Universe Bag from the body of Ninja King's clone. 

They felt fear in their hearts. 

'So fast…'

Before they could react, Happy shot past them without stopping. He completely ignored their shocked gazes and swiftly moved past them like a silver light. 

He left behind the group whose members smiled in anguish and resignation. 

They could understand why Happy had decided to not give them any resources, because they had chosen to treat him as competition from the moment they entered the royal mausoleum. 

It was all a bitter taste of karma when Happy chose to treat them as competition as well. 

Even though there was still the second level of the royal mausoleum, with the abilities Happy displayed right then, he might not leave behind a lot of resources in the second level for them as well. 


Their assumptions were correct. 

Once Happy got rid of Ninja King's clone, he charged straight to the second level's entrance and killed Shadow Ninjas, since they had a relatively higher chance of dropping masterpieces. Then, he shot into the second level of the royal mausoleum without hesitation. 


He charged past the Soldier Puppets in the second level of the royal mausoleum. When the soldiers completely woke up, Happy had already taken a turn and entered another tunnel. 

He treated all the Soldier Puppets he passed by the same way.

They either lost their target the moment they woke up, or they were forced a few steps back by Happy's Golden Bell Cocoon and then lost sight of him. 

Happy's target was very clear: the tomb with Nation Protecting Divine Sword!

With his defense right then, he could withstand the attacks from the eight General Puppets. 

Happy would only have the courage to refine his sword to gain the first echelon after he gained his second Nation Protecting Divine Sword!
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