Sword Among Us Chapter 166: Blackmail Him to the Very End


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"You only have one Ten Thousand Poisonous Palm?"

Little North looked like a young girl who had been wronged under Happy's gaze. He nodded vigorously in a slow-witted manner. His gaze was still fixed on the high-tier martial art manual he had just handed over. He looked very reluctant and unwilling to part with it.

"Really?" Happy looked at Little North with a face full of puzzlement. He watched Little North for a moment, then when he saw that he had decided to be stubborn and not give up on his books, he could not help but sigh. "If that's the case, I can release one of your zombies, but the other one dies."


Another martial art manual with a black cover and a ghastly aura landed in Happy's hand. There were four startling words on the cover—Ten Thousand Poisonous Palms. It looked exactly the same as the previous book.

The effect of the threat was very clear.

"That'll do, right?" Little North looked at Happy tentatively, as if he was afraid that Happy would go against his words.

"That's better."

Happy just knew he had those manuals. Little North had been in the mass grave for a long period of time. No matter how dumb of a person he was, he would still know how to use their zombie puppets to lure Mystical Realm zombies and kill them in a discontinuous wave. With that being the case, Little North would naturally have a lot of manuals.

Did he actually think that he could fool Happy with just one Ten Thousand Poisonous Palms manual? How old was he? Three?

Happy put away the two Ten Thousand Poisonous Palms manuals in a bold and guilt-free manner. Then, he took away the Hundred-battle Saber from the zombie puppets' necks.

"Whew." Little North finally released a breath of relief. He quickly ran over and checked the backs of the heads of his two precious zombies. "Um, brother, how did you know that they have a weakness there?"

As a professional Corpse Herder, Little North naturally did not want for the zombies he took so much trouble to cultivate to be so easily subdued. When he asked his question, he look at the blue-robed young man with an eager gaze.

Happy held out a hand in an incredibly resolute manner.

Little North was stunned silent when he saw Happy asking for more. He was dumbfounded for some time before he said, "I really don't have anymore…"

Happy did not say anything. He turned around and left.

"Ah, brother!"

Little North instantly became anxious. With his two precious zombies, he chased after Happy while calling out to him. He held a shiny and black martial art manual in his hand.

"This is the last. It's really my last. Please, tell me."

"Give it to me, and I'll tell you." Happy's tone was indifferent. He did not believe in Little North's words. The brat was basically an actor!

The third Ten Thousand Poisonous Palms landed in Happy's hands. When he saw the pained look on Little North's face, he felt the displeasure from being ambushed disappear into the wind. His rewards were quite great.

"Regardless of whether a person is dead or alive, the part connected to the spine at the back of their heads is the reflex center. When it receives a great blow, it will naturally be affected. Judging by your actions, I can tell that you haven't mastered controlling your zombie puppets yet. When they will reach Mystical Realm and will be able to run around like those zombies outside, the strength of their physical bodies will also increase. At that time, their command of the body won't be interrupted, and no matter how strong the attack is…"


There was a look of realization on Little North's face. He released a sigh of relief as if a huge burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

He was really worried that any Tom, Dick, and Harry could just strike the back of his precious zombies' heads and they would stop moving. If that were the case, wouldn't he end up as a joke in the future?

Even though the fee he had to hand over for the information made his heart bleed, Happy's explanation brought relief to his wound up heart.

"Um, Big Brother Happy, how did you get in here? How did you know that the zombies would drop Ten Thousand Poisonous Palms? And how do you know so much about the zombies themselves?"

"You idiot." Happy rolled his eyes and looked at him askance. "Did you actually think Luoyang is the only place with a mass grave? There's a whole lot more Corpse Herders in Xiangxi compared to this place."


Little North was stunned. He smiled sheepishly and rubbed his nose. "Hehe. I see, I thought that I was the only one lucky enough to trigger the quest from Corpse Sect. I actually intended to train up a few powerful zombies before I go to wander around the land. By the looks of what happened today, it seems that I'm nothing more than a frog in the well. Big Brother Happy, you really live up to your name as the person ranked in third place on the Famous People Rank!"

"Don't undervalue yourself." Happy put away the mocking look on his face, and for the first time looked at Little North with a stern expression. "If you learn how to make your zombie puppets work together and make them cover each other's weaknesses, then use the Corpse-rotting Poison Powder that zombies drop, it'll be very easy for you to handle two or even three of the current Blessed Realm players at once. I wouldn't have such an easy time dealing with them either. When you master your zombie puppetry skills, you won't have a problem wandering around the lands."

Happy never had any affection for players who liked scheming against others in the dark, but Little North had sincerely offered up three high-tier martial art manuals and humbled himself. If Happy did not repay him a little, it would be against the laws of the universe. Besides, from what he could see, the youth was not actually evil.

His words instantly motivated Little North, and soon, a smile blossomed on his face.

"That's right. I've been fighting zombies and have never thought of actually using Corpse-rotting Poison Powder. Since I'm already in an evil sect, I might as well be evil to the core! Haha! I'm really too stupid! Thank you so much, Big Brother Happy!"

"You're welcome."

Once he finished speaking, Happy jumped a few times, leaving Little North behind him, and entered the depths of the mass grave.

Little North watched Happy leave from where he stood. He then brought his two precious zombies in another direction.


Happy avoided the few zombies on the way until the green miasma around him grew thicker. When he was in slight discomfort, he brought out an antidote from his Universe Bag and put it into his mouth before continuing to the depths of the mass grave!

Even though he had obtained three manuals of the Ten Thousand Poisonous Palms, Happy wanted to train a little in the mass grave. While doing so, he could gather more high-tier martial art manuals. He also wanted to try his luck and see whether he could run into supreme-grade puppets cultivated by the Corpse Sect—Thousand Year Corpse King.

The world outside did not yet know that Thousand Year Corpse Kings were battle puppets that were at the peak of Mystical Realm. Not only did they have the Thousand Corpses, Ten Thousand Poisonous Palms, which were of an even higher grade, but they also had masterpieces all over their bodies. They could be considered as supreme grade zombies with treasures all over them. When fighting them, there was also a chance that extremely rare treasures such as Poison Resistance Pills and Corpse Dissolving Powder would drop.

In his past life, Happy has seen many occurences when sects fought against each other just to have the right to fight against one Thousand Year Corpse King. In the end, they would battle until there was total chaos and corpses were strewn all over the land.

One time, it all ended with the one Poison Resistance Pill being bought by the sect master of Five Venoms for five hundred taels of gold crumbs in an auction, and it was to be sealed away for safekeeping for eternity!

The path Happy took led to the forbidden grounds at the back of Corpse Sect—Corpse Grave!

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It was the area where the Thousand Year Corpse King spawned! However, it was a very dangerous region, because the zombie population there was the densest.

As of then, no one knew about that region, and neither did they have the courage to get close to it, which was why Happy had the thought to explore it a little and see whether he could run into the Thousand Year Corpse King at the periphery of the area.

If he was lucky, he could kill one Thousand Year Corpse King and say goodbye to his beginner-grade equipment—Great Wolf Fur Equipment Set.


Happy's luck was not very good.

When he avoided a stream of zombies and arrived at the periphery of a grand mass of tombs, he found around a dozen zombies with ferocious expressions wandering mindlessly at the entrance to Corpse Grave, which was hidden by grass.

Death aura surrounded them, and their presence was astonishing!

Behind those zombies was a huge zombie that was as thin as a stick. It was a Skeleton Demon with a deformed body. It looked around mechanically, its black pupils letting out terrifying sparks. 

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