Sword Among Us Chapter 165: Rob the Local Tyrant!


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Corpse Controllers!

Later on, people also called them Corpse Herders.


It was not good to run into such people.

Corpse Controllers could use all sorts of methods to control zombies and make them attack their enemies from a distance. Corpse Controllers themselves would either stand at a spot very far away from the battlefield to control the entire situation or ambush their enemies from the side. They always brought a great threat to their enemies.

When controlled by the players, zombies became even more agile and difficult to handle. Hence, Happy had only noticed the zombies when they ambushed him. 

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Fortunately, he was well-versed in adapting to emergencies and sudden enemy attacks, which was why he was not shocked by such a simple ambush. If another player had seen two terrifying zombies pounce on them from the dark, they might have been utterly terrified and unable to keep their composure.

The two zombies landed lightly on the ground when they descended from their "flight" before they shot up again. It looked like they would not give up until they died. They just had to kill Happy, which instantly angered him.

"Perfect timing!"

Even though the zombies were very sturdy and players would find it hard to cut their skin with swords and sabers, this did not mean that zombies were invincible. Because of his experience, Happy knew just how hard it was to train a zombie, which was why he had a strange sense of disgust toward Corpse Controllers.

To put it nicely, the people who toyed with the bodies of the dead were careless, and to put it in rather unkind words, they were people with twisted minds. A person who decided to kill another without even greeting them was definitely someone who did things like robbing others of their possessions. There was no need for Happy to show them any mercy.

When he saw the two Blessed Realm zombies pounce on him again, his expression darkened. He put away his Hundred-battle Saber, and with his palms, he went up to attack the zombie on his left.

Happy was not afraid of enemies in Mystical Realm, so why would he be afraid of zombies that had not even reached great completion in Blessed Realm?

The combat abilities of zombies in Blessed Realm were not even half of the zombies in Mystical Realm. Their attributes were not high, and their movements and speed could not catch up to living beings. Once Happy easily went behind one of them, he struck the back of the zombie's head.


A clear slap sounded. Happy then agilely retreated several feet backwards in the face of the other zombie's attack.

The slap actually made the zombie stagger, and it lost its balance. It was dazed for a few seconds.

The other zombie's attack suddenly became fiercer. It moved as quickly as wind and chased after Happy as he shifted to the left and right. When it attacked, its palms were so quick that they created a gust of wind, and it stuck close to Happy like glue!


Happy came to a swift halt. Then, with extremely quick movements, he suddenly turned around and caught the zombie's outstretched arm. Violent qi surged straight into the zombie's body and dispelled all of its resistance. Happy tugged at the arm, then seized it with Golden Dragon Stretches Claw.

He completed his actions in an instant.

The zombie was dragged around so much that it instantly lost its balance.


Happy raised his palm and brought it down.

He straightened his palm into the knifehand and struck the back of the zombie's head.

The zombie immediately began swaying, as if drunk, and wobbled on its feet until it lost its fighting ability. It staggered around, unable to straighten up. Its terrifying face actually looked very hilarious at that moment.


When the sound of wind being pierced arose, Happy did not even look up. He moved when an arrow struck deep into the tombstone beside him. The Corpse Controller who had hidden in the dark had finally been unable to hold himself back.

The arrow had missed, and the Corpse Controller stood up from behind a tombstone. He had finally been unable to hold himself back and decided to attack personally. He grabbed another arrow and moved toward Happy.

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears were required to cultivate two masterless, normal corpses into Blessed Realm zombies. Right then, he had not even fully mastered the art of controlling zombies and was not qualified to leave the mass grave. However, it was not normal for someone to easily break his control over the zombies, so there was no way that the person who instigated the attack would not be shocked and apprehensive.

Even though he was a little regretful that he offended Happy, he was a lot more reluctant to part with his Blessed Realm zombies.

"Brother, please have mercy!"

Happy turned coldly toward the young man who had walked closer. He brought out his Hundred-battle saber and placed it next to the silly zombie's neck. He did not move away because of the young man's cries. The back of the head was not the only weakness of a zombie; its entire head was its weakness.

If a person attacked the back of a zombie's head, the zombie's receptors would be affected, and the zombie would temporarily lose its mobility. This was only effective to the zombies controlled by players, however. If a zombie's head was cut off, the zombie would definitely die, and that was effective against all zombies.

"Why did you ambush me?"

The young man did not say anything.

He seemed very young, around twenty years old. After walking out, he stopped a few feet from Happy with an awkward look on his face. When he heard Happy's question, he hesitated for a while before he answered with an apologetic look.

"My name is Little North. Um… brother, please don't be angry. I've been in the mass grave for around two months, and no players have ever come here. When I saw you enter, I couldn't help but want to test my skills."

He paused for a moment before he smiled wanly and continued. "I thought that with two zombies, I could at least hold my ground against the powerful martial artists in the game, but I didn't think that they would be so easily defeated…" While he spoke, he shook his head. "I've really wasted my time over the past two months."

Happy's expression did not change.

If he had not known about the zombies' weakness, he would have, without a doubt, died in the god-forsaken place when he ran into the two stupid Blessed Realm zombies.

"Do you think the matter will be resolved by you saying a few words? It'd be best if you thought about it carefully. Should I destroy your two useless zombies, or will you pay a fee for the mental damage you caused?"

Little North said nothing. The young man clearly did not expect that Happy would be so straightforward. When he saw the glare of the saber placed across his priced zombie's neck become much brighter, he was instantly shocked, and sweat drenched his body. "Don't! We can negotiate! I'll pay…"

Even though his Blessed Realm zombies had lost, he had actually been very successful in the mass grave because of them.

By relying on them to fight against other zombies, not only did he level up his martial arts, he also obtained quite a lot of good stuff. If Happy cut off their heads, Little North would need to spend a lot of time to cultivate another pair...

After saying that he would reimburse Happy, Little North's expression turned gloomy. "But I don't have money..."

Happy said nothing.

"Wait! WAIT!" The dark blue glare on the Hundred-battle Saber made Little North's face pale. He quickly tried to appease Happy. "I'll use items to make it up to you, items!"

While he cursed in his heart, he moaned about how unlucky he was. Why did he choose to rob a major fiend that was in the World of Martial Arts Secret Long News? But he had only learned who Happy was at the moment he attacked, because the system told him the name of the player with whom he had entered combat.

"But I don't have any items either."

Little North's face filled with shame, and he snuck a glance at Happy.

Happy lifted his Hundred-battle Saber slightly, and Little North immediately got rid of his idea to try his luck by pretending to be pitiful so that Happy would spare him. He brought out a stack of silver notes in desperation.

Happy still said nothing. He cast them a faint glance before he said expressionlessly, "You can leave now, but the zombies stay."

"Don't, brother!"

Little North had always thought that his zombie puppets were his greatest weapons and treasures, but right then, they became the tools his enemies used to blackmail him. He really wanted to cry.

"Brother, what do you want? Can't you just tell me?"

What he did not know was that Happy had been waiting for that sentence.

"Did you say that you've been here for around two months?"


Happy's smile and the great change in his attitude made Little North incredibly uneasy. He felt that Happy had some scheme cooked up, but when he saw his two zombie puppets under the Hundred-battle Saber, he had to accept his fate. He nodded vigorously while sweat beaded on his forehead. He did not dare to be negligent. 

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