Survival Records of 3650 days in the Otherworld Chapter 353: Ancient Site 3


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"This really came from the Emperor?"
"This will block all corruption!"
"This is amazing."
One of the men shouted furiously. Some others became shocked at the man.
"Hey, young man. Why do you think it's absurd?" an older man asked with a hostile voice. All the other people seemed to be very wary against the man who shouted furiously.
"Did he just say 'absurd' to this brilliant idea?"
"Is he crazy?"
People began to gather up and the man became cornered. He then became a bit scared and replied hastily.
"I-I mean it's absurd that such a brilliant idea can be thought of! It's amazing."
The man hastily replied and shook his head. People then turned away and disbanded. But the young man seemed disturbed and annoyed.
'This is crazy… this is our time! This can't be!'
There were a lot of young individuals who were being trained in the Empire's Academy who seemed to be furious from the new law. Even the government officials seemed to be shocked by the idea.
But there was no way to reject this idea.
"There is no other way to object this."
"The Emperor wants us to stay away from wealth…"
"But who would want to take the job if that's being taken away?"
"This is not right."
"I think we, the student council of the Rondai Academy, should raise an objection to the new law."
Some students seemed to be angry about the law and tried to raise an objection formally. As these students were born and raised after the Khalodian Empire had came into place, they had never experienced the poverty, hardship and all those brutal lives of the past. And also, they had taken all goodness that had happened after the Khalodian Empire as granted, so that they did not find any thankfulness for the Empire, nor the Emperor. But when this happened, it was their families who became outraged by their sons and daughters.
"HOW DARE YOU! You cannot say such a thing to the Emperor!"
"How dare you speak ill of His Majesty?! You are not my son anymore!"
And with the older generation backing up the Emperor's decision, all talks of objecting the new law disappeared very quickly as its opposing factions had been new generation that only came into place very recently. They could not disobey their parents or their grandparents beyond them.
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