Survival Records of 3650 days in the Otherworld Chapter 352: Ancient Site 2


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That's when soldiers all saw something weird up in the sky. Everyone turned up to the sky and saw a giant being flying through the sky casually. The giant being covered the sun, drawing a shadow over all the soldiers.
"Wow! Guardians of the land!"
"I heard they're friends with His Majesty?"
"Is that true?"
"Of course! I can imagine no less from His Majesty."
"Yeah, haha. Did you see the Kongs?"
"Kong? Oh, you mean that giant monkey thing?'
Soldiers began talking to each other as they cleaned up the mess, and giant dragons flew by them over the sky toward the Khalodian Mountain Range.
Cold, wet air swept through. It was a very unique experience to ride a giant dragon's back in the sky.
'To be on a dragon…' Joonbum thought as he stood on the back of the dragon. They were now flying toward the site where the remains of an otherworld entity had been found.
"What are you thinking?" Jinpok asked.
"Just… thinking of all the things we have gone through."
Jinpok nodded. He seemed calm, but he knew what Joonbum meant. Unlike Jinpok however, Doral seemed to be concerned. Joonbum knew why.
-What do you think about Duval, sir?
It was Jackson's voice who had a hint of concern when he asked Joonbum before he left for the site. Jackson seemed to be troubled.
-Duval? He's a genius.
Jackson's eyes turned cold. He then spoke with a colder voice.
-It seems like the first generation is preparing for a revolt… independence. They seemed to be 'persuaded' by the books from Earth.
-Let them be. They are free to do whatever they choose to do.
Jackson seemed really troubled when he heard that. His expression was asking if Joonbum was willing to give up the seat of the Emperor. He was asking if Joonbum was ready to give up the power. Jackson also seemed to be disappointed by everything. Joonbum then spoke to him.
-Weren't we ready to retire and live in the countryside? There is no right or wrong way to lead the world. We have done well, but it's far from perfect. If our next generation feels need to take other steps, let's have them do it.
-They will destroy everything we have accomplished.
It was the last wish. Last greed. Jackson had done everything without his personal desire, but this was his only wish. And he deserved it.
-Yes… but what can we do? It's not like we can take it to our graves. This world is not ours. It's nobody's. We just live our lives, then hand it over to the next generation to come. Let's not try to cling on to what is not ours.
Jackson hesitated for a second, and sighed. He then brightened up and spoke.
-Then, shall we open a path?
-Yeah. Let's give them a chance to do what they want with our blessing. Let them change the world to what they think is right. Meanwhile, we can retire from everything and just enjoy life to the fullest.
Jackson laughed hollowly, but he was also grateful.
-I heard that power is something that you cannot let go of. But you… I understand, Your Majesty. I will make preparations for them to move on. However, I will not let them abuse the power they will acquire.

Joonbum smiled.
-Ah. So will you really do that? You sure?
-Of course. It will be under your name since nobody will object to your idea yet.
All Joonbum needed to do was nod to Jackson's plan.
-Then I will wait for you with everything by the time you're back, sir.
"Oh, Jackson must've started by now," Jinpok said while Joonbum came back from his thoughts. Doral also nodded.
"Yeah, I think so."
"Do you think it will work? Humans…" Doral asked worryingly. It was about time for the new law to go into effect. It was a special law to forbid any government officials from capitalizing on their properties. It was a law that required all officials to control properties of the government. A strong audit by all individuals and their families followed soon after.
"Some people will object, but it will work."
"Yeah. I mean, it's still the Emperor's order after all."
Jinpok cackled as he spoke. Doral also smiled.
[I guess all of you don't regret retiring?]
Suddenly, a thought came into all three heads. It was Graham and his special power to send messages directly into people's thoughts.
"Not really."
[The Ainos do not care about powers.]
Graham nodded. He was a dragon, but he was also a human a long time ago so he knew very well what it was like to retire from a powerful position.
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