Survival Records of 3650 days in the Otherworld Chapter 299: Goblin labyrinth 3


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"We passed the fortress."
The troops began moving past the burnt fortress toward the cavern. Soldiers quickly moved to place down sandbags at the front of the cavern entrance and quickly formed a basic barricade with barbed wire and machine guns.
"It's done," Jinpok mumbled as tens of heavy machine guns were placed down, ready to fire.
"They're coming!" Doral shouted and everyone turned to the cavern.
"Kieeeek, human!"
"Enemy! Die!"
"Revenge! Keeeek!"
Goblins began rushing out of the cavern. There were goblins with shields leading the charge, with various other goblins following closely behind them.
"Ready! Fire!"
The sky was filled with arrows, and when they landed, multiple goblins were killed at once.
"Keeek! Arrows!"
The goblins shielded themselves with crudely-made wooden shields as they charged out of the cave. However, they soon screamed in agony as they were caught in the barbed wire, shredding themselves while struggling within it.
"This is crazy."
"Keeek! Human! Kill!"
The first wave of goblins was caught in the barbed wire, but the other goblins that followed did not care. They began climbing on the backs of the goblins in the barbed wire to get over them.
"They know how to fight."
Jinpok mumbled and an officer nodded.
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"Yes, Commander. We have received a report that these goblins are experienced with fighting the human Earth survivors. And there are instances where they captured humans alive to take them back to their lair."
"What? For what?" Jinpok asked with a frown and everyone turned to the officer. Joonbum had not heard anything about that before either.
"It has not been confirmed, but after gathering statements from multiple witnesses, we have concluded that many people are missing because the goblins kidnap them. The people that have been taken range from the young to the old and are from both genders, so it is uncertain as to why they are doing this."
Jinpok frowned in disgust.
"Hey! Did you really not know about this?"
It was Jinpok who asked, but everyone else had the same question in their mind.
"I don't think anyone is sure, sir. But my personal speculation is that they are using these people."
"From what we've seen, their weapons aren't just something that they picked up. They are definitely being made. However, goblins cannot make it on their own with their limited hand functions."
An explosion was heard at that moment, and everyone turned toward the sound.
"They're still coming out."
"It's endless."
A countless number of goblins poured out of the cave. Cannon fire rained over them, but there were just too many.
"This is like a zombie movie."
It was almost similar in that the goblins charged in no matter what happened to the others. Soon, the goblins used their four limbs to run. It increased their running speed by a huge margin.

"Use the flamethrowers! Start the fires!"
With corpses piling up, goblins began using the corpses as shields.
"Keek! Hide! Bodies!"
There seemed to be smarter goblins that were ordering the others to act. The Ainos snipers shot at those goblins from the trees, but they couldn't kill them since they had helmets on.
The flamethrowers started fires on the piles of bodies, creating a foul stench throughout the battlefield. With the huge fires, goblins stopped coming out.
"Cease fire!"
With that order, all the guns and arrows stopped firing.
"This is crazy."
"I wonder how many are still inside?"
They had learned that the cavern had thousands of goblins living inside, but it was still unbelievable to see it with their own eyes.
"I think we just killed about twenty thousand."
Everyone frowned at the officer's words. Those were unbelievable numbers.
"The 1st battalion will change places with the 2nd battalion!"
"Make it quick! 2nd battalion, get to your positions!"
Soldiers began to change positions with the others who were behind them. With horns and drums, the soldiers quickly prepared for the next battle.
"Here comes round two," Jinpok said with a huge grin.

End of Chapter
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