Sure I will eat ghouls and humans Chapter 7: Chapter 7: The 24th ward!


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[Oh what do we have here, looks like a disgusting oji-chan] Eto spoke in a mocking and playful tone. Ragya didn't say anything only looking at the man with cold eyes. But the man who was irritated and slightly angry by Etos mocking tone charged towards them.
[I'll show you how disgusting I can be when I eat you both alive!!!] He ran towards Eto and Ragya and a bikaku kagune manifested giving him extra speed slashing towards them. Eto also ran towards him manifesting her kukaku kagune and blocking his incoming attack while Ragya attacked from the side with her kagune.


Before he could realize the situation he was already pierced by Ragyas rinkaku splitting him in two halves.

[Let's go.] Ragya spoke for the first time in almost three days but it was only a light whisper and her voice sounded extremely hoarse almost painful to the ear. But Eto gave her a happy smile and a nod. She was happy that Ragya talked again, even though her voice sounded painful to the ear she didn't mind it at all. She thinks it only makes her more attractive seeing her perfection turning into imperfection. They were both holding hands again going deeper down. While they were walking Ragya was thinking about what she knew about the 24th ward.

[Eto I know a few thing about the 24th ward.] Ragya said to Eto in hoarse whispering tone and began to explain.
[The 24th ward encompasses the deepest parts of the large labyrinth that ghouls dug in Tokyos underground in the past. It has also been stated by many people and the CCG that it is by far the most horrible place out of all the wards in Tokyo due to the difference in human to ghoul ratio and even if you are a ghoul you aren't safe because there are many cannibals here and everything works with the law of the strongest, meaning if you are strong you are safe!]
[We are probably around B rank in the ghoul society and if we work together we can probably kill a A rank but still, we are almost on the bottom of the food chain here.]

[We have to get stonger Ragya-chan!] Eto declared with determination but Ragya gave only a nod, as her throat started to hurt from all the talking and she doesn't really think her throat will ever get better even though she had a rinkaku kagune and with it came great regenerative power but she could feel that on the day she called for her mother something got permanently damaged making her unable to speak normal nor for a long time. For Ragya it was pretty irrelevant and she noticed most things were now irrelevant and the few emotions she gained in this life were pretty much gone. The only spark of emotions she still had were the emotions she had for her always cheerfully Eto-chan who already showed signs of sadism but Ragya liked her that way the most in her previous life and this life.

{I don't need happiness or emotions as long as Eto-chan is happy I'll be happy too!}Ragya sweared this to herself with absolute determination.

Ragya and Eto walked for 3 whole hours when they finally arrived in a sort of giant cave with lots of buildings looking like a mixture of slums and normal houses which were big and small but the slums occupied 3/4 of the whole place.

[So we arrived at the 24th ward!]


Chapter 9 will be a time skip!

I also thought about a nickname for Ragya and I think I will go with something like "Mute Demon" or something similar.
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