Supreme God of Swords System Chapter 1: Yearning....


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Here he is again, in his bed looking for another novel in his phone. David Ritz is, of course looking for novels that has an mc that is a swordsman. He has read most of them already, but David still goes looking just in case there's a new one. He has yearned to be a swordsman for sometime now. David looks at the new webpage he found months ago, in frustration he shuts his smart phone screen, and starts to get undress. He grabs a tower and heads for the bathroom.

While showering David starts thinking about in the times he lives in and how unrealistic his dream of being a swordsman is. We live in a world where hot weapons and technology rule. So unlucky he is to be born in such times. After finishing his shower, David gets dress and heads for the exit door of his apartment. The building he lives in is your topical uptown New York City building. David is a video game store retail salesman. He doesn't particularly like his job, but he doesn't hate it either. He'd like more once, but at 22 he is dying inside. The closes to a friend David has is his roomate, Jacob. And the two of them don't even like each other 90% of the time.

In his way to the store David thought of the passion he once had for playing baseball, I was pretty good, if I do say so myself, David thought to himself smirking. He was popular once upon a time, high school to be more specific. Has tall, lean, athletic and handsome according to some. He good enough to win half a dozen scholarships offers. David accepted St John's university offer, he didn't get to play for them thought. In a scrimmage game David blowup his right knee, he winced remembering the pain. It was like no other pain he has ever felt, it wasn't physical pain. It was the reminder that his scholarship is going down the drained. And it did. Since it was in the fall they had time to look for a replacement for me.

And it was in those moments that I got my new passion swords, to be more accurate to be a swordsman. Swords are magnificent, I find them fascinating. David tried to shook his thoughts away, while walking in memory lane, David realize he just crossed the street on a green light, that's when he heard the horns. He looks that way just to see the truck heading his way. And David thoughts blanked, all he could think about was how truck-kun has finally come for him. After that he thought of his mother who had kicked him out of the house to teach him a lesson. He prayed then, for his mother, David had never begrudge her for kicking him out. He was at fault after all, but he never told her. Sighs, truck-kun you better at least take me somewhere nice, then David felt the hit, and his thoughts blackened.

When David came to the first thing he felt was pain, not just physical pain, thought there was that. This was deeper, his mind and body was being ripped apart. As time passed the pained intensified, there was so much pain that he doesn't even know how long of a time went by, but as it passed he got used to the pain. It didn't go away, but all he felt was numbness after that. But David thought that it was some how worse than the pain. Then something change. Something was fighting him, pushing back, it was the that the pain came back as fierce as ever. Then David felt anger, never has he felt such rage, he did something that came instinctively to him in this phase, he cut horizontally like he had a sword on his hands, he felt something give. And then he heard the most horrifying shriek of pain he has ever heard.
As the sound of pain quiet, the pain in David lessened. Then he heard a whisper: "Take care of her, please, I begged you."

With the silence of the other person, David is able to make out the feelings of the other person like they were his. David could feel pleading, regret and hatred. Not directed at him, but at somebody else, but the love this person feel for someone that caught his attention. David doesn't know who "her" is. But it's "her" this person loves. David, then understood why this person had such will to survive, he was doing it for her.

As he gather his thoughts David said: "What is the name of the person you want to protect?"

The response is not what he expected, instead of words, David is bombarded with memories of a beautiful black haired girl with big black eyes, she looked about 11 or 12 years old. She was smiling back at me. Other information appeared in my brain, tons of it, but the memories of the girl were standing out the most, it was as if someone highlighted
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