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"Take him away , TAKE HIMM AWAY FROM MY EYES..."

"Are you gone mad King...?? She was the only barrier to capture Country I and to enter in X continent... I did it for your own Good..."

The middle aged man said somewhat arrogantly hiding his fear ...

He revealed "And to tell you the truth... She was the one who slept with that Sebastian guy... and she was also the one who is the mother of his kids ..."

He stopped for a second and said "And she is the one who is called Stella ... That Stella Smith we were looking for... if I had known it earlier I have killed her both kids her son and as well as daughter... We killed her Brother Seth Smith and now that girl... now it's time for Isabella and Maximus to be killed..."

The King was totally caught off guard my the revelation never in his dream he thought the girl he met a month ago was the girl he was looking for ages...

He was still in delimma when a thought hit him hard ...

He said "No one will touch her family ... none of you are allowed to touch them.."

The middle aged man who was the Step Brother of The King's mother and Uncle by his relation he said "King Don't be so selfish... you liked that Queen Vanessa not That Stella... You and Vanessa were like siblings not you and Stella... So kindly come back to your senses before its too late to make a come back..."

"No No No you old man... you don't understand... She is died the one who was the closest with me is dead... and the only one who knows about my brother's whereabouts is dead...Do you know what have you done...??"

"Hahahaha... You fool... Didn't we got the news that your brother is already dead, and that's why we are killing them one by one... Your whole family was killed by them... Don't you know that ??"

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The King took a deep breath and said "She loved child so much... and we can't hurt her children... and as for her siblings... No one can touch them as long as I want to protect them..."

"KINGGG..." His Uncle shouts at him

But he ignored him and said "Don't let him out of the room... He can't go out... "

The men of the King respectfully bowed in front of him and the man himself went there to take his punishment...

After he left the big hall the King instructed to every one and said "Make sure to not let him out of the manor and of course not let him harm her family anymore because they are the only one who knows about my brother..."

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