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After 20 minutes when Sebastian make sure that Ray was fast asleep he locked the Suite, and entered next door of his suite...

"You are here??"

"Yes I'm " Sebastian said and continued "What was the purpose of meeting "

Robin took a deep breath and said

"The Queen went missing and they want you to be the king of there Clan as it was The Queen's wish..."

Sebastian did not react shockingly but it was bit strange that the queen was missing at the point...

He asked Robin "So what do you think about it?"

"I'm good with it.. but they have a condition as well..."

"Humm.. Continue"

"They said that they are finding their Queen , and if she will come back then we have to forfeit as the leader of the Vanessa Clan..."

"Ok.. But what's your plan on it..."

"I think I don't have any problem with it but are you ok with it?"

"Yes ... As long as you are fine with it..." Sebastian said emotionlessly

Robin stood up from his seat and said "I told them that your wife is missing as well... As you believe so they promised us to investigate..."

"Do we even need them ?? We have better source than them...I was laying low and waiting for her quietly but now let's Start with Country J..."

"Why Country J" Robin was shocked by this... because as long as he knew they had no grudges between them...

Sebastian unfold the story about how the so called president assaulted his wife and tried to harass her

Robin was very angry by it and said "We are going to take down our all business from Country J.. And we have no loss with that... they are going to go bankrupt with it.. "

"Hmm... Make him step down and then attack on him...find reasons to capture him and put him behind the bars of Lee Clan..."

"Okay Boss..."

"Ah.. I forgot to tell you that There is someone from Country T wanted to meet you..."

"Why?? They are Lone Kingdom.. They won't meet any one in the world what's wrong..."

"They said that want to have a meeting with us tomorrow...for some business purpose..."

"Decline them... They don't need to do business here... But we can meet them as a friendly gesture... "

"Ok...We will...How is Ray?"

"He is good ..." Sebastian went quiet for a while and coughed lightly and said " *Cough *Cough .. I...I want the best books for Father's , Single Father's "

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"Oh..." Robinn was bit shocked and replied as oh only and he wanted to say some thing but before he could Sebastian stood up and said "You have 10 minutes only..."

Sebastian left the Room and went into his suite and saw his son sleeping quietly ... He smiled at him and then sat on the bed, covers him self with blanket and waited whole ten minutes for the books or something to read...

After 10 minutes, He got whole 50 recommendations from his brother and he started reading it attentively...


Meanwhile Some Where in a Dark Room of The Underworld King's Clan...

He was sitting on his seat and was waiting furiously ...

After some time the door of the dark room opened and four Guys came with a man who was walking proudly in front of them like a leader...

"What do you call me for King?"

The man said full proud and arrogantly...

The King smirked and said " Don't you know why you are here??"

"Of course I know that..."


"What to explain...??"

"The Mission is accomplished..."

"Who gave you the order to do it..."

"Can't I have that much authority to do it my self...??"

"Do you think I gave you the Authority to DO IT...??" At the end The King Of Underworld who was usually calm... He loss his Cool ...

Everyone shivered there except the middle aged man who was standing proudly there...

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