Supernatural Strongest Being Chapter 7: First day.


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I drove my precious Impala to BHHS(Beacon Hills High School), by my side was Issac I took my normal hunter outfit, jeans black t-shirt and black leather jacket, charcoal black hair a little larger than Dean's same haircut, glowing green eyes under Ray-Ban Original Aviator Sunglasses of pure silver, pure silver moon collar, and the special boots that my grandpa an I made, inside my jacket is a holster with 3 Elkins spikes and in my back under my leather jacket my KA-BAR knife, that's going to be my normal school outfit from now on changing the color of the t-shirts or make them from famous old rock bands, I took out my bag and we went out the car.

While I was going to the school entry all people around keeps looking at me most of this glances were from the girls but now I have a pretty good idea which of this girls are going to be part of my harem, 2 months after Carmen came with me we start a relationship but she keep out sex from the equation because I was too young but she tolds me that when I have 16 we are so going to do it she is very open with the harem idea she is a little bit in to girls she told me before and she wants to try with me and my other girls, then Jessica cames and for my lonely and sad existence she agrees with Carmen on the celibate bullshit but agrees in the harem thing they knew how strong I am and they knew that they cant deal with me alone, but I am so going to make Lydia mine she is remarcably intelligent, strong and a real hottie, Allison nahh I maybe are going to leave it to my new brother Issac, Malia freaking hell yes thats a sexy woman 100% and she can be very cute sometimes, Cora (Derek's sister) is a YEEEEES I mean she is pretty elegant, gorgeous and she has to be crazy under the sheets, I am going to leave Erica for Stilles she has a thing for him and with her new attitude and aspect she is going to make Stilles wet dreams for sure, but I am man if some of them want some little bit of cake from me I cant denied them some fun but only if they are a beauties if not then byebye.

Issac practicly loves this style as well but he has a mania with hoodies so he have one under the leather jacket luckily Beacon Hills is pretty cold most of the times so he doesnt sweat a lot.

We came directly to the principal's office and took our itineraries luckily we are in the same class and its Scott classroom I mean they have a lot of empty desks in this class or what??!! We are nearly enter the class and then Allison also tries to open the door I give her the right to enter first like a total gentleman.

-"Now this is a new one, these are the new students please let them feel wellcome"(Professor)

-"Ladies first!"(Ian)

-"My name is Allison Argent, recently moved here, thanks"(Allison)

-"I am Issac Elkins, recently moved here as well"(Issac)

-"Hi there my name is Ian Elkins this dummy brother (bullying Issac) so be nice with him ok"(Ian)

-"Well then took one of the empty desks and move on"(Professor)

I took the one behind Lydia and Issac sits besides me and then some boring studying crap later, recess times cames by, we went to our lockers that oh my are one besides the other haha leave our stuff there and walk to the cafeteria I looked at the tables and I took my brother with me to sit in Scott's table, Issac gives a shit about it he just wanna be with me we are getting pretty close like blood brothers, all eyes are on us a pair of smoking hot brothers, then another mouth open sighting took place in the cafeteria Erica cames and sit besides us she also has hunter outfit but no jeans instead of that a leather mini skirt, she greet us and sits in front of Stiles, he is just mesmerized by the view, Erica giggles and winks at him and down the table she is moving her feet to Stiles leg and keep coming up to his crotch, someone in him brokes I can see perfectly that a nuclear explosion tooks place in his brain.

-"Hi Stiles how are you?"(Erica)

-"... E...Erica I am fine and how are you?"(Tomato Stiles)

-"I am great thanks! But you know what would make my day greater?"(Erica)

-"What?"(Tomato Stiles)

-"If you take me to a date silly"(Erica)

-"What?! Of course when are you free?"(Tomato Stiles)

-"Tonight 7pm at BHMovies entry"(Erica)

-"Perfect see you there!"(Stiles)

-"Great pal!! A date man!!"(Scott)

-"Hi there guys me and my brother recently arrived at town and we are wondering if you can became our friends if thats ok?"(Ian)

-"Ian right!? Well I am fine with it"(Stiles)

-"Good here also mate!"(Scott)

-"Yea Ian and Issac Elkins nice to meet you amm ...?"(Ian)

-"Scott Mccall"(Scott)

-"Miecyzlaw Stilinski you can called me Stiles"(Stiles)

Then Boyd came and sits besides Issac he greets us and start eating his food.

-"You seem pretty close with them...?"(Scott)

-"Well we met them around our street Boyd was in his daily running and Erica lives near our house they help us with our move stuff and we became friends"(Issac)

-"More like we do the moving and Erica was watching some kind of crappy movie"(Boyd)

-"Meanie!!! I was in the planning team also I have nice sense of fashion and space you need to know where to put all that stuff isnt right?!!"(Erica)

-"She has a point Boyd"(Ian)

-"Arrgghh here plan and organize my food dummy!"(Boyd)

-"Please do it Erica he is gaining weight!! Argghh not in the face Boyd hahaha "(Issac)

-"That's enough guys what are Scott and Stiles going to think of us??!!"(Ian)

-"Scott I think they are going to be really good pals"(Scott)

-"Yeahhh! I think so too, but you need to eat less Boyd"(Stiles)

-"Then new routine of training for tomorrow Boyd"(Ian)

-"Uhhhh I blame you Erica!!!! AAAAAHHH"(Boyd)


-"Ey Scott I think you are into her eh!! I mean that Allison girl you cant take off your sight from her"(Ian)

-"Well she is gorgeous, and who have you in mind?"(Tomato Scott)

-"Well I have that girl besides her on my mind, but first I need to talk with my girls to be sure if its right to date her"(Ian)

-"Lydia? She has a boyfriend and is a jackass, wait girls???!!"(Scott)


-"Yup my brother here is such a player hahaha he have 2 girlfriends they knew eac other and they are right with him being his man, and they are gorgeous!!"(Issac)

-"You want an increasing in your training as well Issac?"(Ian)

-"Sorry bro please have mercy!"(Issac)

-"Who are them?"(Stiles)

-"Well one of them is the new police officer she is called Jessica and the other one is the new chief of the surgeon department in the BHMH"(Erica)

-"WHAAAAAAAT really?!!! I kinda hate you right now Ian ¬¬"(Scott,Stiles)

Then Scott, Stiles and Issac went to the lacrosse test team and see if they can became titulars, both Scott and Issac do amazingly great in the tests and they were admitted with Stiles but they were on the titular team and Stiles in the bench.

Jackson starts to bully Scott and my brother with some of his shitty friends and I saw them Issac was going to beat the shit out of them but I signal him not to do it we were all in the parking lot I saw Jackson Porsche and with my claws I slashed it and it triggers its alarm, Jackson look at his porsche immediatly and runs to me.

-"What the heck are you doing you stupid bastard!!"(Jackson)

-"You are having fun bullying my brother and his friend tough guy?"(Ian)

-"Did you freaking know what you done this car worth more money that you can handle you mother fucker"(Jackson)

-"HAHAHA you didnt even knew who I am and you are messing with me dumbass, my name is Ian Elkins owner of Elkins Group, thats on the top 10 business groups more powerful and rich of the world I practically own thi whole town and you are saying that I cant afford some shitty porsche look at that beauty thats a modified 1967 Impala, with reinforced cover, bullet proof windows, authentic leather modified V12 motor and the most powerful turbo engine on the market, the wheels have pure silver covers now the cost of my car is about 5 times your punny porsche now heres my lawyer business card you can talk to him for your repair expenses but I warn you if you mess with my brother or my friends you are going to wake up 5 meters underground, Am I make myself clear??"(Ian)

I made my murder intent something I accumulated of hundreds of hunts and killing supernaturals at him he just starts sweating cold and runs the hell out of there, all of the bullies were worried looking at me.

-"That also goes for all of you, there's no one in this world that can touch my family and lived, FUCK OFF!!!!!!"(Ian)

-"Issac remembers that we need to won over them, first with our mind and if they piss you too much or if you cant do it then you can start fighting but you have to remember that you always have my back, same as you Scott"(Ian)
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