Supernatural Hunter Chapter 18: Its Not Good to Bear a Grudge For Every Little Resentment


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"Watch out!" shout Raden Purnama while dashed forward.
As that man was about half meter away from sneak in, a terrifying pressure come back again.
This time it was with more tenser than before, like trying to put him death become piece of meat. Then again it was just the wish of Young Miss there who angered by that brute.
Raden vaguely feel that pressure too. It seems he know this feelings, an unknown power filled with Intent.
"Intent?" Raden murmured as he was stopped half way from where Dadang stand still there.
He never thought something like 'Intent' could be used to pressure other being. As for what is 'Intent' he only know that it is have something to do with ones natural capasity within their body. As for to what extent ones could use it was left for their natural talent and luck.
Natural talent like comprehension and luck for fated chance. For example, like Raden who found familiar with the pressure released by Young Miss was his fated chance. He will be able to use it too in the near future. Raden Purnama wasn't diligent if it come to his study, even with that he still barely above average that proved his comprehension.
Though he was quite lazy in his study, if it come to Supernatural Hunter he would learn anything he could. And it went to the point he forget his meals for three days, as it nearly make a fuss in Mansion. It exactly at that time he feel an enlightenment as his heart and mind as calm as water still. Unknownly, he thought he could control his surrounding at his will as long as he want it.
In the end he got distracted by Dadang who sent by his mother to fetch him out from his seclusion. As he only learned it named as 'Intent' from his mother without any further ado.
"I could still remember that time I nearly starved myself to death." Thought Raden who walked toward Dadang.
"Young Master..." Dadang appeared to be embarrassed for letting his guard down just now.
Beside his young Master seemed to be cleared by his own, even without he turned his hands in regarding his applicant as Supernatural Hunter.
His young Master actually become a capable man and more mature. Is he still the reliable man in the day before? What undeserved praise his young Master said for him.
Come to think of it, he really didn't understand what Family Master wanted from confined him every night despite knowing his son was someone with body of natural spirit attraction. Young Master could be said as natural genius when it come in controlling Spirits Energy.
He looked at young man who become somewhat dazzling in his eyes.
Beside him, young lady squinted her eyes clearly examining him from head to toe. She never thought this young man would be the one who remind her carelessness. It's slightly make her self-pride wounded and even know about Intent.
"You are..." said her plainly.
He could tell from her tone this little girl that act like young lady from prestigious family already know his identity.
"Raden Purnama."
Without looking at him again she answered, "Oh" Before looking at poor man that kneeled withstanding pressure come from her Intent.
She raised her hands seemed to be prepare for releasing an attack.
Other bystander quite shocked seeing her stance, it seems she is a real master at least in martial art. They could not be help but frowned as letting a young lass attacking Normal-class Hunter in their territory is quite ashamed think to be heard.
As one of them giving a sign for another Senior-class to come down to stop her for being arrogant. A flash of hand stopped her palm before it landed.
Her palm attack with speed not less than master of martial arts. But Raden could stopped her in the mean time.
Some of glimmering light disperse from her palm. A trace of disbelief appeared in her eyes.
She already heard that young-Raden Purnama only these two years ago that he touch upon Spirits Energy in accidents before he confined and no one teach him how to train his Spirits Power.
How could someone who never train his Spirits Power could disperse her Spirits Energy on whim?
'Is their family deceive me? did they wanted to make a fool of me?' thought her while staring at him.
Even bystander could tell, that both young lass and young lad aren't someone newbie from their exchange just now.
"What are you doing?"
One could hear the anger in her tone aren't small. It seems this young lady really upset being grabbed by young man just now.
He still firmly grab her hand and not even slight of hesitation in his eyes.
Raden could see from her attitude if she will never let the guy before them go. She will make things more complicated to be resolve if he let her just do as her wish.
She frowned while looking at Young Master Mangkubumi beside her who still unmoving after hearing her complain, then trying to loose her hands from him.
Knowing her action was futile, she couldn't help but shout at him.
"Why did you grab my hands? Let it go!"
Raden only said softly, "Don't overreacted for ever little resentment you hold there. At least he isn't worth for you to touch him again, right?"
The man kneeled before him startled hearing it, his face went black and his eyes filled with hatred. Isn't what he said just as same as humiliating me? Wait till I have a chance to have my Assessment this month, I'll humiliated both of you more in Yearly Spirits Battle.
As if linked together, both Raden Purnama and mysterious Young Lady shoot their cold gaze toward him.
He could feel chill running from his spine make him shudder. He never felt intimidated like this before, moreover just from cold gaze they cast at him.
"Don't think something ridiculous in the near future... or you will regret it then."
Afterward he shifted his gaze toward Young Lady and said in english accent, "Also you, Young Lady, I don't know how you have been all this time in you countries. But don't take something a little to the extreme, as here isn't your hometown."
Then he let her hand go.
With a Hmph! she rub he hands before answering him in more fluent British.
"This Young Lady here is descendant of prestigious Lunar Family of London City. But here also my hometown actually!"
She walked toward reservation tab with her elegance once more. As her escort, Dadang could only wear a bitter smile in his face.
His Young Master come to an argument with her which mean it will be his fault if both of them fall out, as Master Mangkubumi was hand over him this mission for escorting her in this week before someone assigned to be her personal attendant.
Its already three days from that night.
Even for Raden who in mentally was rather tougher than his peers, he couldn't wait Dadang to tell him about her origin again.
As all he only know was she is Lunar Family from London City.
He wasn't the one who could just sit and wait, especially after being confined from went out at night. Though he could still attended his class, he was bring back by his new attendant since then.
If he remember about that night event, Raden still didn't have any information from his (borrowed) attendant, Dadang.
He only heard something interesting happen in this few days. Shortie Ardie gave him information about Mansion where he got accident and grounded two years ago was being occupied by wealthy family from England. He rather shocked when he heard it, as that mansion gave him quite strong impression.
That is why his attention diverted from Young Lady Lunar to mysterious New Mansion Owner for these day.
So in Raden Purnama isn't truly waiting his attendant but his little bud, Shortie Ardie. As always Shortie Ardie was known as his database of all information in City.
"He is late!" grunted him while looking from side windows.
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