Supernatural Hunter Chapter 17: A Little Dispute in the Entrance


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Tuut... tuut... tuut...
"Hello, Eddy! Answer me!" said Old Jhon in his phone. "This is Old Jhon, this is Old Jhon... Answer me now!"
[Hello, Old Jhon?]
"Don't hello to me! Just answer me 'Yes', its enough!"
Old Jhon said it with high tone.
But before other respons his words, he continued,"I'll brief you a little about things here. Firstly, young lad beside you was actually son of Master Mangkubumi, so don't be too disrespect toward him. Secondly, what you saw on his Card, just forget about it and don't tell other souls or you will be grounded by me. Lastly, escort him for a while in your freetime. How? Is it okay?!"
[Yes, yes, okay!]
After that, he close his phone and sigh in relieve.
"With this, no one will come to make trouble for Young Master..." then he thought about Raden Purnama candidly attitude before frowned, "at least for the fact about his card abnomality."
On the other hand...
Eddy looked a bit spacing out while walking alongside with Raden. He more or less still in shocked mode, what he shocking for was about the fact that young lad before him was actually son of Mangkubumi Family. Even for someone as rude as him, he couldn't be denied if he was afraid about one existence and that was Mangkubumi Family or to be precise their Head Family.
Eddy just walk and wakled beside Raden while bowing himself.
"What will happen to me?" he mumbled.
He looked like walking dead that straight walking without seeing what is in front of him. As he was continued become walking dead who murmured something.
Baam! Before the door opened, he bumped toward it like a fool.
"Atatata..." he shouted in pain.
"Hik, hik, hik," beside him, Raden laugh in restrain manner.
Eddy rubbing his swollen forehead, aside it, he was gritted his teeth for restraining himself to knock annorying brat beside him.
Hidding his laugh while asking something unimportant to him, "Ehem, Are you okay? Hihhi... everyone will bump their head if they walked while bowing their head... Okay, let's put it aside. I wanted ask you something very important!" said him in serious tone.
"Why did the one provided us for Assessment Test was middle-aged-man and not Silky Girl?"
Instanly he forget his swollen forehead and stared at him like looking toward pervert kid in his puberty. He looking at him with a bit worry as he recalled lad was descendant of Mangkubumi.
'Well, this kid was Mangkubumis, his Father also have adventure in it, right?' thought him while nodded like comprehend something used to be deep.
Meanwhile Raden Purnama could feel he was looked in weird way.
"Hey, though I didn't know your thought but... don't think something weird about me. I just interested in Spiritual Being like them..." he said like he commented his weird thought.
Raden push open button and entered lift not even waiting Eddy to answer him. He could tell, just from the look of him that he was thought something rude. As he wanted to punch that face of him so he look away toward lift.
Eddy thought something more impolite as he heard what Raden said before. 'Look, he admit it himself that he was interested in Spiritual Being. Really, like father like son...'
"Like I thought you from Mangkubumis was truly adventurer in that way..." said Eddy in low voice while smiling in fool face. It seems his rather cool and scary face become smile clown like face.
"Are going to go down or stay here?" asked Raden, he sounded rather cold toward him.
"Of course, I come down with you. Pft..."
Eddy found it quite funny when he thought about Mangkubumis wa actually wild in every way they do.
While Eddy acted as smiled clown and space out again, Raden cough up, "Uhk... did you finish make fool of yourself."
Again, Raden rather cold toward him.
"Ahaha, okay, okay... I just taken a back for a bit to found out about Mangkubumis secret.... ups," He shut his mouth in hurry.
Raden frowned, "What are you talking about? Mangkubumis?"
"Heh? Mangkubumi... w-who said it, I just said Mang Kumis secret," Eddy divert their conversation.
But Raden still frowned.
'What the heck I want to told him about... Isn't it just throwing dirt straight toward his face...' as he remember about he was Mangkubumis, he was turned become another quivering smartphone.
"H-hey, aren't you just meet with him. That Officer, actually he was called Mang Kumis before... so, he was shaved his moustache. That is truly laughable, ahaha... haha..."
"Hm, well, its true he looked a bit funny with that moustache if he didn't shaved it," Raden said with a bit smile as he could imagine That Officer face with moustache attached. He couldn't help but remember about Raditya Dicky an actor and comedian in same time, he looked so interesting if his bald head gotten bushy moustache as his face was quite similar like that Officer.
"Y-yes, yes... Mang Kumis, he has funny face with that moustache."
When Eddy heard Raden responded toward it in amusing way, he sigh in another way, "Fuuuh~" and caressing his chest.
He couldn't be so reckless to saying something disrespect about Mangkubumis right after their son right?
'But, why did I have to be careful in my words when talked toward this young lad?'
In the Entrance OSJ Caruban City branch.
There is a few young man in their twenties got an argument with two young lad and lass.
Young lad was quite often coming here in these few days so everyone was remember about him, just his identity was too consealed with unknown stength. Beside him was...
Risma Liana Lunar, she is just fifteen years old this year, the only Maiden of Lunar Family just got transfered from London. Because her looks was cute and quite delicate as her body a bit like a kid, but it couldn't hide her beauty. So it was natural for her being teased by guys.
Of course, she was aware about it. So long what they said isn't something taboo to be heard, like "littlle lass" or "little beauty" or something alike that on purpose flattering her but got listened as insult in her ears.
Yes, she got a complex with some words that means "little".
Returned to a few minutes ago with the same place.
Young man and young lass coming to OSJ branch in Caruban City. They come for two reason, one is reporting her transfer from London City branch to Caruban City branch as Normal-class Supernatural Hunter, the other is searching his Young Master that come here first before him.
Both of them actually waiting this Young Master quite awhile, well, around half hour. But his nose, couldn't be seen, so they decided to come in branch first then search for him.
As they enter the entrance, like always, a new face draw attention. For worst to come, a few young man looked to be specially attracted toward young lass that looks delicate.
Her flashy brown hair and jade like skin was truly artworks that come out from painting. Just that... her short like kid body make this bunch young man looking at her like looking at little sister of their friends. Looked docile but quite far from reach. So, they come to tease her only for fun.
One of them said, "Hi, Little girl~ what are you doing here. If you wanna take a test for Rookie-class official SuperHunt, Big bro here will help you. Hehe~"
Of course the girl here was restrained her anger as her attendant whisper something to appease her.
Only that... they, bunch of idiot take it as both of them ridicule them and said, "Hey, boy! I still talked to little girl here... so don't interupt us."
Seems the one that speaking since the begining was their leader, as they retain their mouth back when he talk. From the side, others didn't even stop them and on the contrary they waited both party come in more intens dispute.
"Young Miss..." attendant beside her wanted to stop her but she waved her hands as saying don't stop me now.
"What did you said?" she said it with a melodious voice but a bit shrill.
Young idiots party was taken a back, one of them even nearly burst out laughter.
Her brows twiched, "What did you said again?" she ask the same thing.
"Ahaha~ little girl, your voice quite is so beautiful. Its sounded melodious but a bit like little—"
PA! A loud sound of slap was resounded in the hall from the entrance.
Everyone in the hall could hear it. Even Raden Purnama who just take a few step from elevator could hear it too. Then it actually picked his interest as he walked a bit faster toward the hall.
On the hall, young idiots party was ready to repay that slap but being stopped by their leader.
"Stop!" he raise his hands and rubbing his slapped face.
"Your hands will be more soft if it wasn't used to slap one face. Hey, little girl!" stare him toward her. "Don't thing because you are little girl and you will receive an helping hands? Well, if I was the one who take my hands first then there will a few of senior to stop me, but now... you are the one who laying your hands first. So... don't blame me for being a bit rude toward you, little girl!"
He said it as he was trying to threatened her, so she will become a docile like doll everytime they meet afterward.
Unfortunately, it was on the contrary with his intention. She become more wild, as she was really angry toward him. Her eyes shot a cold looking aura, it nearly same as killing intent make he couldn't move even a bit, but other party didn't know since when he freezed there.
Well, it was not killing intent or random skill. It actually an 'Intent' type skill called [Mind Intent] that on purpose to disperse other party mind. When it used in battle combined with natural intimidation that ones have, he or she could control other party. Of course it was difficult task to control their body through their mind, but as long as ones could use their natural intimidation ones could stop their mind to move their body.
When ones mind got disperse, they will forget how think rationally as their mind will be in mess, let alone command his body to move. As bystander saw leader of youngs idiot got freezed their eyes focused on the little lass. She looked more otherworldy and a far now, her intimidation aura leaked out makes others feel a little uncomfortable.
It was not ended here for leaders who freezed. She gave more pressure as her natural intimidation aura that come from her birth origin as Lunar Family appeared domineering push that guy down in his knee.
Bough! He gritted in his desperated situation.
"Is it you, Dadang?!" From side of front desk, Raden shout his servant name.
When it shouted out, it draw everyones attention. It was including the one called Young Miss by Dadang and 'cause of it the pressure dispersed make her opponent got his freedom.
"Young Master? Why did you here?" asked Dadang.
Raden wanted to answer but before he got a time to say a words, the man who kneeled down was trying to sneak attack at Dadang and young lady beside him. So, he could only dashed forward while shouting something to remind them.
"Watch out before you!"
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